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facFormal Asp. Comput.
famsFrontiers Appl. Math. Stat.
fbinfFrontiers Bioinform.
fblocFrontiers Blockchain
fcompFrontiers Comput. Sci.
fcscFrontiers of Computer Science in China
fdataFrontiers Big Data
fdgthFrontiers Digit. Health
ffaFinite Fields and Their Applications
fgcsFuture Generation Comp. Syst.
fiFuture Internet
ficnFront. Comput. Neurosci.
fidhFront. Digital Humanities
fieeEAI Endorsed Trans. Future Intellig. Educat. Env.
fiictFront. ICT
finiFront. Neuroinform.
finrFront. Neurorobot.
firaiFront. Robotics and AI
firstmondayFirst Monday
fmFormalized Mathematics
fmsdFormal Methods in System Design
focmFoundations of Computational Mathematics
fodmFO & DM
fomacT. Foundations for Mastering Change
frField Robotics
fraiFrontiers Artif. Intell.
frmaFrontiers Res. Metrics Anal.
frvirFrontiers Virtual Real.
fsFinance and Stochastics
fssFuzzy Sets and Systems
ftcgvFoundations and Trends in Computer Graphics and Vision
ftcitFoundations and Trends in Communications and Information Theory
FTDBFoundations and Trends in Databases
ftedaFoundations and Trends in Electronic Design Automation
fthciFoundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction
ftirFoundations and Trends in Information Retrieval
ftisFoundations and Trends in Information Systems
ftmecoFoundations and Trends in Microeconomics
ftmlFoundations and Trends in Machine Learning
ftnetFoundations and Trends in Networking
ftoptFoundations and Trends in Optimization
FTPLFoundations and Trends in Programming Languages
ftrobFoundations and Trends in Robotics
ftsecFoundations and Trends in Privacy and Security
ftsigFoundations and Trends in Signal Processing
ftstoFoundations and Trends in Stochastic Systems
ftsysFoundations and Trends in Systems and Control
fttcsFoundations and Trends in Theoretical Computer Science
fttiomFoundations and Trends in Technology, Information and Operations Management
ftwebFoundations and Trends in Web Science
FUINFundamenta Informaticae