Journal: Real-Time Systems

Volume 56, Issue 4

349 -- 390Namhoon Kim, Stephen Tang, Nathan Otterness, James H. Anderson, F. Donelson Smith, Donald E. Porter. Supporting I/O and IPC via fine-grained OS isolation for mixed-criticality real-time tasks
391 -- 451Chang Leng, Ying Qiao, Xiaobo Sharon Hu, Hongan Wang. Co-scheduling aperiodic real-time tasks with end-to-end firm and soft deadlines in two-stage systems
452 -- 489Ankita Samaddar, Arvind Easwaran, Rui Tan. A schedule randomization policy to mitigate timing attacks in WirelessHART networks
490 -- 493Mario Günzel, Jian-Jia Chen. Correspondence Article: Counterexample for suspension-aware schedulability analysis of EDF scheduling

Volume 56, Issue 3

247 -- 253Kunal Agrawal, Sanjoy Baruah, Pontus Ekberg, Jing Li 0025. Optimal scheduling of measurement-based parallel real-time tasks
254 -- 292Bruno Gaujal, Alain Girault, Stéphan Plassart. Feasibility of on-line speed policies in real-time systems
293 -- 314Wei Ding 0006. A branch-and-cut approach to examining the maximum density guarantee for pinwheel schedulability of low-dimensional vectors
315 -- 347Jorge Martinez 0003, Ignacio Sañudo, Marko Bertogna. End-to-end latency characterization of task communication models for automotive systems

Volume 56, Issue 2

121 -- 123Robert I. Davis. Guest editorial: Special Issue on Predictable multi-core systems
124 -- 170Farouk Hebbache, Florian Brandner, Mathieu Jan, Laurent Pautet. Work-conserving dynamic time-division multiplexing for multi-criticality systems
171 -- 206Mohamed Hassan. Reduced latency DRAM for multi-core safety-critical real-time systems
207 -- 245Sebastian Hahn 0001, Jan Reineke. Design and analysis of SIC: a provably timing-predictable pipelined processor core

Volume 56, Issue 1

1 -- 27Dohwan Kim, Juseung Lee, Kyung-Joon Park, Yongsoon Eun, Sang Hyuk Son, Chenyang Lu 0001. Analysis and elimination of noise-induced temperature error in processor thermal control
28 -- 63Syed Abdul Baqi Shah, Muhammad Rashid, Muhammad Arif. Estimating WCET using prediction models to compute fitness function of a genetic algorithm
64 -- 111Mahmoud Shirazi, Mehdi Kargahi, Lothar Thiele. Performance maximization of energy-variable self-powered (m, k)-firm real-time systems
112 -- 119Ivan Pavic, Hrvoje Dzapo. Commentary to: An exact schedulability test for fixed-priority preemptive mixed-criticality real-time systems