Journal: ACM Trans. Comput. Syst.

Volume 16, Issue 4

321 -- 366Nina T. Bhatti, Matti A. Hiltunen, Richard D. Schlichting, Wanda Chiu. Coyote: A System for Constructing Fine-Grain Configurable Communication Services
367 -- 415Dick H. J. Epema. Decay-Usage Scheduling in Multiprocessors

Volume 16, Issue 3

207 -- 233Albert Alexandrov, Maximilian Ibel, Klaus E. Schauser, Chris J. Scheiman. UFO: A Personal Global File System Based on User-Level Extensions to the Operating System
234 -- 270Freddy Gabbay, Avi Mendelson. Using Value Prediction to Increase the Power of Speculative Execution Hardware
271 -- 318Ben H. H. Juurlink, Harry A. G. Wijshoff. A Quantitative Comparison of Parallel Computation Models

Volume 16, Issue 2

93 -- 132Deborah A. Agarwal, Louise E. Moser, P. M. Melliar-Smith, Ravi K. Budhia. The Totem Multiple-Ring Ordering and Topology Maintenance Protocol
133 -- 169Leslie Lamport. The Part-Time Parliament
170 -- 205Mark Horowitz, Margaret Martonosi, Todd C. Mowry, Michael D. Smith. Informing Memory Operations: Memory Performance Feedback Mechanisms and Their Applications

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 40Henri E. Bal, Raoul Bhoedjang, Rutger F. H. Hofman, Ceriel J. H. Jacobs, Koen Langendoen, Tim Rühl. Performance Evaluation of the Orca Shared-Object System
41 -- 54M. D. Derk, L. S. DeBrunner. Reconfiguration for Fault Tolerance Using Graph Grammars
55 -- 92Todd C. Mowry. Tolerating Latency in Multiprocessors Through Compiler-Inserted Prefetching