Journal: Int. J. Imaging Systems and Technology

Volume 10, Issue 6

415 -- 418Franklin S. Weinstein. The imaginary component of the reconstructed image in fan beam tomography
419 -- 426Jian Wang, Golshah Naghdy. A new shape-vector quantization-based adaptive predictive image coder
427 -- 431Yuanmei Wang, Xiaodong Zhao. An iterative method for maximum entropy regularization reconstruction in MRI
432 -- 436Tetsuya Yoshinaga. A fast convergence method with simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique for computerized tomography
437 -- 446Mark A. Anastasio, Xiaochuan Pan. Investigation of the noise properties of a new class of reconstruction methods in diffraction tomography

Volume 10, Issue 5

369 -- 378Mauricio Gaona, Walter S. Kuklinski. Genetic adaptive coding optimization applied to fractal image compression
379 -- 384Li Liu, Yuan Mei Wang. A direct reconstruction method with variable constraints
385 -- 396Gian Luca Foresti, Stefania Gentili, Massimo Zampato. Autonomous underwater vehicle guidance by integrating neural networks and geometric reasoning
397 -- 403Max I. Fomitchev, Yuri E. Grigorashvily, Svyatoslav Volkov. Ultrasonic pulse shaping with optimal lag filters
404 -- 409Nikos Papamarkos. Color reduction using local features and a kohonen self-organized feature map neural network
410 -- 414Yuanmei Wang, Linyun Zhao, Zhaotian Zhang. Compton back-scattering imaging

Volume 10, Issue 4

305 -- 317Gian Luca Foresti. Real-time detection of multiple moving objects in complex image sequences
318 -- 322Xin-Lun Zhou, Jian Wei, Feng Li, Peng-Yung Woo. A new algorithm for parallel thinning and its hardware realization
323 -- 327L. R. Sahagun, F. Mendoza-Santoyo, G. Wade, S. Isakson. The pyramidal-mirror detector for scanning laser acoustic microscopy
328 -- 338Jiing-Yih Lai, Ji-Liang Doong, Chia-Yu Yao. Three-dimensional CAD model reconstruction from image data of computer tomography
339 -- 346Jonathan G. Campbell, Chris Fraley, Derek C. Stanford, Fionn Murtagh, Adrian E. Raftery. Model-based methods for textile fault detection
347 -- 354Ching-Lieh Li, Yu-Yi Cheng. Application of the genetic algorithm for microwave imaging of a layered dielectric object via the regular shape expansion technique
355 -- 362Feng Li, Lin Zhang 0006, Wenliang Bao, Peng-Yung Woo. Chinese signature verification: The topological approach and the waveform matching approach
363 -- 367Feng Li, Peng-Yung Woo. Computer recognition of Jia Gu Wen characters

Volume 10, Issue 3

207 -- 208Richard G. S. Spencer. Guest editorial: Advanced signal processing in MRI. Part II
209 -- 215Frank J. Rybicki, S. Patz, M. I. Hrovat, Y. M. Pulyer. Reconstruction algorithm for novel ultrafast magnetic resonance imaging
216 -- 224S. Patz, M. I. Hrovat, Y. M. Pulyer, Frank J. Rybicki. Novel encoding technology for ultrafast MRI in a limited spatial region
225 -- 241Igor Sersa, Slobodan Macura. Excitation of complex profiles by CARVE sequence: Accounting for spectral dispersion and relaxation
242 -- 257M. E. Alexander. Fast hierarchical noniterative registration algorithm
258 -- 265Christopher P. Hess, Zhi-Pei Liang, Paul C. Lauterbur. Maximum cross-entropy generalized series reconstruction
266 -- 272R. Deichmann, Frank Wiesmann, C. Hillenbrand, D. Hahn, Axel Haase. Contrast enhancement and artifact reduction in magnetization-prepared MR angiography
273 -- 286Andrew Simmons, Derek K. Jones, Mark A. Horsfield, Steven C. R. Williams. Application of diffusion tensor MRI to neurological segmentation
287 -- 293Karen M. Gosche, Robert P. Velthuizen, F. Reed Murtagh, John A. Arrington, William W. Gross, James A. Mortimer, Laurence P. Clarke. Automated quantification of brain magnetic resonance image hyperintensities using hybrid clustering and knowledge-based methods
294 -- 303Hale Pinar Zengingonul, Robert V. Mulkern. Measurement and analysis of nonexponential signal decay curves in brain diffusion and muscle relaxation magnetic resonance studies in humans

Volume 10, Issue 2

107 -- 108Richard Spencer. Guest editorial: Advanced signal processing in MRI. Part I
109 -- 114Jan Sijbers, Arnold Jan den Dekker, E. Raman, Dirk Van Dyck. Parameter estimation from magnitude MR images
115 -- 127J. S. Petersson, J.-O. Christoffersson. Multidimensional k-space model for analysis of flow-related phenomena in MR imaging
128 -- 142William S. Kerwin, Jerry L. Prince. Tracking MR tag surfaces using a spatiotemporal filter and interpolator
143 -- 150Lawrence P. Panych, Gary P. Zientara, Ferenc A. Jolesz. MR image encoding by spatially selective rf excitation: An analysis using linear response models
151 -- 165Gary P. Zientara, Lawrence P. Panych, Ferenc A. Jolesz. Near-optimal spatial encoding for dynamically adaptive MRI: Mathematical principles and computational methods
166 -- 176Ewald Moser, Richard Baumgartner, Markus Barth, Christian Windischberger. Explorative signal processing in functional MR imaging
177 -- 185John B. Weaver. Applications of monotonic noise reduction algorithms in fMRI, phase estimation, and contrast enhancement
186 -- 198Scott N. Hwang, Felix W. Wehrli. in vivo
199 -- 206Harald Fischer, Matthias Otte, Claudia Ehritt-Braun, Jörg Laubenberger, Jürgen Hennig. Local elastic matching and pattern recognition in MR mammography

Volume 10, Issue 1

3 -- 19Y.-Kheong Chee. Survey of progressive image transmission methods
20 -- 32Roger J. Clarke. Image and video compression: A survey
33 -- 46Mahmoud R. El-Sakka, Mohamed S. Kamel. Adaptive image compression based on segmentation and block classification
47 -- 53Ashraf A. Kassim, K. S. Chua, F. K. Fong, Surendra Ranganath. DSP-based system for real-time video communications
54 -- 58C. P. Lim, E. A. W. Tan, M. Ghanbari, S. Ghanbari. Cell loss concealment and packetization in packet video
59 -- 66Tsong Wuu Lin. Lossless compression for storing similar binary images
67 -- 75Ramon Llados-Bernaus, Robert L. Stevenson. Edge-assisted upper band coding techniques
76 -- 85Adrian Munteanu, Jan Cornelis, Geert Van Der Auwera, Paul Cristea. Wavelet-based lossless compression scheme with progressive transmission capability
86 -- 95Abedin Vahedian, John F. Arnold, Michael R. Frater, Michael C. Cavenor, Lal C. Godara. Improving videophone subjective quality using audio information
96 -- 106Chris Basoglu, Robert J. Gove, Keiji Kojima, John O'Donnell. Single-chip processor for media applications: the MAP1000™