Journal: User Model. User-Adapt. Interact.

Volume 11, Issue 4

267 -- 278Fiorella de Rosis. Preface: Towards Adaptation of Interaction to Affective Factors
279 -- 295Christoph Bartneck. How Convincing is Mr. Data s Smile: Affective Expressions of Machines
297 -- 326Sylvie J. L. Mozziconacci. Modeling Emotion and Attitude in Speech by Means of Perceptually Based Parameter Values

Volume 11, Issue 3

203 -- 259Uri Hanani, Bracha Shapira, Peretz Shoval. Information Filtering: Overview of Issues, Research and Systems
261 -- 266Carol Strohecker. M. Kyng and L. Mathiassen (eds.), Computers and Design in Context

Volume 11, Issue 1-2

1 -- 4Alfred Kobsa. Preface
5 -- 18Ingrid Zukerman, David W. Albrecht. Predictive Statistical Models for User Modeling
19 -- 29Geoffrey I. Webb, Michael J. Pazzani, Daniel Billsus. Machine Learning for User Modeling
31 -- 48Sandra Carberry. Techniques for Plan Recognition
49 -- 63Alfred Kobsa. Generic User Modeling Systems
65 -- 86Gerhard Fischer. User Modeling in Human-Computer Interaction
87 -- 110Peter Brusilovsky. Adaptive Hypermedia
111 -- 127Judy Kay. Learner Control
129 -- 158Ingrid Zukerman, Diane J. Litman. Natural Language Processing and User Modeling: Synergies and Limitations
159 -- 179Constantine Stephanidis. Adaptive Techniques for Universal Access
181 -- 194David N. Chin. Empirical Evaluation of User Models and User-Adapted Systems