Journal: Eur. J. Control

Volume 3, Issue 4

253 -- 0I. D. Landau. Editorial
254 -- 267Manfred Mittler, Christoph Kern. Discrete-Time Approximation of the Machine Interference Problem with Generally Distributed Failure, Repair, and Walking Times
268 -- 279Jihua Wang, Peter B. Luh. Scheduling Job Shops with Batch Machines Using the Lagrangian Relaxation Technique
280 -- 291Hans-Michael Hanisch, Arndt Lüder, Mathias P. Rausch. Controller Synthesis for Net Condition/Event Systems with a Solution for Incomplete State Observation
292 -- 303J. Anthony Rossiter. Predictive Controllers with Guaranteed Stability and Mean-Level Controllers for Unstable Plant
304 -- 316Miroslav Fikar, Sebastian Engell. Receding Horizon Predictive Control Based upon the Youla-Kučera Parametrisation
317 -- 324Paolo Bolzern, Patrizio Colaneri, Giuseppe De Nicolao. ∞-Filters
325 -- 339Hamid Bounit, Hassan Hammouri. Observers for Infinite Dimensional Bilinear Systems

Volume 3, Issue 3

163 -- 0Ioan Doré Landau. Editorial
164 -- 165Manuel Silva, Rene David. Guest Editorial Special Sections on Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
166 -- 181Stanley B. Gershwin. Design and Operation of Manufacturing Systems: A Controls-based Synthesis
182 -- 199Manuel Silva Suárez, Enrique Teruel. Petri Nets for the Design and Operation of Manufacturing Systems
200 -- 215Yves Dallery, Hervé Le Bihan. Homogenisation Techniques for the Analysis of Production Lines with Unreliable Machines Having Different Speeds
216 -- 226Yves Piguet, Ulf Holmberg, Roland Longchamp. Multi-model Weighted Pole-placement Design
227 -- 234Yann Le Gorrec, Jean-François Magni, Caroline Chiappa. Flexible Transmission System Controlled by Modal Dynamic Feedback
235 -- 246Torben Knudsen. Optimal Calculation of Residuals for ARMAX Models with Application to Model Verification
247 -- 252L. Summerer, Jean-Yves Keller, Mohamed Darouach. Robust Fault Diagnosis with a Two-stage Kalman Estimator

Volume 3, Issue 2

91 -- 0Ioan Doré Landau. Editorial
92 -- 103Stefano Battilotti, Leonardo Lanari, Romeo Ortega. On the Role of Passivity and Output Injection in the Output Feedback Stabilisation Problem: Application to Robot Control
104 -- 113Víctor Santibáñez, Rafael Kelly. On Global Regulation of Robot Manipulators: Saturated Linear State Feedback and Saturated Linear Output Feedback
114 -- 124Myeong-Ryong Nam, Tatsuaki Hashimoto, Keiken Ninomiya. ∞ Attitude Controllers for Spacecraft Using a Magnetically Suspended Momentum Wheel
125 -- 136Claudio Maffezzoni, Paolo Rocco. Robust Tuning of PID Regulators Based on Step-Response Identification
137 -- 149Heide Glüsing-Lüerßen. First-Order Representations of Delay-Differential Systems in a Behavioural Setting
150 -- 161Alberto Leva. Automatic Tuning of PID Regulators in Presence of Model Perturbations near the Desired Closed-Loop Cutoff

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 0Ioan Doré Landau. Editorial
2 -- 14Hannah Michalska. A New Formulation of Receding Horizon Stabilising Control without Terminal Constraint on the State
15 -- 36Pascal Morin, Claude Samson. Application of Backstepping Techniques to the Time-Varying Exponential Stabilisation of Chained Form Systems
37 -- 46John Tsinias. Triangular Systems: A Global Extension of the Coron-Praly Theorem on the Existence of Feedback-Integrator Stabilisers
47 -- 67Andrey E. Barabanov. Canonical Matrix Factorisation and Polynomial Riccati Equations
68 -- 80Olivier Didrit, Luc Jaulin, Eric Walter. Guaranteed Analysis and Optimisation of Parametric Systems with Application to their Stability Degree
81 -- 90Martin Fabian, Bengt Lennartson. A Class of Non-Deterministic Specifications for Supervisory Control