Journal: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine

Volume 4, Issue 4

3 -- 9Peter Corcoran 0001. Elevate Yourself - It's Easier Than You Think! [Notes from the Editor]
8 -- 9Sharon Peng. Grading on a (Growth) Curve [President's Message]
10 -- 12Yu Yuan. An Update on the CE Society's China Operations [Society News]
12 -- 23Peter Corcoran 0001. The 2015 IEEE Panel of Editors Meeting [Society News]
22 -- 23Athanasios Kakarountas. Collaborative Efforts Fuel the Greece Chapter [Society News]
23 -- 25Robin Bradbeer. Bob Frankston Delivers Distinguished Lecture to Hong Kong Chapter [Society News]
25 -- 33Wahab Almuhtadi. The 2015-2016 CE Society Distinguished Lecturer Program [Society News]
40 -- 42Narisa Chu. The Formation of the IEEE Council on RFID [Conference Reports]
42 -- 43Brian Markwalter. IEEE CE Society Attends First-Ever CES Asia [Conference Reports]
43 -- 48Fernando Pescador. A Look at ISCE 2015 [Conference Reports]
50 -- 51Stuart Lipoff. A Look at New Publications [Publications Round-Up]
52 -- 53Tom Coughlin. Objectives and Activities [Future Directions]
54 -- 61Joseph Decuir. The Story of the Internet of Things: Issues in utility, connectivity, and security
62 -- 64Brett Mabrie. The Wild West of Safeguarding Your Money: Mobile networks are at risk of being infiltrated by digital bandits
65 -- 71Shabab Bazrafkan, Anuradha Kar, Claudia Costache. Eye Gaze for Consumer Electronics: Controlling and commanding intelligent systems
72 -- 86Ronan Boitard, Mahsa T. Pourazad, Panos Nasiopoulos, Jim Slevinsky. Demystifying High-Dynamic-Range Technology: A new evolution in digital media
87 -- 88Euee S. Jang. Before the Big Bang: Do we need a new video coding standard?
89 -- 91Jeff Yurek. Ultra High Definition: Beyond pixel count
92 -- 97Steve Mann. Phenomenal Augmented Reality: Advancing technology for the future of humanity
98 -- 100Bill Montgomery. Future Shock: IoT benefits beyond traffic and lighting energy optimization
101 -- 106Sally A. Applin, Andreas Riener, Michael D. Fischer. Extending Driver-Vehicle Interface Research Into the Mobile Device Commons : Transitioning to (nondriving) passengers and their vehicles
107 -- 119Mario Ignacio Chacon Murguia, Claudia Prieto-Resendiz. Detecting Driver Drowsiness: A survey of system designs and technology
120 -- 122Katina Michael, M. G. Michael. Apple Watch Temptation: Just visit the App Store
123 -- 135Kyle Wiens. The Right to Repair [Soapbox]
125 -- 137Susanne Wende. The CE Marking as a Passport to the European Market [IP Corner]
127 -- 129Bob Frankston. The Internet Is About Relationships [Bits Versus Electrons]
130 -- 139Tom Coughlin. You Can Take It With You [The Art of Storage]
132 -- 133Yu Yuan. Proactively Engaging Industry Through Standards Activities [Standards]
133 -- 135Christine Perey. Open and Interoperable Augmented Reality and the IEEE [Standards]
136 -- 137David Alan Grier. Market-Based Values [Market-Based Analyses]
138 -- 139Mike Bergman. Quality 2.0 - A New Threat, A Bigger Challenge [CEA Insights]
140 -- 144William Lumpkins. Home Automation: Insteon (X10 Meets Powerline) [Product Reviews]

Volume 4, Issue 3

3 -- 7Peter Corcoran 0001. I Am Game of Thrones [Notes from the Editor]
8 -- 10Sharon Peng. Outlining Our Leadership Strategies [President's Message]
11 -- 0Bill Orner. An Update to CE Society Bylaws [Society News]
11 -- 12Anant Baijal. Activities for Young Professionals at ICCE 2015 [Society News]
12 -- 13Sun-Jea Ko, Stefan Mozar. Developments in Region 9 - South and Central America [Society News]
13 -- 14Robin Bradbeer. In the Spotlight: South Brazil [Society News]
14 -- 15Thinagaran Perumal. One-Day Workshop at CE Malaysia Chapter: Embedded systems and Internet of Things. [Society News]
15 -- 16Tom Coughlin. IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Sponsors the Smart Village Program [Society News]
16 -- 17Thinagaran Perumal. Membership Drive by CESoc Malaysia [Society News]
18 -- 20L. Dennis Shapiro. Boston CE Society - SSCS 2015 Spring Meeting [Society News]
21 -- 24Shingo Yamaguch, Kazuyuki Kojima. The 2014 IEEE Third Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE 2014) [Conference Reports]
24 -- 25Joonki Paik. The IEEE CE Society Drives for Members at ICEIC 2015 in Singapore [Conference Reports]
26 -- 28Stuart Lipoff. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics [Conference Reports]
29 -- 89Stuart Lipoff. A Look at CE Society Publications [Publications Round-Up]
31 -- 32Tom Coughlin, Lee Stogner, Peter Corcoran 0001. Mobile Power Initiatives Moves into Second Year [Future Directions]
32 -- 33Soumya Kanti Datta. IEEE CE Society Future Directions on Internet of Things Group Activities for 2015 [Future Directions]
34 -- 41Narisa N. Y. Chu. Brain-Computer Interface Technology and Development: The emergence of imprecise brainwave headsets in the commercial world
42 -- 49Hyuck Kim, KiYoung Hwang. The Shifting Printing Paradigm: A goodbye to traditional printing technology
50 -- 51Debra A. Horn. Cloud Powered by EPEAT-Qualified Servers: New green procurement criteria for servers is in the works. Two standards organizations, the IEEE and NSF International (NSF) are writing standards for the Ele
52 -- 58Phillip J. Windley. API Access Control with OAuth: Coordinating interactions with the Internet of Things
59 -- 66Peter Corcoran 0001, Joe Decuir. Champions in Our Midst: Game on!
67 -- 72Nahum D. Gershon, Bill Kapralos, Steve Mann. Games, Entertainment, and Media for Life, Health, and Community: IEEE GEM 2014
73 -- 79Ross Smith, Dana Popa. Why Play Matters at Work: Gamification is more than just a passing fad
80 -- 82Elena G. Bertozzi, Dilys Walker, Leonard R. Krilov, Carrie Rouse, Claudia Halaby, Ann Mock, Melodi Pirzada, Robert Lee. Health-Care Interventions with Games: A low-cost, high-impact approach
83 -- 89Peter Corcoran 0001. It Is All in the Claims! [IP Corner]
86 -- 89Bob Frankston. #APIFirst: How Things Speak to Each Other [Bits Versus Electrons]
90 -- 94Tom Coughlin, Steve Hetzler. Reach Out and Touch: Digital storage devices and technologies. [The Art of Storage]
95 -- 96Yu Yuan. Advancing Technologies for Consumers Through Consensus Building [Standards]
97 -- 98David Alan Grier. What Do We Get When We Add Consumers to Electronics Engineering? [Market-Based Analyses]
99 -- 100Mike Bergman. Product and Technology Trends from the 2015 International CES [CEA Insights]
101 -- 103William Lumpkins. Sounding the Alarm [Product Reviews]
102 -- 103William Lumpkins, Simone Giertz. The Evil Goat (Arduino Project) [Maker Projects]

Volume 4, Issue 2

3 -- 7Peter Corcoran 0001. Changing of the Guard [Notes from the Editor]
8 -- 39Sharon Peng. Improving Efficiency and Transparency [President's Message]
10 -- 20Peter Corcoran 0001, Tom Coughlin. Safe Advanced Mobile Power Workshop [Society News]
20 -- 31Peter Corcoran 0001, Tom Coughlin. CE Society Steps Boldly to the West (of Ireland): Public Talks Given by IEEE Distinguished Lecturers in the West of Ireland [Society News]
31 -- 33Robin Bradbeer. In the Spotlight: U.K. and Ireland Chapter [Society News]
33 -- 34Tomohiro Hase. Events with Academic Societies in Asia at GCCE2014 [Society News]
34 -- 37Peter Corcoran 0001. TAB Review of IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine [Society News]
38 -- 39Sharon Peng. CE Society and the Korean IEIE Society: The Sister Society Update [Society News]
38 -- 0Stefan Mozar. IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Board of Governors Call for Nominations 2015 [Society News]
40 -- 45David Moloney, Oscar Déniz-Suárez. A Vision for the Future [Soapbox]
46 -- 48Brian Markwalter. Flights of Fancy: Products in the Unmanned Systems Marketplace
49 -- 53William Lumpkins, Martin Joyce. Near-Field Communication: It Pays: Mobile payment systems explained and explored
54 -- 59Vijay S. Venkitachalam, Vinod Namboodiri, Siny Joseph, Emily Dee, Charles A. Burdsal. What, Why, and How: Surveying what consumers want in new mobile phones
60 -- 66Keith Mallinson. Smartphone Revolution: Technology patenting and licensing fosters innovation, market entry, and exceptional growth
67 -- 70Joseph Decuir. Bluetooth Smart Support for 6LoBTLE: Applications and connection questions
71 -- 78Peter Corcoran 0001, Stephen Dukes, Ulrich H. Reimers. Champions in Our Midst: The Father of Digital Video Broadcasting
79 -- 81Katina Michael. Wearables and Lifelogging: The socioethical implications
82 -- 91Deniz Gokye, Katina Michael. Digital Wearability Scenarios: Trialability on the run
92 -- 94Katina Michael. Sousveillance: Implications for Privacy, Security, Trust, and the Law
95 -- 96Katherine Albrecht, Liz McIntyre. Protect Yourself from RFID: Fend off frightening tracking tech
97 -- 99William Lumpkins. Protecting Yourself with RFID: Embracing the benefits of wireless tracking technology
100 -- 106Sally A. Applin, Michael D. Fischer. Toward a Multiuser Social Augmented Reality Experience: Shared pathway experiences via multichannel applications
107 -- 113M. G. Michael, Katina Michael, Christine Perakslis. Überveillance, the Web of Things, and People: What is the culmination of all this surveillance?
114 -- 117Bob Frankston. Deconstructing Television: Delivery, Content, and Policy. [Bits Versus Electrons]
118 -- 120Tom Coughlin. The Internet of Things Meets the Storage of Everything [The Art of Storage]
121 -- 122David Alan Grier. Defining Trouble [Market-Based Analyses]
123 -- 124Veronica A. Lancaster. CEA's 4K Ultra HD Logo Program [CEA Insights]
125 -- 127William Lumpkins. Making Waves [Product Reviews]

Volume 4, Issue 1

4 -- 7Peter Corcoran 0001. Is "Dumb" the New "Smart"? [Notes from the Editor]
8 -- 12Peter Corcoran 0001, Konstantin Glasman. IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Election [Society News]
12 -- 13Tom Coughlin. CE Society Treasurer Receives Major IEEE Award [Society News]
13 -- 14Anissa Shaddy. Ottawa Section CE Society BoG Meeting [Society News]
14 -- 15Mohamed Abdelazez. The Evolution of the IEEE Student Branch at Carleton University [Society News]
15 -- 16Carsten Dolar. IEEE Young Professionals Activities at ICCE-Berlin [Society News]
16 -- 17Jeffrey Pane. Picture Perfect: CPIQ and You [Society News]
17 -- 18Adam Newman. How IEEE-ISTO Advances Consumer Technology [Society News]
18 -- 19Yu Yuan. New IEEE Standards Seek Participation [Society News]
19 -- 23Peter Corcoran 0001, Tom Coughlin. CE Society at 2014 IEEE Sections Congress [Society News]
23 -- 24Ezendu Ariwa. IEEE UKRI CES and the Visit of CES President to UKRI on 14 April 2014 in the United Kingdom [Society News]
24 -- 25Peter Corcoran 0001. Postgraduate Research Day in the West of Ireland [Society News]
26 -- 29William Lumpkins. CE-Affiliated Conferences [Society News]
26 -- 0Stephen Dukes. IEEE Fellow Nominations [Society News]
29 -- 30Alan Byrne. CE Devices Hacked at Black Hat 2014 [Society News]
32 -- 40Peter Corcoran 0001. Champions in Our Midst: Masters of DOCSIS
41 -- 49Michael H. Davis, Ulrich Lang, Sid Shetye. A Cybermodel for Privacy by Design: Building privacy protection into consumer electronics
50 -- 57Math Bollen, Magnus Olofsson. Consumer Electronics and the Power Grid: What are they doing to each other?
58 -- 65Peter C. Salmon, Paul L. Meissner. Mobile Bot Swarms: They're closer than you might think!
66 -- 73Frederic Sala, Kees A. Schouhamer Immink, Lara Dolecek. Error Control Schemes for Modern Flash Memories: Solutions for Flash deficiencies
74 -- 82Tom Coughlin, et al.. A Moore's Law for Mobile Energy: Improving upon conventional batteries and energy sources for mobile devices
83 -- 86Brian Markwalter. Entertainment and Immersive Content: What's in store for your viewing pleasure
87 -- 89Scott Amyx. Wearables Gushing with Emotions: A new brand-engagement architecture
90 -- 93Joseph R. Carvalko, Cara Morris. Crowdsourcing Biological Specimen Identification: Consumer technology applied to health-care access
94 -- 96Katherine Albrecht, Liz McIntyre. Psst... Your Location Is Showing! Metadata in digital photos and posts could be revealing more than you realize
97 -- 98Liz Stillwaggon Swan, Stephanie Barnhizer. Social Skills?: There's an app for that
99 -- 103Peter Corcoran 0001. To Gaze with Undimmed Eyes on All Darkness [IP Corner]
104 -- 106Bob Frankston. Putting It All Together? [Bits Versus Electrons]
107 -- 109Tom Coughlin. New Digital Storage Solutions Enable Growing Consumer Applications [The Art of Storage]
110 -- 117David Alan Grier. Who You Are With [Grier on CE]
112 -- 114Veronica A. Lancaster. CEA's Technology and Standards Program: An introduction to some of the benefits of CEA's services to the industry [CEA Insights]
116 -- 117William Lumpkins. Livescribe: Recording Your Thoughts and Doodles [Product Reviews]