Journal: Software Process: Improvement and Practice

Volume 12, Issue 6

505 -- 506Darren Dalcher. Celebrating success
507 -- 509Miklós Biró, Richard Messnarz. European industrial experiences in process improvement and innovation
511 -- 522Nathan Baddoo, Tracy Hall, Ciaran O Keeffe. Using multi dimensional scaling to analyse software engineers de-motivators for SPI
523 -- 528Fabrizio Fabbrini, Mario Fusani, Giuseppe Lami, Edoardo Sivera. A SPICE-based software supplier qualification mechanism in automotive industry
529 -- 539Jørn Johansen, Jan Pries-Heje. Success with improvement - requires the right roles to be enacted - in symbiosis
541 -- 548Petri Kettunen. Extending Software Project Agility with New Product Development Enterprise Agility
549 -- 558Topi Haapio. A framework for improving effort management in software projects
559 -- 567Juha Halminen, Risto Nevalainen. Qualification of safety-critical systems in TVO nuclear power plants
569 -- 577Richard Messnarz, Damjan Ekert. Assessment-based learning systems - learning from best projects
579 -- 584Alexander Poth. SPI of the requirements engineering process for embedded systems using SPICE
585 -- 595Erkki Savioja, Markku Tukiainen. Measurement practices in financial software industry
597 -- 610Kerstin V. Siakas, Errikos Siakas. The agile professional culture: A source of agile quality

Volume 12, Issue 5

373 -- 375Paul Wernick. SPIP Special Issue on SPW/ProSim 2006
377 -- 385Barry W. Boehm, Apurva Jain. Developing a process framework using principles of value-based software engineering
387 -- 398Mingshu Li. TRISO-Model: A New Approach to Integrated Software Process Assessment and Improvement
399 -- 414Leon J. Osterweil. What we learn from the study of ubiquitous processes
415 -- 427Jacky Estublier, Sergio Garcia. Workflows and cooperative processes
429 -- 435Shaowen Qin. Managing process change in software organizations: Experience and reflection
437 -- 448Junchao Xiao, Leon J. Osterweil, Lei Zhang, Alexander E. Wise, Qing Wang. Applying Little-JIL to describe Process-Agent knowledge and support project planning in SoftPM
449 -- 460Ye Yang, Barry W. Boehm. Improving process decisions in COTS-based development via risk-based prioritization
461 -- 473Raymond J. Madachy, Barry W. Boehm, Jo Ann Lane. Assessing hybrid incremental processes for SISOS development
475 -- 490Dietmar Pfahl, Ahmed Al-Emran, Günther Ruhe. A System Dynamics Simulation Model for Analyzing the Stability of Software Release Plans
491 -- 503Siri-on Setamanit, Wayne W. Wakeland, David Raffo. Using simulation to evaluate global software development task allocation strategies

Volume 12, Issue 4

311 -- 313Terence P. Rout. Software process assessment and improvement: Selected papers from SPICE 2005
315 -- 319Antonio Coletta. An industrial experience in assessing the capability of non-software processes using ISO/IEC 15504
321 -- 330B. Di Renzo, M. Hillairet, Michel Picard, André Rifaut, C. Bernard, D. Hagen, P. Maar, D. Reinard. Operational risk management in financial institutions: Process assessment in concordance with Basel II
331 -- 338Timo Mäkinen, Timo Varkoi. A harmonized design for process assessment indicators
339 -- 349F. George Wilkie, Fergal McCaffery, Donald McFall, Neil Lester, Emmanuel Wilkinson. A Low-overhead method for software process appraisal
351 -- 359Marty Sanders, Ita Richardson. Research into long-term improvements in small- to medium-sized organisations using SPICE as a framework for standards
361 -- 371Terence P. Rout, Angela Tuffley. Harmonizing ISO/IEC 15504 and CMMI

Volume 12, Issue 3

219 -- 221Darren Dalcher. Agility and Software Teams: The Future of Software Process Improvement
223 -- 227Watts S. Humphrey. Software process improvement - A personal view: How it started and where it is going
229 -- 246Renata Mendes de Araujo, Marcos R. S. Borges. The role of collaborative support to promote participation and commitment in software development teams
247 -- 265Levent Yilmaz, Jared Phillips. The impact of turbulence on the effectiveness and efficiency of software development teams in small organizations
267 -- 281Ivan Aaen, Anna Börjesson, Lars Mathiassen. SPI agility: How to navigate improvement projects
283 -- 294Alexia N. Bowers, Raghvinder S. Sangwan, Colin J. Neill. Adoption of XP practices in the industry - A survey
295 -- 309Josef Nedstam, Mark Staples. Evolving strategies for software architecture and reuse

Volume 12, Issue 2

119 -- 120Darren Dalcher. The Role of Perspective in Process Improvement
121 -- 123Juan Jose Cuadrado-Gallego, Alain Abran. Advances in measurements for software processes assessment
125 -- 140Carina Andersson, Per Runeson. A spiral process model for case studies on software quality monitoring - method and metrics
141 -- 164Antonia Bertolino, Eda Marchetti, Raffaela Mirandola. Performance measures for supporting project manager decisions
165 -- 189Seok-Won Lee, Robin A. Gandhi, Gail-Joon Ahn. Certification process artifacts defined as measurable units for software assurance
191 -- 198Ricardo J. Rejas-Muslera, Juan Jose Cuadrado-Gallego, Miguel-Ángel Sicilia, Daniel Rodríguez. SLA: A legal assurance process model for software engineering management
199 -- 218Alain Abran, Iphigénie Ndiaye, Pierre Bourque. Evaluation of a black-box estimation tool: A case study

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 2Darren Dalcher. Design for change: one step at a time
3 -- 5Stewart Green, Gil Regev, Pnina Soffer, Jelena Zdravkovic. Business processes and support systems: design for flexibility
7 -- 20Rainer Schmidt. Sercomp: A component oriented method for flexible design and support of interorganizational service processes
21 -- 34Robert A. Snowdon, Brian Warboys, R. Mark Greenwood, Christopher P. Holland, P. J. Kawalek, Duncan R. Shaw. On the architecture and form of flexible process support
35 -- 49Jorge Cardoso. Complexity analysis of BPEL Web processes
51 -- 63Feriel Daoudi, Selmin Nurcan. A benchmarking framework for methods to design flexible business processes
65 -- 79Gil Regev, Ilia Bider, Alain Wegmann. Defining business process flexibility with the help of invariants
81 -- 100Outi Salo, Pekka Abrahamsson. An iterative improvement process for agile software development
101 -- 118Armin Eberlein, Li Jiang. Description of a process development methodology