Journal: Social Choice and Welfare

Volume 56, Issue 4

595 -- 634Victoire Girard. Stabbed in the back? Mandated political representation and murders
635 -- 678Christos Mavridis, Nikolas Tsakas. Social Capital, Communication Channels and Opinion Formation
679 -- 711Daniel Müller, Sander Renes. Fairness views and political preferences: evidence from a large and heterogeneous sample
713 -- 753Domenico Cantone, Alfio Giarlotta, Stephen Watson. Choice resolutions
755 -- 801Nikhil Garg, Ashish Goel, Benjamin Plaut. Markets for public decision-making
803 -- 834Antoinette Baujard, Herrade Igersheim, Isabelle Lebon. Some regrettable grading scale effects under different versions of evaluative voting
835 -- 853Burak Can, Mohsen Pourpouneh, Ton Storcken. An axiomatic characterization of the Slater rule
855 -- 863Shiran Rachmilevitch. No individual priorities and the Nash bargaining solution

Volume 56, Issue 3

443 -- 466John Duggan, Jean Guillaume Forand. Representative Voting Games
467 -- 485Boaz Zik. Ex-post implementation with social preferences
487 -- 508W. Henry Chiu. Intersecting Lorenz curves and aversion to inverse downside inequality
509 -- 530René van den Brink, Dinko Dimitrov, Agnieszka Rusinowska. Winning coalitions in plurality voting democracies
531 -- 548Romain Espinosa, Nicolas Treich. Animal welfare: antispeciesism, veganism and a "life worth living"
549 -- 567Hitoshi Matsushima. Partial ex-post verifiability and unique implementation of social choice functions
569 -- 594Sascha Kurz, Issofa Moyouwou, Hilaire Touyem. Axiomatizations for the Shapley-Shubik power index for games with several levels of approval in the input and output

Volume 56, Issue 2

205 -- 221Katsuya Kobayashi, Hideo Konishi. Effort complementarity and sharing rules in group contests
223 -- 258Philip D. Grech. Power in the Council of the EU: organizing theory, a new index, and Brexit
259 -- 289Salvador Barberà, Walter Bossert, Kotaro Suzumura. Daunou's voting rule and the lexicographic assignment of priorities
291 -- 324Masoud Seddighin, Hamed Saleh, Mohammad Ghodsi. Maximin share guarantee for goods with positive externalities
325 -- 362Benoit Decerf. Combining absolute and relative poverty: income poverty measurement with two poverty lines
363 -- 384Derek J. Clark, Tore Nilssen. Competitive balance when winning breeds winners
385 -- 419José Gabriel Castillo, Zhicheng Phil Xu, Ping Zhang, Xianchen Zhu. The effects of centralized power and institutional legitimacy on collective action
421 -- 441Matías Núñez, M. Remzi Sanver. On the subgame perfect implementabılıty of voting rules

Volume 56, Issue 1

1 -- 20Jan Sauermann. The effects of communication on the occurrence of the tyranny of the majority under voting by veto
21 -- 56Itai Sher. Neutral freedom and freedom as control
57 -- 66Moti Michaeli. On Measuring Welfare 'Behind a Veil of Ignorance'
67 -- 100Tomoya Tajika. Polarization and inefficient information aggregation under strategic voting
101 -- 124Adrien Fabre. Tie-breaking the highest median: alternatives to the majority judgment
125 -- 141Umut Keskin, M. Remzi Sanver, H. Berkay Tosunlu. Recovering non-monotonicity problems of voting rules
143 -- 171Andrew C. Eggers. A diagram for analyzing ordinal voting systems
173 -- 203Parimal Kanti Bag, Bibhas Saha, Shiva Sikdar. Prejudice, bias and identity neutral policy