Journal: Concurrent Engineering: R&A

Volume 24, Issue 4

305 -- 306Yuhua Luo. Cooperative design and manufacturing
307 -- 317Yan-Wei Zhao, Li-Nan Zhu. Service-evaluation-based resource selection for cloud manufacturing
318 -- 329Tingyu Liu, Huifen Wang, Yong He. Intelligent knowledge recommending approach for new product development based on workflow context matching
330 -- 343Huifen Wang, Linyan Liu, Yizheng Fei, Tingting Liu. A collaborative manufacturing execution system oriented to discrete manufacturing enterprises
344 -- 358William Widjaja, Makoto Takahashi. Distributed interface for group affinity-diagram brainstorming
359 -- 368Jinsong Bao, Qian Wang, Xiaohu Zhen, Jianguo Zhang, Xia Ji. A human-machine interaction approach of block erection schedule with three-dimensional spatial constraints
369 -- 380Jian Chai, Hung-Lin Chi, Xiangyu Wang, Changzhi Wu, Kwang-Hyo Jung, Jae-myung Lee. Automatic as-built modeling for concurrent progress tracking of plant construction based on laser scanning

Volume 24, Issue 3

195 -- 210Amad ud Din, Mohammed Khurshid Khan, Felician Campean, Maryam Masood. A framework for complex product architecture analysis using an integrated approach
211 -- 226Sören Ulonska, Torgeir Welo. On the use of product portfolio and variant maps as visualization tools to support platform-based development strategies
227 -- 239Pedro Maria Villanueva, Rubén Lostado-Lorza, Marina Corral Bobadilla. Pugh's Total Design: The design of an electromagnetic servo brake with ABS function - a case study
240 -- 250Chiu-Chi Wei, Agus Andria, Houn-Wen Xiao, Chiou Shuei Wei, Ting-Chang Lai. A new fuzzy decision-making approach for selecting new product development project
251 -- 265Edris Safavi, Mehdi Tarkian, Johan Ölvander, Hossein Nadali Najafabadi, Raghu Chaitanya Munjulury. Implementation of collaborative multidisciplinary design optimization for conceptual design of a complex engineering product
266 -- 274Ehsan Ghotbi. Multi-objective optimization of mechanism design using a bi-level game theoretic formulation
275 -- 289Soonjo Kwon, Byungchul Kim, Ho-Jin Hwang, Duhwan Mun, Soonhung Han. Enhancement of equipment information sharing using three-dimensional computer-aided design simplification and digital catalog techniques in the plant industry
290 -- 301Shih-Wen Hsiao, Hsin-hung Lin, Chi-Hung Lo, Ya-Chuan Ko. Automobile shape formation and simulation by a computer-aided systematic method

Volume 24, Issue 2

105 -- 112Biren (Brian) Prasad. On mapping tasks during product development
113 -- 128Abdulbaset Alemam, Simon Li. Matrix-based quality tools for concept generation in eco-design
129 -- 138Adil Salam, Nadia Bhuiyan. Estimating design effort using parametric models: A case study at Pratt & Whitney Canada
139 -- 152Pooya Daie, Simon Li. Matrix-based hierarchical clustering for developing product architecture
153 -- 163Niels Henrik Mortensen, Christian Lindschou Hansen, Martin Løkkegaard, Lars Hvam. Assessing the cost saving potential of shared product architectures
164 -- 177L. Ramesh Kumar, Kp Padmanaban, C. Balamurugan. Least cost-tolerance allocation based on Lagrange multiplier
178 -- 190Peilu Sun, Chaoyang Zhang, Pingyu Jiang, Wei Cao. Cutting-tool delivery method in the context of industrial product service systems

Volume 24, Issue 1

3 -- 16Poul Martin Ravn, Tómas Vignir Gudlaugsson, Niels Henrik Mortensen. A multi-layered approach to product architecture modeling: Applied to technology prototypes
17 -- 34Dunbing Tang, Lei-Lei Yin, Qi Wang, Inayat Ullah, Haihua Zhu, Sheng Leng. Workload-based change propagation analysis in engineering design
35 -- 47Mehdi El Amine, Jérôme Pailhes, Nicolas Perry. Selection and use of a multi-criteria decision aiding method in the context of conceptual design with imprecise information: Application to a solar collector development
48 -- 57Debiao Meng, Xiaoling Zhang 0002, Yuanjian Yang, Huan-Wei Xu, Hong-Zhong Huang. Interaction balance optimization in multidisciplinary design optimization problems
58 -- 68Pankaj Sharma, Ajai Jain. New setup-oriented dispatching rules for a stochastic dynamic job shop manufacturing system with sequence-dependent setup times
69 -- 82Fernanda Gonçalves Amitrano, Carla Cristina Amodio Estorilio, Ligia de Oliveira Franzosi Bessa, Kazuo Hatakeyama. Six Sigma application in small enterprise
83 -- 93S. R. Besharati, V. Dabbagh, H. Amini, Ahmed A. D. Sarhan, J. Akbari, M. Hamdi, Z. C. Ong. Multi-objective selection and structural optimization of the gantry in a gantry machine tool for improving static, dynamic, and weight and cost performance
94 -- 102Mahesh B. Mawale, Abhaykumar M. Kuthe, Sandeep W. Dahake. Additive layered manufacturing: State-of-the-art applications in product innovation