Journal: Wiley Interdisc. Rew.: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Volume 6, Issue 6

194 -- 214Preeti Gupta, Arun Sharma, Rajni Jindal. Scalable machine-learning algorithms for big data analytics: a comprehensive review
215 -- 230Deiner Mena, Elena Montañés, José Ramón Quevedo, Juan José del Coz. An overview of inference methods in probabilistic classifier chains for multilabel classification
231 -- 239Asmaa Sallam, Daren Fadolalkarim, Elisa Bertino, Qian Xiao. Data and syntax centric anomaly detection for relational databases

Volume 6, Issue 5

156 -- 166Felipe Azevedo Pinage, Eulanda Miranda dos Santos, João Manuel Portela da Gama. Classification systems in dynamic environments: an overview
167 -- 176Xiaofeng Zhang, William K. Cheung, Yunming Ye. Mining from distributed and abstracted data
177 -- 189Nivin A. Helal, Rasha M. Ismail, Nagwa L. Badr, Mostafa G. M. Mostafa. A novel social network mining approach for customer segmentation and viral marketing

Volume 6, Issue 4

140 -- 151Tuong Le, Bay Vo. The lattice-based approaches for mining association rules: a review

Volume 6, Issue 3

84 -- 114Deren Li, Shuliang Wang, Hanning Yuan, Deyi Li. Software and applications of spatial data mining
115 -- 135Punam Bedi, Chhavi Sharma. Community detection in social networks

Volume 6, Issue 2

50 -- 69N. Marín, M. D. Ruiz, D. Sánchez. Fuzzy frameworks for mining data associations: fuzzy association rules and beyond
70 -- 79Ayman E. Khedr, Amira M. Idrees, Ahmed I. El Seddawy. Enhancing Iterative Dichotomiser 3 algorithm for classification decision tree

Volume 6, Issue 1

5 -- 21Sergio Ramírez-Gallego, Salvador García, Hector Mourino-Talin, David Martínez-Rego, Verónica Bolón-Canedo, Amparo Alonso-Betanzos, José Manuel Benítez, Francisco Herrera. Data discretization: taxonomy and big data challenge
22 -- 36Alexandra Derntl, Claudia Plant. Clustering techniques for neuroimaging applications
37 -- 46Janusz Kacprzyk, Slawomir Zadrozny. Fuzzy logic-based linguistic summaries of time series: a powerful tool for discovering knowledge on time varying processes and systems under imprecision