Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 36, Issue 3

195 -- 197Randal E. Bryant, Orna Grumberg, Joseph Sifakis, Moshe Y. Vardi. 2009 CAV award announcement
198 -- 222Kai Lampka, Markus Siegle, Jörn Ossowski, Christel Baier. Partially-shared zero-suppressed multi-terminal BDDs: concept, algorithms and applications
223 -- 245Gérard Basler, Michele Mazzucchi, Thomas Wahl, Daniel Kroening. Context-aware counter abstraction
246 -- 280Mark Kattenbelt, Marta Z. Kwiatkowska, Gethin Norman, David Parker. A game-based abstraction-refinement framework for Markov decision processes

Volume 36, Issue 2

97 -- 113Edmund M. Clarke, Alexandre Donzé, Axel Legay. On simulation-based probabilistic model checking of mixed-analog circuits
114 -- 130Kevin D. Jones, Victor Konrad, Dejan Nickovic. Analog property checkers: a DDR2 case study
131 -- 147Sebastian Steinhorst, Lars Hedrich. Advanced methods for equivalence checking of analog circuits with strong nonlinearities
148 -- 166Wim H. Hesselink, M. I. Lali. Simple concurrent garbage collection almost without synchronization
167 -- 194Simon Bliudze, Joseph Sifakis. Causal semantics for the algebra of connectors

Volume 36, Issue 1

1 -- 36Christel Baier, Lucia Cloth, Boudewijn R. Haverkort, Holger Hermanns, Joost-Pieter Katoen. Performability assessment by model checking of Markov reward models
37 -- 64Xiaofang Chen, Yu Yang, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Ching-Tsun Chou. Efficient methods for formally verifying safety properties of hierarchical cache coherence protocols
65 -- 95Laura Bozzelli, Aniello Murano, Adriano Peron. Pushdown module checking