Journal: Scientific Programming

Volume 1, Issue 2

97 -- 98Charles Koelbel. Request for Public Comment on High Performance Fortran
99 -- 114Tom MacDonald. C Versus Fortran-77 for Scientific Programming
115 -- 131David M. Hansen, David Maier, James Stanley, Jonathan Walpole. Object-Oriented Heterogeneous Database for Materials Science
133 -- 140Alan H. Karp. Speeding up N-body Calculations on Machines without Hardware Square Root
141 -- 151David H. Bailey. Misleading Performance Reporting in the Supercomputing Field
153 -- 161L. h. Yang, Eugene D. Brooks III, J. Belak. A Linked-Cell Domain Decomposition Method for Molecular Dynamics Simulation on a Scalable Multiprocessor
177 -- 183Ashish Deshpande, Martin H. Schultz. Efficient Parallel Programming with Linda
185 -- 203Peter Jacobson, Bo Kågström, Mikael Rännar. Algorithm Development for Distributed Memory Multicomputers Using CONLAB

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 4Robert G. Babb II, Ronald H. Perrott. Editorial
4 -- 6Jim McGraw. Language and Paradigms for Scientific Programming
7 -- 0David Callahan. Scientific Programming Environments and Tools
8 -- 9Hans P. Zima. Scientific Programming Techniques and Experiences
8 -- 0Bo Kågström. Scientific Programming Techniques and Experiences
9 -- 10Eugene Miya. Scientific Programming Software and Publication Reviews
11 -- 29Christian H. Bischof, Alan Carle, George F. Corliss, Andreas Griewank, Paul D. Hovland. ADIFOR - Generating Derivative Codes form Fortran Programs
31 -- 50Barbara M. Chapman, Piyush Mehrotra, Hans P. Zima. Programming in Vienna Fortran
51 -- 66Ian T. Foster, Robert Olson, Steven Tuecke. Productive Parallel Programming: The PCN Approach
67 -- 78Silvio Picano, Eugene D. Brooks III, Joseph E. Hoag. Assessing Programming Costs of Explicit Memory Localization on a Large Scale Shared Memory Multiprocessor
79 -- 90Eugene D. Brooks III, Brent C. Gorda, Karen H. Warren. The Parallel C Preprocessor
91 -- 0Michael Metcalf. An Initial Evaluation of the NAG f90 Compiler