Journal: User Model. User-Adapt. Interact.

Volume 21, Issue 4-5

333 -- 340Floriana Grasso, Cécile Paris. Preface to the special issue on personalization for e-health
341 -- 376Nathalie Colineau, Cécile Paris. Motivating reflection about health within the family: the use of goal setting and tailored feedback
377 -- 406Helena Lindgren. Towards personalized decision support in the dementia domain based on clinical practice guidelines
407 -- 440Luca Chittaro, Elio Carchietti, Luca De Marco, Agostino Zampa. Personalized emergency medical assistance for disabled people
441 -- 484Robin Cohen, Hyunggu Jung, Michael W. Fleming, Michael Y. K. Cheng. A user modeling approach for reasoning about interaction sensitive to bother and its application to hospital decision scenarios
485 -- 511Luca Camerini, Michele Giacobazzi, Marco Boneschi, Peter Johannes Schulz, Sara Rubinelli. Design and implementation of a web-based Tailored Gymnasium to enhance self-management of Fibromyalgia

Volume 21, Issue 3

249 -- 283Brent Martin, Antonija Mitrovic, Kenneth R. Koedinger, Santosh Mathan. Evaluating and improving adaptive educational systems with learning curves
285 -- 331Francesca Carmagnola, Federica Cena, Cristina Gena. User model interoperability: a survey

Volume 21, Issue 1-2

1 -- 3Cristóbal Romero, Sebastián Ventura. Preface to the special issue on data mining for personalised educational systems
5 -- 49Jun-Ming Su, Shian-Shyong Tseng, Huan-Yu Lin, Chun-Han Chen. A personalized learning content adaptation mechanism to meet diverse user needs in mobile learning environments
51 -- 97Mirjam Köck, Alexandros Paramythis. Activity sequence modelling and dynamic clustering for personalized e-learning
99 -- 135Kasia Muldner, Winslow Burleson, Brett van de Sande, Kurt VanLehn. An analysis of students gaming behaviors in an intelligent tutoring system: predictors and impacts
137 -- 180Min Chi, Kurt VanLehn, Diane J. Litman, Pamela W. Jordan. Empirically evaluating the application of reinforcement learning to the induction of effective and adaptive pedagogical strategies
181 -- 216Antonio R. Anaya, Jesus Boticario. Content-free collaborative learning modeling using data mining
217 -- 248César Vialardi Sacín, Jorge Chue, Juan Pablo Peche, Gustavo Alvarado, Bruno Vinatea, Jhonny Estrella, Alvaro Ortigosa. A data mining approach to guide students through the enrollment process based on academic performance