Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 24, Issue 4

741 -- 742. Editorial
743 -- 758Lynda Boukela, Gongxuan Zhang, Samia Bouzefrane, Junlong Zhou. An outlier ensemble for unsupervised anomaly detection in honeypots data
759 -- 778Alireza Abbas Alipour, Ebrahim Ansari. An advanced profile hidden Markov model for malware detection
779 -- 798Liliane R. da Silva, Heloina Alves Arnaldo, Huliane da Silva, Ronildo P. A. Moura, Benjamín R. C. Bedregal, Anne Magaly de Paula Canuto. Two deterministic selection methods for the initial centers in fuzzy c-means based algorithms
799 -- 830Ross Callister, Mihai M. Lazarescu, Duc-Son Pham 0001. RobustRepStream: Robust stream clustering using self-controlled connectivity graph
831 -- 845Vy Huynh Trieu, Hai Le Quoc, Chau Truong Ngoc. An efficient algorithm for hiding sensitive-high utility itemsets
847 -- 871M. Prakash, P. Pabitha. A hybrid node classification mechanism for influential node prediction in Social Networks
873 -- 886Thanh-Binh Le, Giang Son Tran, Hoai Bac Le. Feature learning for representing sparse networks based on random walks
887 -- 907Dalton Ieda Fazanaro, Hélio Pedrini. A comparative analysis of Bayesian network structure learning algorithms applied to crime data
909 -- 924Ritaban Kirtania, Sushmita Mitra, B. Uma Shankar. A novel adaptive k-NN classifier for handling imbalance: Application to brain MRI
925 -- 940Depeng Dang, Wenhui Yu, Chuangxia Chen, Rongen Yan, Xiaoran Zhang, Xiaoming Zhu. Real-time detection and trend tracing of burst topics based on Negative Binomial Distribution on spark
941 -- 958Guliu Liu, Lei Li 0002, Xindong Wu 0001. Multi-fuzzy-constrained graph pattern matching with big graph data
959 -- 971Jia Wei, Zhenyu Cui, Liqing Qiu, Weinan Niu. A community-based algorithm for influence maximization on dynamic social networks

Volume 24, Issue 3

491 -- 493. Editorial
495 -- 513N. Senthil Selvan, V. Subramaniyaswamy, Varadarajan Vijayakumar 0001, Hamid Reza Karimi, N. Aswin, Logesh Ravi. Distributed frequent subgraph mining on evolving graph using SPARK
515 -- 541Leticia I. Gómez, Bart Kuijpers, Alejandro A. Vaisman. Online analytical processsing on graph data
543 -- 565Thiago de Paulo Faleiros, Alan Valejo, Alneu de Andrade Lopes. Unsupervised learning of textual pattern based on Propagation in Bipartite Graph
567 -- 579Yihong Zhang 0001, Adam Jatowt. Estimating a one-class naive Bayes text classifier
581 -- 606Jinkun Luo, Fazhi He, Jiashi Yong. An efficient and robust bat algorithm with fusion of opposition-based learning and whale optimization algorithm
607 -- 623Nikos Fazakis, Georgios Kostopoulos, Stamatis Karlos, Sotiris Kotsiantis, Kyriakos N. Sgarbas. An active learning ensemble method for regression tasks
625 -- 641Xuan-May Thi Le, Tuan Minh Tran, Hien T. Nguyen. An improvement of SAX representation for time series by using complexity invariance
643 -- 663Sérgio M. Dias, Luis E. Zárate, Mark A. J. Song, Newton José Vieira, Ch. Aswani Kumar. Extraction of qualitative behavior rules for industrial processes from reduced concept lattice
665 -- 688Andrés R. Masegosa, Ana M. Martínez, Darío Ramos-López, Helge Langseth, Thomas D. Nielsen, Antonio Salmerón. Analyzing concept drift: A case study in the financial sector
689 -- 704Wansang Yoon, Sung-Ho Kim. Bayesian approach to linear state space model with unknown measurement matrix
705 -- 721Depeng Dang, Chuangxia Chen, Wenhui Yu, Huaxiao Hu. A semantic-aware collaborative filtering recommendation method for emergency plans in response to meteorological hazards
723 -- 739Maryam Mohammadi, Somaye Arabi Naree, Mahsa Lati. User-item content awareness in matrix factorization based collaborative recommender systems

Volume 24, Issue 2

225 -- 227. Editorial
229 -- 251Zuo Chen, Xin Li, Min Wang, Shenggang Yang. Domain sentiment dictionary construction and optimization based on multi-source information fusion
253 -- 266Ibrahim Hussein Musa, Kang Xu, Feng Liu, Ibrahim Zamit, Waheed Ahmed Abro, Guilin Qi. A cross-lingual sentiment topic model evolution over time
267 -- 290Katherine C. Kempfert, Yishi Wang, Cuixian Chen, Samuel W. K. Wong. A comparison study on nonlinear dimension reduction methods with kernel variations: Visualization, optimization and classification
291 -- 307Zeynep Adak, Ayhan Demiriz. Hybridization of population-based ant colony optimization via data mining
309 -- 338Mehdi Abedi, Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh. An improved opposition based learning firefly algorithm with dragonfly algorithm for solving continuous optimization problems
339 -- 362Jorge Rosales-Salas, Sebastián Maldonado, Alex Seret. Mining sequences in activities for time use analysis
363 -- 383Jingmei Li, Weifei Wu, Di Xue. An intrusion detection method based on active transfer learning
385 -- 408Zhiyi Duan, Limin Wang, Minghui Sun. Efficient heuristics for learning Bayesian network from labeled and unlabeled data
409 -- 425Yiran Wen, Xiu Cao, Xueping Wang, Fangyuan Liu. Biased transfer matching for less overlapping degree for unsupervised domain adaptation
427 -- 443Yaocheng Gui, Qian Liu, Zhiqiang Gao. Learning labeling functions in distantly supervised relation extraction
445 -- 457Kejun Deng, Xuemiao Zhang, Songtao Ye, Junfei Liu. Knowledge-embodied attention for distantly supervised relation extraction
459 -- 489Adnan El Moussawi, Arnaud Giacometti, Nicolas Labroche, Arnaud Soulet. MAPK-means: A clustering algorithm with quantitative preferences on attributes

Volume 24, Issue 1

1 -- 3. Editorial
5 -- 18Donghoon Kang, Sejong Oh. Balanced training/test set sampling for proper evaluation of classification models
19 -- 45Dongdong Lv, Dong Wang, Meizi Li, Yang Xiang. DNN models based on dimensionality reduction for stock trading
47 -- 68Ahmad S. Tarawneh, Ceyhun Celik, Ahmad B. A. Hassanat, Dmitry Chetverikov. Detailed investigation of deep features with sparse representation and dimensionality reduction in CBIR: A comparative study
69 -- 82Xuebing Yang, Yajing Wu, Wensheng Zhang, Wei Tang. Label distribution learning with climate probability for ensemble forecasting
83 -- 99Li Cheng, Yijie Wang, Xingkong Ma. An end-to-end distance measuring for mixed data based on deep relevance learning
101 -- 117Tingting Sun, Chunhong Zhang, Yang Ji, Zheng Hu. A latent-label denoising method for relation extraction with self-directed confidence learning
119 -- 139Shuaihui Wang, Guopeng Li, Guyu Hu, Hao Wei, Yu Pan, Zhisong Pan. Community detection in dynamic networks using constraint non-negative matrix factorization
141 -- 161Richard A. Bauder, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar. A study on rare fraud predictions with big Medicare claims fraud data
163 -- 182Mingxin Yu, Hao Yan, Jing Han, Yingzi Lin, Lianqing Zhu, Xiaoying Tang, Guangkai Sun, Yanlin He, Yikang Guo. EEG-based tonic cold pain assessment using extreme learning machine
183 -- 197Linsen Guo, Deyu Zhou, Yulan He, Haiyang Xu. Storyline extraction from news articles with dynamic dependency
199 -- 224Gianluca Micchi, Saeid Soheily-Khah, Jacob Turner. A new optimization layer for real-time bidding advertising campaigns