Journal: South African Computer Journal

Volume 31, Issue 2

0 -- 0Ayodele A. Barrett, Machdel Matthee. Context-Aware Technology Public Discourses and (Un)-informed Use: The Case of Users in a Developing Country
0 -- 0Bertram Haskins, Johan Van Niekerk. Guest editorial: SAICSIT 2018 Special Issue
0 -- 0Henri Knoesen, Lisa F. Seymour. Mobile enterprise application adoption: A South African insurance study
0 -- 0Kevin Tatenda Kativu, Dalenca Pottas. Leveraging intrinsic resources for the protection of health information assets
0 -- 0Yusuf Moosa Motara, Karl Van der Schyff. A functional ontology for information systems
0 -- 0Sean Pennefather, Karen L. Bradshaw, Barry Irwin. Design and Evaluation of Bulk Data Transfer Extensions for the NFComms Framework
0 -- 0Zola Mahlaza, Catharina Maria Keet. A method for measuring verb similarity for two closely related languages with application to Zulu and Xhosa
0 -- 0Philip Machanick. Editorial: Promoting African scholarship
0 -- 0Stefan Gruner. Letter to the Editor: SAICSIT Papers in the ACM-DL
0 -- 0Sekgoari Semaka Mapunya, Mthulisi Velempini. The Design and the implementation of a robust scheme to combat the effect of malicious nodes in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc networks
0 -- 0Brenda Scholtz, Clara Mloza-Banda. Applying theories for using non-monetary incentives for citizens to participate in crowdsensing projects
0 -- 0Rikus le Roux, George van Schoor, Pieter A. van Vuuren. Improving functional density of time-critical applications using hardware-based dynamic reconfiguration and bitstream specialisation

Volume 31, Issue 1

0 -- 0Douglas A. Parry. Computing Research in South Africa: A Scientometric Investigation
0 -- 0Philip Machanick. Editorial: Limits on Special Issues
0 -- 0Tongai Chiridza, Janet Wesson, Dieter Vogts. A Smart Home Environment to Support Risk Monitoring for the Elderly Living Independently
0 -- 0Mathias Mujinga, Mariki M. Eloff, Jan H. Kroeze. Towards a framework for online information security applications development: A socio-technical approach
0 -- 0Rikus le Roux, George van Schoor, Pieter A. van Vuuren. Parsing and analysis of a Xilinx FPGA bitstream for generating new hardware by direct bit manipulation in real-time