Journal: Social Choice and Welfare

Volume 28, Issue 4

529 -- 565Franz Dietrich. A generalised model of judgment aggregation
567 -- 589Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert, David J. Donaldson. Variable-population extensions of social aggregation theorems
591 -- 605Volker Hahn. Fairness and voting
607 -- 0Volker Hahn. Fairness and voting
609 -- 636Horst Zank. Social welfare functions with a reference income
637 -- 647Kari Saukkonen. Continuity of social choice functions with restricted coalition algebras
649 -- 666Martin van Hees. The limits of epistemic democracy
667 -- 683Louis Aimé Fono, Nicolas Gabriel Andjiga. Utility function of fuzzy preferences on a countable set under max-*-transitivity
685 -- 703Yuan Ju, Peter Borm, Pieter Ruys. The consensus value: a new solution concept for cooperative games

Volume 28, Issue 3

361 -- 0Mozaffar Qizilbash. The mere addition paradox, parity and critical-level utilitarianism
363 -- 373Robert C. Powers. The Number of Times an Anonymous Rule Violates Independence in the 3 × 3 Case
375 -- 399W. Henry Chiu. Intersecting Lorenz Curves, the Degree of Downside Inequality Aversion, and Tax Reforms
401 -- 420Nicola Maaser, Stefan Napel. Equal representation in two-tier voting systems
421 -- 437Özgür Kibris, Murat R. Sertel. Bargaining over a finite set of alternatives
439 -- 442Murat Ali Çengelci, M. Remzi Sanver. Is abstention an escape from Arrow's theorem?
443 -- 460Alexander W. Cappelen, Bertil Tungodden. Local autonomy and interregional equality
461 -- 490Norman Schofield. Political equilibria with electoral uncertainty
491 -- 506John Duggan. A systematic approach to the construction of non-empty choice sets
507 -- 528Daniel Berend, Luba Sapir. Monotonicity in Condorcet's Jury Theorem with dependent voters

Volume 28, Issue 2

181 -- 207Marc R. Feix, Dominique Lepelley, Vincent Merlin, Jean-Louis Rouet. On the voting power of an alliance and the subsequent power of its members
209 -- 230Erwin Ooghe, Erik Schokkaert, Dirk Van de gaer. Equality of Opportunity versus Equality of Opportunity Sets
231 -- 253Mathew Braham, Frank Steffen. The Chairman's Paradox Revisited
255 -- 280Buhong Zheng. Utility-gap Dominances and Inequality Orderings
281 -- 302Roland Iwan Luttens, Dirk Van de gaer. Lorenz Dominance and Non-welfaristic Redistribution
303 -- 319Irina Georgescu. Arrow's Axiom and Full Rationality for Fuzzy Choice Functions
321 -- 335Tim Groseclose. 'One and a Half Dimensional' Preferences and Majority Rule
337 -- 359Nathan Berg, Gerd Gigerenzer. Psychology Implies Paternalism? Bounded Rationality may Reduce the Rationale to Regulate Risk-Taking

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 18Murat Atlamaz, Bettina Klaus. Manipulation via Endowments in Exchange Markets with Indivisible Goods
19 -- 40Nicolás Porteiro. An Efficient and Egalitarian Negotiation Procedure for Economies with Externalities
41 -- 60Francesco Passarelli, Jason Barr. Preferences, the Agenda Setter, and the Distribution of Power in the EU
61 -- 76Ugur Ozdemir, M. Remzi Sanver. Dictatorial domains in preference aggregation
77 -- 88Walter Bossert, Conchita D'Ambrosio. Dynamic Measures of Individual Deprivation
89 -- 110Jordi Caballe, Joan Esteban. Stochastic Dominance and Absolute Risk Aversion
111 -- 125Olivier Bochet. Nash Implementation with Lottery Mechanisms
127 -- 141Marc Vorsatz. Approval Voting on Dichotomous Preferences
143 -- 162J. Atsu Amegashie, Marco Runkel. Sabotaging Potential Rivals
163 -- 179Bhaskar Dutta, Hans Peters, Arunava Sen. Strategy-proof Cardinal Decision Schemes