Journal: Wiley Interdisc. Rew.: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Volume 8, Issue 6

0 -- 0Ying Li 0017, Haokui Zhang, Xizhe Xue, Yenan Jiang, Qiang Shen 0001. Cover Image, Volume 8, Issue 6
0 -- 0Ying Li 0017, Haokui Zhang, Xizhe Xue, Yenan Jiang, Qiang Shen 0001. Deep learning for remote sensing image classification: A survey
0 -- 0Danyang Li, Yan Ren, Tao Du, Wanquan Liu. Eyebrow semantic description via clustering based on Axiomatic Fuzzy Set
0 -- 0Lucas Pereira, Nuno Nunes 0001. Performance evaluation in non-intrusive load monitoring: Datasets, metrics, and tools - A review
0 -- 0Shuliang Wang, Qi Li, Hanning Yuan, Deren Li, Jing Geng, Chuanfeng Zhao, Yimeng Lei, Chuanlu Liu, Chengfei Liu. δ-Open set clustering - A new topological clustering method
0 -- 0Arthur Zimek, Peter Filzmoser. There and back again: Outlier detection between statistical reasoning and data mining algorithms
0 -- 0Sudip Misra, Anandarup Mukherjee, Arijit Roy. Knowledge discovery for enabling smart Internet of Things: A survey
0 -- 0Dennis M. Buede, Elise T. Axelrad, David P. Brown, Daniel W. Hudson, Kathryn B. Laskey, Paul J. Sticha, Jordan L. Thomas. Inference enterprise models: An approach to organizational performance improvement

Volume 8, Issue 5

0 -- 0Angela Serra, Paola Galdi, Roberto Tagliaferri. Machine learning for bioinformatics and neuroimaging
0 -- 0Shazia Tabassum, Fabiola S. F. Pereira, Sofia da Silva Fernandes, João Gama. Cover Image, Volume 8, Issue 5
0 -- 0Chun-Wei Tsai, Pang-Wei Tsai, Ming-Chao Chiang, Chu-Sing Yang. Data analytics for internet of things: A review
0 -- 0Maria Riveiro, Giuliana Pallotta, Michele Vespe. Maritime anomaly detection: A review
0 -- 0Leila Bahri, Barbara Carminati, Elena Ferrari. Knowledge-based approaches for identity management in online social networks
0 -- 0Shazia Tabassum, Fabiola S. F. Pereira, Sofia da Silva Fernandes, João Gama. Social network analysis: An overview
0 -- 0Xiaodong Liu, Wenjuan Jia, Yuangang Wang, Hongyue Guo, Yan Ren, Zedong Li. Knowledge discovery and semantic learning in the framework of axiomatic fuzzy set theory

Volume 8, Issue 4

0 -- 0Amr Abdullatif, Francesco Masulli, Stefano Rovetta. Clustering of nonstationary data streams: A survey of fuzzy partitional methods
0 -- 0Omer Sagi, Lior Rokach. Ensemble learning: A survey
0 -- 0Ola A. Al Sonosy, Sherine Rady, Nagwa L. Badr, Mohammed Hashem. Toward efficient business behavior prediction using location-based social networks
0 -- 0Sreenivasan Ramasamy Ramamurthy, Nirmalya Roy. Recent trends in machine learning for human activity recognition - A survey
0 -- 0Lei Zhang, Shuai Wang, Bing Liu. Deep learning for sentiment analysis: A survey
0 -- 0Luca Oneto. Model selection and error estimation without the agonizing pain
0 -- 0Sourav Dutta. An overview on the evolution and adoption of deep learning applications used in the industry
0 -- 0Hien D. Nguyen, Faicel Chamroukhi. Practical and theoretical aspects of mixture-of-experts modeling: An overview

Volume 8, Issue 3

0 -- 0James Xue, Stephen Jarvis. Mining association rules for admission control and service differentiation in e-commerce applications
0 -- 0Tegjyot Singh Sethi, Mehmed Kantardzic, Lingyu Lyu, Jiashun Chen. A dynamic-adversarial mining approach to the security of machine learning
0 -- 0Alejandro Peña Ayala. Learning analytics: A glance of evolution, status, and trends according to a proposed taxonomy
0 -- 0Wil M. P. van der Aalst. Process discovery from event data: Relating models and logs through abstractions
0 -- 0Fatma M. Najib, Rasha M. Ismail, Nagwa L. Badr, Mohamed F. Tolba. Cloud-based data streams optimization
0 -- 0Siti Aishah Mohd Selamat, Simant Prakoonwit, Reza Sahandi, Wajid Khan, Manoharan Ramachandran. Big data analytics - A review of data-mining models for small and medium enterprises in the transportation sector

Volume 8, Issue 2

0 -- 0Shima Kashef, Hossein Nezamabadi-pour, Bahareh Nikpour. Multilabel feature selection: A comprehensive review and guiding experiments
0 -- 0Mohammad Al Hasan, Vachik S. Dave. Triangle counting in large networks: a review
0 -- 0Peter J. Rousseeuw, Mia Hubert. Anomaly detection by robust statistics
0 -- 0Wensheng Gan, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Han-Chieh Chao, Tzung-Pei Hong, Hamido Fujita. A survey of incremental high-utility itemset mining
0 -- 0Rafael Alcalá, María José Gacto, Jesús Alcalá-Fdez. Evolutionary data mining and applications: A revision on the most cited papers from the last 10 years (2007-2017)
0 -- 0Roelant A. Stegmann, Indre Zliobaite, Tuukka Tolvanen, Jaakko Hollmén, Jesse Read. A survey of evaluation methods for personal route and destination prediction from mobility traces
0 -- 0Jorge Ángel González Ordiano, Simon Waczowicz, Veit Hagenmeyer, Ralf Mikut. Energy forecasting tools and services

Volume 8, Issue 1

0 -- 0Pelin Yildirim, Derya Birant, Tuba Alpyildiz. Data mining and machine learning in textile industry
0 -- 0Tugba Degirmenci, Lale Özbakir. Differentiating households to analyze consumption patterns: a data mining study on official household budget data
0 -- 0Alejandro Bogarín, Rebeca Cerezo, Cristóbal Romero. A survey on educational process mining
0 -- 0Mohammad Sharif, Ali Asghar Alesheikh. Context-aware movement analytics: implications, taxonomy, and design framework
0 -- 0Alberto Cano 0001. A survey on graphic processing unit computing for large-scale data mining
0 -- 0Ángel Miguel García-Vico, Cristóbal J. Carmona, D. Martín, Milton García-Borroto, M. J. del Jesus. An overview of emerging pattern mining in supervised descriptive rule discovery: taxonomy, empirical study, trends, and prospects