Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 1, Issue 4

299 -- 312Tomohiro Murata, Norihisa Komoda. Real-Time Control Software for Transaction Processing Based on Colored Safe Petri Net Model
313 -- 331Shinichi Honiden, Naoshi Uchihira, Kazunori Matsumoto, Kazuo Matsumura, Masahiko Arai. An Application of Structural Modeling and Automated Reasoning to Real-Time Systems Design
333 -- 350Masaru Takesue. Dataflow Computer Extension Towards Real-Time Processing
351 -- 363Tadashi Ae, Reiji Aibara. Programmable Real-Time Scheduler Using a Neurocomputer

Volume 1, Issue 3

207 -- 220Herbert Schweinzer. Fast Sensor Corrections of Robot Motion Paths Processed in Real-Time by Control Algorithms Running in Parallel
221 -- 241Helmut Rzehak, Abd E. Elnakhal, Rudolf Jaeger. Analysis of Real-Time Properties and Rules for Setting Protocol Parameters of MAP Networks
243 -- 264Lui Sha, Ragunathan Rajkumar, John P. Lehoczky, Krithi Ramamritham. Mode Change Protocols for Priority-Driven Preemptive Scheduling
265 -- 281Kwang Soo Hong, Joseph Y.-T. Leung. Preemptive Scheduling with Release Times and Deadlines

Volume 1, Issue 2

107 -- 132Bogdan Lent, Hans Kurmann. The OR Dataflow Architecture for a Machine Embedded Control System
133 -- 158Jay K. Strosnider, Thomas E. Marchok. Responsive, Deterministic IEEE 802.5 Token Ring Scheduling
159 -- 176Peter P. Puschner, Christian Koza. Calculating the Maximum Execution Time of Real-Time Programs
177 -- 195Shojiro Nishio, Shinichi Taniguchi, Toshihide Ibaraki. On the Efficiency of Cautious Schedulers for Database Concurrency Control - Why Insist on Two-Phase Locking?

Volume 1, Issue 1

7 -- 25Theodore P. Baker, Alan C. Shaw. The Cyclic Executive Model and Ada
27 -- 60Brinkley Sprunt, Lui Sha, John P. Lehoczky. Aperiodic Task Scheduling for Hard Real-Time Systems
61 -- 76R. J. Lauber. Forecasting Real-Time Behavior During Software Design using a CASE Environment
77 -- 93Richard K. J. Henn. Feasible Processor Allocation in a Hard-Real-Time Environment