Journal: Eur. J. Control

Volume 2, Issue 4

249 -- 0Ioan Doré Landau. Editorial
250 -- 259Jan C. Willems. The Behavioural Approach to Systems and Control
260 -- 277Alexander G. Kuznetsov, David W. Clarke. The Performance of Generalised Predictive Control with Interval Constraints
278 -- 285Luigi Chisci, A. Lombardi, Edoardo Mosca. Dual-Receding Horizon Control of Constrained Discrete Time Systems
286 -- 290Vladimír Kucera, Herbert Werner. Partial Model Matching by Static State Feedback
291 -- 304Wan Luo, Stephen A. Billings, K. M. Tsang. On-line Structure Detection and Parameter Estimation with Exponential Windowing for Nonlinear Systems
305 -- 312Marga Marcos, Fernando Artaza. A Methodology for the Design of Rule-Based Supervisors

Volume 2, Issue 3

159 -- 0I. D. Landau. Editorial
160 -- 165Hidenori Kimura. From Output Feedback Pole-Assignment to Robust Stabilization
166 -- 175Thomas Gustafsson. On the Design and Implementation of a Rotary Crane Controller
176 -- 192Gildas Besançon, Guy Bornard, Hassan Hammouri. Observer Synthesis for a Class of Nonlinear Control Systems
193 -- 200Mohamed Oumoun, Jean-Claude Vivalda. On the Stabilization of a Class of Bilinear Systems in 3-Space
201 -- 210Zhong-Ping Jiang, Iven M. Y. Mareels, Jean-Baptiste Pomet. Output Feedback Global Stabilization for a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Unmodelled Dynamics
211 -- 226Didier Georges. ∞ Control Problems via Galerkin Methods
227 -- 238Guolin Pan, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. A Stabilizing Controller for Jump Linear Gaussian Systems with Noisy State Observations
239 -- 248Jian-Hua Ge, Paul M. Frank, Ching-Fang Lin. Design of Reliable Controllers for State Delayed Systems

Volume 2, Issue 2

79 -- 0I. D. Landau. Editorial
80 -- 87M. Vidyasagar. *
88 -- 100Dirk A. van Beek, Jacobus E. Rooda. A New Mechanism for Exception Handling in Concurrent Control Systems
101 -- 111Boris T. Polyak, A. N. Vishnyakov. Multiplying Disks: Robust Stability of a Cascade Connection
112 -- 125Raza Samar, Ghassan Murad, Ian Postlethwaite, Da-Wei Gu. ∞ Observer-Based Controller & Its Application to a Glass Tube Production Process
126 -- 134Lin Xie, Minyue Fu. Discrete-Time Convex Direction for Matrices
135 -- 143Caroline Kulcsar, Luc Pronzato, Eric Walter. Dual Control of Linearly Parameterised Models via Prediction of Posterior Densities
144 -- 151Antonio Loría. Global Tracking Control of One Degree of Freedom Euler-Lagrange Systems without Velocity Measurements
152 -- 157A. J. Geurts, Cornelis Praagman. Column Reduction of Polynomial Matrices; Some Remarks on the Algorithm of Wolovich

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 0Ioan Doré Landau. Editorial
2 -- 0Alberto Isidori. The President's Message
3 -- 5Yutaka Yamamoto, Shinji Hara. Guest Editorial How was System/Control Theory Created?
6 -- 28Paul M. Frank. Analytical and Qualitative Model-based Fault Diagnosis - A Survey and Some New Results
29 -- 35A. S. Morse. Overcoming the Obstacle of High Relative Degree
36 -- 43Ole Sørensen. Non-linear Pole-placement Control with a Neural Network
44 -- 50Mazen Alamir, G. Bornard. Globally Stabilising Discontinuous Feedback Law for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
51 -- 56Pascal Morin. Robust Stabilisation of the Angular Velocity of a Rigid Body with Two Controls
57 -- 68Sergio Bittanti, Marco Lovera. On the Zero Dynamics of Helicopter Rotor Loads
69 -- 78Gerhard Freiling, Gerhard Jank, Seung-Rae Lee, Hisham Abou-Kandil. On the Dependence of the Solutions of Algebraic and Differential Game Riccati Equations on the Parameter μ