Journal: IJMLO

Volume 1, Issue 4

305 -- 326Christopher J. Brown, Philip Frame. Communities of practice in innovation management: sensemaking challenges to mobile organisations
327 -- 341Everth Larsson, Hans Janisch, Tauno Kekäle, Petri Helo. Mobile learning as an alternative for competence development in industrial engineering and logistics
342 -- 354Sophie Huey-Ming Guo, P. Pete Chong, Her-Kun Chang. Mobile learning in nursing practical training: an applicability analysis
355 -- 374A. Ant Ozok, June Wei. Short Messaging Service use among college students in USA and its potential as an educational tool: an exploratory study
375 -- 389Anders Drejer, Kim Skaue. Keys to the future - new business models in mobile organisation

Volume 1, Issue 3

217 -- 225P. Pete Chong, Jason Chou-Hong Chen. Domain knowledge and communications: a framework for mobile learning and organisations
226 -- 238Mounir Kehal. Knowledge diffusion via specialist domain traces: facilitating Mobile Learning through AUTOCART
239 -- 256Gyorgy Lipovszki, Istvan Molnár. Mobile learning for mechanical engineers
257 -- 274Jung-Chuan Yen, Ming-Puu Chen. The effects of web-based learning experience, perceived-initiative, and perceived-performance on learners' attitudes toward mobile learning
275 -- 287Mario Muñoz Organero, Carlos Delgado Kloos. Pervasive learning management system components and services for a pervasive m-learning architecture
288 -- 304Chengjiu Yin, Hiroaki Ogata, Yoneo Yano. Participatory simulation framework to support learning computer science

Volume 1, Issue 2

103 -- 121Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Karlene C. Cousins, Rosina O. Weber. Nomadic context-aware knowledge management systems: applications, challenges and research problems
122 -- 139Michaela Denk, Michael Weber, Roland Belfin. Mobile learning - challenges and potentials
140 -- 158Tom Page, Marian Hepburn, Miika Lehtonen, Gísli Thorsteinsson, Subramanian Arunachalam. Emotional and aesthetic factors of virtual mobile learning environments
159 -- 183Brenda Eschenbrenner, Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah. Mobile technology in education: uses and benefits
184 -- 197Ragnar Andresen, Knut Ekker, Bo Hjort Christensen, Petter Gottschalk. An IT outsourcing governance model for mobile learning and organisation
198 -- 215Devinder Singh, Abu Bakar Zaitun. Wireless implementation of a mobile learning environment based on students' expectations

Volume 1, Issue 1

5 -- 14Jay Liebowitz. Keynote paper: Developing knowledge and learning strategies in mobile organisations
15 -- 29Miri Barak, Judson V. Harward, Steven Lerman. Studio-based learning via wireless notebooks: a case of a Java programming course
30 -- 40Milan Zeleny. The mobile society: effects of global sourcing and network organisation
41 -- 57Reggie Davidrajuh. Array-based logic for realising inference engine in mobile applications
58 -- 80Cat Kutay, Aybüke Aurum. Knowledge transformation for education in software engineering
81 -- 102Lorna Uden. Activity theory for designing mobile learning