Journal: Decision Sciences

Volume 40, Issue 4

627 -- 633Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
635 -- 665Verónica H. Villena, Luis R. Gomez-Mejia, Elena Revilla. The Decision of the Supply Chain Executive to Support or Impede Supply Chain Integration: A Multidisciplinary Behavioral Agency Perspective
667 -- 695Yinan Qi, Kenneth K. Boyer, Xiande Zhao. Supply Chain Strategy, Product Characteristics, and Performance Impact: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturers
697 -- 726John V. Gray, Aleda V. Roth, Brian Tomlin. The Influence of Cost and Quality Priorities on the Propensity to Outsource Production
727 -- 758Nan Xia, Sampath Rajagopalan. A Competitive Model of Customization with Lead-Time Effects
759 -- 782Paul Harvey, Lisa M. Victoravich. The Influence of Forward-Looking Antecedents, Uncertainty, and Anticipatory Emotions on Project Escalation
783 -- 815Anand Nair, Ram Narasimhan, Thomas Y. Choi. Supply Networks as a Complex Adaptive System: Toward Simulation-Based Theory Building on Evolutionary Decision Making
817 -- 843Kyle D. Cattani, Hans Sebastian Heese. Seeking Closure: Competition in Complementary Markets
845 -- 868Oded Berman, Dmitry Krass, Mozart B. C. Menezes. Locating Facilities in the Presence of Disruptions and Incomplete Information
869 -- 900David W. Wallace, Jean L. Johnson, U. N. Umesh. Multichannels Strategy Implementation: The Role of Channel Alignment Capabilities
901 -- 918ChongWoo Park, Mark Keil. Organizational Silence and Whistle-Blowing on IT Projects: An Integrated Model

Volume 40, Issue 3

375 -- 380Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
381 -- 402Ning Su, Rama Akkiraju, Nitin Nayak, Richard Goodwin. Shared Services Transformation: Conceptualization and Valuation from the Perspective of Real Options
403 -- 430M. Kathryn Brohman, Gabriele Piccoli, Patrick Martin, Farhana H. Zulkernine, A. Parasuraman, Richard T. Watson. A Design Theory Approach to Building Strategic Network-Based Customer Service Systems
431 -- 475Renu Agarwal, Willem Selen. Dynamic Capability Building in Service Value Networks for Achieving Service Innovation
477 -- 512Gregory R. Heim, William R. Wentworth Jr., Xiaosong (David) Peng. The Value to the Customer of RFID in Service Applications
513 -- 540Audhesh Paswan, Derrick D'Souza, Mohammad Ali Zolfagharian. Toward a Contextually Anchored Service Innovation Typology
541 -- 569Christopher A. Voss, Juliana Hsuan. Service Architecture and Modularity
571 -- 599Lisa Z. Song, Michael Song, C. Anthony Di Benedetto. A Staged Service Innovation Model
601 -- 625Andrea Ordanini, Paul P. Maglio. Market Orientation, Internal Process, and External Network: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Key Decisional Alternatives in the New Service Development

Volume 40, Issue 2

191 -- 196Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
197 -- 212Kingshuk K. Sinha, Emily J. Kohnke. Health Care Supply Chain Design: Toward Linking the Development and Delivery of Care Globally
213 -- 241Virginia Ilie, Craig Van Slyke, Mihir A. Parikh, James F. Courtney. Paper Versus Electronic Medical Records: The Effects of Access on Physicians' Decisions to Use Complex Information Technologies
243 -- 268Chester Chambers, Eli M. Snir, Asad Ata. The Use of Flexible Manufacturing Capacity in Pharmaceutical Product Introductions
269 -- 293Anthony D. Ross, Vaidyanathan Jayaraman. Strategic Purchases of Bundled Products in a Health Care Supply Chain Environment
295 -- 326Adelina Gnanlet, Wendell G. Gilland. Sequential and Simultaneous Decision Making for Optimizing Health Care Resource Flexibilities
327 -- 349Lawrence D. Fredendall, Janet B. Craig, Pat J. Fowler, Uzay Damali. Barriers to Swift, Even Flow in the Internal Supply Chain of Perioperative Surgical Services Department: A Case Study
351 -- 371Deborah E. Gibbons, Subhashish Samaddar. Designing Referral Network Structures and Decision Rules to Streamline Provision of Urgent Health and Human Services

Volume 40, Issue 1

1 -- 4Vicki Smith-Daniels. In this Issue
5 -- 36Sriram Thirumalai, Kingshuk K. Sinha. Customization Strategies in Electronic Retailing: Implications of Customer Purchase Behavior
37 -- 64Anthony D. Ross, Frank P. Buffa, Cornelia Dröge, Donald Carrington. Using Buyer-Supplier Performance Frontiers to Manage Relationship Performance
65 -- 87Jan Holmström, Mikko Ketokivi, Ari-Pekka Hameri. Bridging Practice and Theory: A Design Science Approach
89 -- 120Wendell G. Gilland, Donald P. Warsing. The Impact of Revenue-Maximizing Priority Pricing on Customer Delay Costs
121 -- 163Sriram Narayanan, Ann E. Marucheck, Robert Handfield. Electronic Data Interchange: Research Review and Future Directions
165 -- 186Jeffery S. Smith, Kirk R. Karwan, Robert E. Markland. An Empirical Examination of the Structural Dimensions of the Service Recovery System