Journal: SIGMOD Record

Volume 17, Issue 4

1 -- 0Margaret H. Eich. Editor s Notes
2 -- 0David J. DeWitt. Chair s Message
3 -- 4Arie Segev. New Editor s Notes
5 -- 6. Pictures from SIGMOD 1988 and VLDB 1988
7 -- 8Fèlix Saltor. Upcoming Database Conferences/Workshops
9 -- 15. Announcements and Calls for Papers: TKDE, ER 89, VLDB 89, SIGMOD 89, DB Query Optimization 89, SIGFORTH 89, Algorithms and Data Structures 89
16 -- 21John Atkins. A Note on Minimal Covers
22 -- 30Jacques Guyot. A Process Model for Data Bases
31 -- 36Ulrich Schiel. the Problem of Identification
37 -- 55Maureen E. McLaughlin, Kathryn Bates Hill, Douglas D. Brown, Mark A. Rogers, Alissa M. Howell, Pamela P. Hatch. An Integrated Methodology and Toolset for Database Design
56 -- 61T. H. Merrett, Louis Hamel. Dynamic Multipaging in Even Less Space
62 -- 69Sang Hyuk Son. Replicated Data Management in Distributed Database Systems
70 -- 78Gottfried Vossen, Jim Yacabucci. An Extension of the Database Language SQL to Capture More Relational Concepts
79 -- 80H. W. Buff. Why Codd s Rule No. 6 Must be Reformulated

Volume 17, Issue 2

1 -- 0Margaret H. Eich. Editor s Notes
2 -- 13Bin Jiang. Deadlock Detection is Really Cheap
14 -- 22Christopher J. Shaw. Application and Database Design - Putting If Off
53 -- 76C. J. Date. Defining Data Types in a Database Language - A Proposal for Adding Date and Time Support to SQL
77 -- 88Sakti P. Ghosh, Chih-Chen Lin, Timos K. Sellis. Implementation of a Prolog-INGRES Interface
89 -- 90Arthur M. Keller, Gio Wiederhold. Concurrent Use of B-trees with Variable-Length Entries
91 -- 94Haim Kilov. Book Review of: Database Analysis and Design by I. T. Hawryszkiewicz
95 -- 107Satish M. Thatte. Report on the Object-Oriented Database Workshop: Implementation Aspects (OOPSLA 87 Workshop)
108 -- 111Fionn Murtagh. Conference Report: Astronomy from Large Databases: Scientific Objectives and Methodological Approaches
112 -- 0. National Bureau of Standards Information Management Directions Workshop 5

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 0Margaret H. Eich. Editor s Notes
1 -- 0David J. DeWitt. Chair s Message
2 -- 3Sang Hyuk Son. Real-Time Database Systems: Issues and Approaches, Guest Editor s Introduction
4 -- 18John A. Stankovic, Wei Zhao. On Real-Time Transactions
19 -- 33Mukesh Singhal. Issues and Approaches to Design of Real-Time Database Systems
34 -- 43Kwei-Jay Lin, Ming-Ju Lin. Enhancing Availability in Distributed Real-Time Databases
44 -- 50Günter von Bültzingsloewen, Klaus R. Dittrich, Cirano Iochpe, Rolf-Peter Liedtke, Peter C. Lockemann, Michael Schryro. KARDAMOM - A Dataflow Database Machine For Real-Time Applications
51 -- 70Umeshwar Dayal, Barbara T. Blaustein, Alejandro P. Buchmann, Upen S. Chakravarthy, Meichun Hsu, R. Ledin, Dennis R. McCarthy, Arnon Rosenthal, Sunil K. Sarin, Michael J. Carey, Miron Livny, Rajiv Jauhari. The HiPAC Project: Combining Active Databases and Timing Constraints
71 -- 81Robert K. Abbott, Hector Garcia-Molina. Scheduling Real-time Transactions
82 -- 98Lui Sha, Ragunathan Rajkumar, John P. Lehoczky. Concurrency Control for Distributed Real-Time Databases
99 -- 103. Calls for Papers