Journal: Software Process: Improvement and Practice

Volume 14, Issue 6

303 -- 304Darren Dalcher, David Raffo. Software process: The end of an Era
305 -- 314Luigi Buglione, Ricardo J. Rejas-Muslera, Juan Jose Cuadrado-Gallego. Strengthening maturity levels by a legal assurance process
315 -- 323Alexander Poth. Product line requirements engineering in the context of process aspects in organizations with various domains
325 -- 335Andreas Riel, Serge Tichkiewitch, Richard Messnarz. Integrated engineering skills for improving the system competence level
337 -- 347Paolo Salvaneschi. Managing knowledge for information system evolution: the ::::MinimalEDoc:::: methodology
349 -- 354Bernhard Sechser. The marriage of two process worlds

Volume 14, Issue 5

243 -- 245Miklós Biró, Richard Messnarz. SPI experiences and innovation for Global Software Development
247 -- 262Valentine Casey, Ita Richardson. Implementation of Global Software Development: a structured approach
263 -- 270Jørn Johansen, Mads Christiansen. Experience with Innovation Checks: a case study with 46 companies in Denmark
271 -- 278Fergal McCaffery, Gerry Coleman. Lightweight SPI assessments: what is the real cost?
279 -- 288Richard Messnarz, Hans-Leo Ross, Stephan Habel, Frank König, Abdelhadi Koundoussi, Jürgen Unterreitmayer, Damjan Ekert. Integrated Automotive SPICE and safety assessments
289 -- 300Mariano Angel Montoni, Ana Regina Rocha, Kival Chaves Weber. MPS.BR: a successful program for software process improvement in Brazil

Volume 14, Issue 4

199 -- 200David M. Raffo. Addressing management issues
201 -- 212Eoin Ó Conchúir, Helena Holmström Olsson, Pär J. Ågerfalk, Brian Fitzgerald. Benefits of global software development: exploring the unexplored
213 -- 225Tim Menzies, Steve Williams, Oussama El-Rawas, Daniel Baker, Barry W. Boehm, Jairus Hihn, Karen T. Lum, Raymond J. Madachy. Accurate estimates without local data?
227 -- 241Lang Gou, Qing Wang, Jun Yuan, Ye Yang, Mingshu Li, Nan Jiang. Quantitative defects management in iterative development with BiDefect

Volume 14, Issue 3

127 -- 128David M. Raffo. Examining process design and change
129 -- 142Kesav V. Nori. Requirements for design of processes
143 -- 164Colette Rolland. Method engineering: towards methods as services
165 -- 180Vahid Garousi, Keyvan Khosrovian, Dietmar Pfahl. A customizable pattern-based software process simulation model: design, calibration and application
181 -- 197Ove Armbrust, Masafumi Katahira, Yuko Miyamoto, Jürgen Münch, Haruka Nakao, Alexis Ocampo. Scoping software process lines

Volume 14, Issue 2

63 -- 64Darren Dalcher. Attaining and sustaining organisational excellence: process improvement as a moving target
65 -- 83Viviane Malheiros, Fábio Rilston Paim, Manoel G. Mendonça. Continuous process improvement at a large software organization
85 -- 105Alexis Ocampo, Jürgen Münch. Rationale modeling for software process evolution
107 -- 125Lena Holmberg, Agneta Nilsson, Helena Holmström Olsson, Anna Börjesson Sandberg. Appreciative inquiry in software process improvement

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 2Darren Dalcher. Experimenting with new ways of thinking about processes
3 -- 29Demosthenes Akoumianakis. Managing universal accessibility requirements in software-intensive projects
31 -- 37Pasi Ojala. Experiences of a value assessment for products
39 -- 62K. K. Aggarwal, Yogesh Singh, Arvinder Kaur, Ruchika Malhotra. Empirical analysis for investigating the effect of object-oriented metrics on fault proneness: a replicated case study