Journal: TAPOS

Volume 4, Issue 4

205 -- 0Alberto O. Mendelzon. Editorial - Objects, Databases, and the WWW
207 -- 225Daniel Schwabe, Gustavo Rossi. An Object Oriented Approach to Web-Based Applications Design
227 -- 244L. J. Brown, Mariano P. Consens, Ian J. Davis, Christopher R. Palmer, Frank Wm. Tompa. A Structured Text ADT for Object-Relational Databases
245 -- 260Isabel F. Cruz, Wendy T. Lucas. Automatic Generation of User-Defined Virtual Documents Using Query and Layout Templates
261 -- 283Kyoji Hirata, Sougata Mukherjea, Wen-Syan Li, Yusaku Okamura, Yoshinori Hara. Facilitating Object-Based Navigation Through Multimedia Web Databases

Volume 4, Issue 3

135 -- 149Andreas Geppert, Mikael Berndtsson, Daniel F. Lieuwen, Claudia Roncancio. Performance Evaluation of Object-Oriented Active Database Systems Using the BEAST Benchmark
151 -- 168Jan Bosch. Object Acquaintance Selection and Binding
169 -- 182Stefan M. Lang, Peter C. Lockemann. Behaviorally Adaptive Objects
183 -- 204Elisa Bertino, Elena Ferrari, Pierangela Samarati. Mandatory Security and Object-Oriented Systems: A Multilevel Entity Model and its Mapping onto a Single-Level Object Model

Volume 4, Issue 2

71 -- 0Rachid Guerraoui, Gul Agha. Editorial - High Availability in CORBA
73 -- 80Alexey Vaysburd, Kenneth P. Birman. The Maestro Approach to Building Reliable Interoperable Distributed Applications with Multiple Execution Styles
81 -- 92Louise E. Moser, P. M. Melliar-Smith, Priya Narasimhan. Consistent Object Replication in the external System
93 -- 105Pascal Felber, Rachid Guerraoui, André Schiper. The Implementation of a CORBA Object Group Service
107 -- 115Aleta Ricciardi, Michael Ogg, Fabio Previato. Experience with Distributed Replicated Objects: The Nile Project
117 -- 134Robert Godin, Hafedh Mili, Guy W. Mineau, Rokia Missaoui, Amina Arfi, Thuy-Tien Chau. Design of Class Hierarchies Based on Concept (Galois) Lattices

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 0Kim B. Bruce, Benjamin C. Pierce. Editorial - Third Workshop on Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages
3 -- 25Kathleen Fisher, John C. Mitchell. On the Relationship Between Classes, Objects, and Data Abstraction
27 -- 50Didier Rémy, Jerome Vouillon. Objective ML: An Effective Object-Oriented Extension to ML
51 -- 69Martin Hofmann, Wolfgang Naraschewski, Martin Steffen, Terry Stroup. Inheritance of Proofs