Hardware and a Tool Chain for ADRES

Bjorn De Sutter, Bingfeng Mei, Andrei Bartic, Tom Vander Aa, Mladen Berekovic, Jean-Yves Mignolet, Kris Croes, Paul Coene, Miro Cupac, Aïssa Couvreur, Andy Folens, Steven Dupont, Bert Van Thielen, Andreas Kanstein, Hong-seok Kim, Suk-Jin Kim. Hardware and a Tool Chain for ADRES. In Koen Bertels, João M. P. Cardoso, Stamatis Vassiliadis, editors, Reconfigurable Computing: Architectures and Applications, Second International Workshop, ARC 2006, Delft, The Netherlands, March 1-3, 2006, Revised Selected Papers. Volume 3985 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 425-430, Springer, 2006. [doi]

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