Journal: SIGMOD Record

Volume 20, Issue 4

5 -- 9Amit P. Sheth. Semantic Issues in Multidatabase Systems - Preface by the Special Issue Editor
10 -- 15William Kent. The Breakdown of the Information Model in Multi-Database Systems
16 -- 20Vincent Ventrone, Sandra Heiler. Semantic Heterogeneity as a Result of Domain Evolution
21 -- 24Leonid A. Kalinichenko. An Anatomy of the Information Resource Semantic Abstraction
25 -- 29Frank Eliassen, Randi Karlsen. Interoperability and Object Identity
30 -- 34Michael F. Worboys, S. Misbah Deen. Semantic Heterogeneity in Distributed Geographic Databases
35 -- 39Dipayan Gangopadhyay, Thierry Barsalou. On the Semantic Equivalence of Heterogeneous Representations in Multimodel Multidatabase Systems
40 -- 43James Geller, Yehoshua Perl, Erich J. Neuhold. Structure and Semantics in OODB Class Specifications
44 -- 48Fèlix Saltor, Malú Castellanos, Manuel García-Solaco. Suitability of Data Models as Canonical Models for Federated Databases
49 -- 54Stefano Spaccapietra, Christine Parent. Conflicts and Correspondence Assertions in Interoperable Databases
55 -- 58Susan Darling Urban, Jian Wu. Resolving Semantic Heterogeneity Through the Explicit Representation of Data Model Semantics
59 -- 63Peter Fankhauser, Martin Kracker, Erich J. Neuhold. Semantic vs. Structural Resemblance of Classes
64 -- 68Abhirup Chatterjee, Arie Segev. Data Manipulation in Heterogeneous Databases
69 -- 73Doyle Weishar, Larry Kerschberg. Data/Knowledge Packets as a Means of Supporting Semantic Heterogeneity in Multidatabase Systems
74 -- 76Witold Litwin, Mohammad A. Ketabchi, Ravi Krishnamurthy. First Order Normal Form for Relational Databases and Multidatabases
77 -- 78Michael Siegel, Stuart E. Madnick. Context Interchange: Sharing the Meaning of Data
79 -- 80Clement T. Yu, Biao Jia, Wei Sun, Son Dao. Determining Relationships among Names in Heterogeneous Databases
81 -- 82Kian-Lee Tan, Hongjun Lu. A Note on the Strategy Space of Multiway Join Query Optimization Problem in Parallel Systems
83 -- 90Cheng Hsu. The Metadatabase Project at Rensselaer
91 -- 0Frank Manola. The Third-Generation/OODBMS Manifesto, Commercial version
92 -- 97Marie-Anne Neimat, Ming-Chien Shan. Database Research at HP Labs
98 -- 101Shalom Tsur. Some Recent Developments in Deductive Databases
102 -- 104Marianne Winslett. Funding for Small US Businesses and from DARPA and NASA

Volume 20, Issue 3

5 -- 15Betty Salzberg, David B. Lomet. Spatial Database Access Methods
16 -- 24Claudio Fratarcangeli. Technique for Universal Quantification in SQL
25 -- 29Victor J. Streeter. An Outline of MQL
30 -- 42G. H. Gessert. Handling Missing Data by Using Stored Truth Values
43 -- 49Kwok-bun Yue. A More General Model For Handlinh Missing Information In Relational DataBases Using A 3-Valued Logic
50 -- 51H. W. Buff. A Complete Identity Set for Codd Algebras
52 -- 61Nick Roussopoulos, Alex Delis. Modern Client-Server DBMS Architectures
62 -- 72Tina M. Harvey, Craig W. Schnepf, Mark A. Roth. The Design of the Triton Nested Relational Database System
73 -- 0Gomer Thomas. Practitioner Problems in Need of Database Research
74 -- 75Kyoji Kawagoe. Continuous Media Data Manegement
76 -- 78Ravi Krishnamurthy, Tomasz Imielinski. Research Directions in Knowledge Discovery
79 -- 82David S. Reiner. Research Areas Related to Practical Problems in Automated Database Design
83 -- 84Antoni Wolski. User Surveys on Database Research Needs in Finland
85 -- 91Renato Barrera, Andrew U. Frank, Khaled K. Al-Taha. Temporal Relations in Geographic Information Systems: A Workshop at the University of Maine
92 -- 98Laura M. Haas, Patricia G. Selinger. Database Research at the IBM Almaden Research Center
99 -- 105Judith Copler. The Indiana Center for Database Systems
106 -- 115Alexander Thomasian. Centralized Concurrency Control Methods for High-End TP

Volume 20, Issue 1

3 -- 8Maurizio Rafanelli, Fabrizio L. Ricci. A Functional Model for Macro-Databases
9 -- 11John T. Robinson. Some Further Analysis of the Essential Blocking Recurrence
12 -- 13Jim Diederich. Minimal Covers Revisited: Correct and Efficient Algorithms
14 -- 23Michael D. Soo. Bibliography on Temporal Databases
24 -- 46Gottfried Vossen. Bibliography on Object-Oriented Database Management
47 -- 52Satish M. Thatte. A Modular and Open Object-Oriented Database System
53 -- 59Philippe Richard. research at Altaïr