Journal: Software Process: Improvement and Practice

Volume 6, Issue 4

167 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer, Colin Tully. Editorial
169 -- 187Austen Rainer, Tracy Hall. An analysis of some core studies of software process improvement
189 -- 203Onur Demirörs, Elif Demirörs, Ayça Tarhan. Managing instructional software acquisition
205 -- 242Ho-Won Jung, Robin Hunter, Dennis Goldenson, Khaled El Emam. Findings from Phase 2 of the SPICE trials

Volume 6, Issue 3

123 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer, Colin Tully. Editorial
125 -- 139Josée Tassé, Nazim H. Madhavji. View-based process elicitation: a user s perspective
141 -- 155Scott Henninger. Turning development standards into repositories of experiences
157 -- 165Ita Richardson. Software process matrix: a small company SPI model

Volume 6, Issue 2

65 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer, Colin Tully. Editorial
67 -- 83Hareton K. N. Leung, Terence C. F. Yuen. A process framework for small projects
85 -- 96Kurt Schneider, Thilo Schwinn. Maturing experience base concepts at DaimlerChrysler
97 -- 109Paolo Donzelli, Giuseppe Iazeolla. A hybrid software process simulation model
111 -- 122Ho-Won Jung. Rating the process attribute utilizing AHP in SPICE-based process assessments

Volume 6, Issue 1

3 -- 22Fabiano Cattaneo, Alfonso Fuggetta, Donatella Sciuto. Pursuing coherence in software process assessment and improvement
23 -- 34Peter Isacsson, Gunnar Pedersen, Stig Bang. Accelerating CMM-based improvement programs: the accelerator model and method with experiences
35 -- 46Mathias Weske, Thomas Goesmann, Roland Holten, Rüdiger Striemer. Analysing, modelling and improving workflow application development processes
47 -- 62Oddur Benediktsson, R. B. Hunter, Andrew D. McGettrick. Processes for software in safety critical systems