Journal: Swarm Intelligence

Volume 4, Issue 4

245 -- 246Jon Timmis, Paul S. Andrews, Emma Hart. Special issue on artificial immune systems
247 -- 273Jon Timmis, Paul S. Andrews, Emma Hart. On artificial immune systems and swarm intelligence
275 -- 300Nikolaos Nanas, Manolis Vavalis, Anne N. De Roeck. Words, antibodies and their interactions
301 -- 318Soumya Banerjee, Melanie E. Moses. Scale invariance of immune system response rates and times: perspectives on immune system architecture and implications for artificial immune systems
319 -- 340Anil Sorathiya, Andrea Bracciali, Pietro Liò. An integrated modelling approach for R5-X4 mutation and HAART therapy assessment

Volume 4, Issue 3

173 -- 198Frederick Ducatelle, Gianni A. Di Caro, Luca Maria Gambardella. Principles and applications of swarm intelligence for adaptive routing in telecommunications networks
199 -- 220Chris A. C. Parker, Hong Zhang. Collective unary decision-making by decentralized multiple-robot systems applied to the task-sequencing problem
221 -- 244Claudio E. Torres, Louis F. Rossi, Jeremy Keffer, Ke Li, Chien-Chung Shen. Modeling, analysis and simulation of ant-based network routing protocols

Volume 4, Issue 2

91 -- 115Nazim Fatès. Solving the decentralised gathering problem with a reaction-diffusion-chemotaxis scheme
117 -- 143Timothy S. Stirling, Steffen Wischmann, Dario Floreano. Energy-efficient indoor search by swarms of simulated flying robots without global information
145 -- 171Sameena Shah, Ravi Kothari, Jayadeva, Suresh Chandra. Trail formation in ants. A generalized Polya urn process

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 36Charles E. Martin, James A. Reggia. Self-assembly of neural networks viewed as swarm intelligence
37 -- 56Gianluca Antonelli, Filippo Arrichiello, Stefano Chiaverini. Flocking for multi-robot systems via the Null-Space-based Behavioral control
57 -- 89Mohammed El-Abd, Mohamed S. Kamel. A cooperative particle swarm optimizer with migration of heterogeneous probabilistic models