Journal: Swarm Intelligence

Volume 12, Issue 4

267 -- 282Stefano Bennati. On the role of collective sensing and evolution in group formation
283 -- 305Emanuele Crosato, Li Jiang, Valentin Lecheval, Joseph T. Lizier, X. Rosalind Wang, Pierre Tichit, Guy Theraulaz, Mikhail Prokopenko. Informative and misinformative interactions in a school of fish
307 -- 326Roman Miletitch, Marco Dorigo, Vito Trianni. Balancing exploitation of renewable resources by a robot swarm
327 -- 359Inmo Jang, Hyo-Sang Shin, Antonios Tsourdos. Local information-based control for probabilistic swarm distribution guidance
361 -- 0Adrian Sosic, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Heinz Koeppl. Correction to: Reinforcement learning in a continuum of agents

Volume 12, Issue 3

187 -- 226Kyle Robert Harrison, Andries P. Engelbrecht, Beatrice M. Ombuki-Berman. Self-adaptive particle swarm optimization: a review and analysis of convergence
227 -- 244Frank Bonnet, Alexey Gribovskiy, José Halloy, Francesco Mondada. Closed-loop interactions between a shoal of zebrafish and a group of robotic fish in a circular corridor
245 -- 266Gabriele Valentini, Anthony Antoun, Marco Trabattoni, Bernát Wiandt, Yasumasa Tamura, Etienne Hocquard, Vito Trianni, Marco Dorigo. Kilogrid: a novel experimental environment for the Kilobot robot

Volume 12, Issue 2

97 -- 99Heiko Hamann, Sebastian von Mammen, Ingo Mauser. Special issue on self-organised construction
101 -- 110Fabrice Saffre, Hanno Hildmann, Jean-Louis Deneubourg. Can individual heterogeneity influence self-organised patterns in the termite nest construction model?
111 -- 128Todd Wareham, Andrew Vardy. Putting it together: the computational complexity of designing robot controllers and environments for distributed construction
129 -- 153Nathan Melenbrink, Justin Werfel. Local force cues for strength and stability in a distributed robotic construction system
155 -- 186Abel Groenewolt, Tobias Schwinn, Long Nguyen, Achim Menges. An interactive agent-based framework for materialization-informed architectural design

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 22Christopher Wesley Cleghorn, Andries P. Engelbrecht. Particle swarm stability: a theoretical extension using the non-stagnate distribution assumption
23 -- 51Adrian Sosic, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Heinz Koeppl. Reinforcement learning in a continuum of agents
53 -- 69Andreas Kasprzok, Beshah Ayalew, Chad Lau. An ant-inspired model for multi-agent interaction networks without stigmergy
71 -- 96Lenka Pitonakova, Richard Crowder, Seth Bullock. The Information-Cost-Reward framework for understanding robot swarm foraging