The DataGrid Workload Management System: Challenges and Results

Giuseppe Avellino, Stefano Beco, Barbara Cantalupo, Alessandro Maraschini, F. Pacini, Massimo Sottilaro, Annalisa Terracina, D. Colling, Francesco Giacomini, Elisabetta Ronchieri, A. Gianelle, Mirco Mazzucato, R. Peluso, Massimo Sgaravatto, Andrea Guarise, Rosario M. Piro, Albert Werbrouck, Daniel Kouril, Ales Krenek, Ludek Matyska, Milos Mulac, Jirí Pospísil, Miroslav Ruda, Zdenek Salvet, Jirí Sitera, J. Skrabal, Michal Vocu, M. Mezzadri, F. Prelz, Salvatore Monforte, Marco Pappalardo. The DataGrid Workload Management System: Challenges and Results. J. Grid Comput., 2(4):353-367, 2004. [doi]


The workload management task of the DataGrid project was mandated to define and implement a suitable architecture for distributed scheduling and resource management in a Grid environment. The result was the design and implementation of a Grid Workload Management System, a super-scheduler with the distinguishing property of being able to take data access requirements into account when scheduling jobs to the available Grid resources. Many novel issues in various fields were faced such as resource management, resource reservation and co-allocation, Grid accounting. In this paper, the architecture and the functionality provided by the DataGrid Workload Management System are presented.