Journal: IS Management

Volume 23, Issue 4

5 -- 6Carol V. Brown. From the Editor
7 -- 19Sanjay Mahato, Anoop Jain, V. Balasubramanian. Enterprise Systems Consolidation
20 -- 30Mojgan Mohtashami, Thomas Marlowe, Vassilka Kirova, Fadi P. Deek. Risk Management for Collaborative Software Development
31 -- 36Leon A. Kappelman, Robert McKeeman, Lixuan Zhang. Early Warning Signs of it Project Failure: The Dominant Dozen
37 -- 42Bruce D. Russell, Mustafa R. Yilmaz. Using Gap Analysis to Improve System Acceptance
43 -- 49Mary Sumner, Douglas Bock, Gary Giamartino. Exploring the Linkage Between the Characteristics of it Project Leaders and Project Success
50 -- 58J. Kent Crawford. The Project Management Maturity Model
59 -- 66Murali Raman. Wiki Technology as A Free Collaborative Tool within an Organizational Setting
67 -- 77Christoph F. Strnadl. Aligning Business and It: The Process-Driven Architecture Model
78 -- 79William R. King. Developing Global it Capabilities
80 -- 84Paul Gray. Innovating then and Now

Volume 23, Issue 3

5 -- 6Dinesh Batra, Carol V. Brown. From the Editors
7 -- 18Helena Holmström, Brian Fitzgerald, Pär J. Ågerfalk, Eoin Ó Conchúir. Agile Practices Reduce Distance in Global Software Development
19 -- 30Peter Meso, Radhika Jain. Agile Software Development: Adaptive Systems Principles and Best Practices
31 -- 42Vishnu Vinekar, Craig W. Slinkman, Sridhar Nerur. Can Agile and Traditional Systems Development Approaches Coexist? An Ambidextrous View
43 -- 51Keng Siau, Poi-Peng Loo. Identifying Difficulties in Learning Uml
52 -- 61Viswanathan Kodaganallur, Sung Shim. Analysis Patterns: A Taxonomy and its Implications
62 -- 74Michael Lang, Brian Fitzgerald. New Branches, Old Roots: A Study of Methods and Techniques in Web/Hypermedia Systems Design
75 -- 87Christopher M. Cassidy, Bongsug Chae. Consumer Information use and Misuse in Electronic Business: An Alternative to Privacy Regulation
88 -- 101Adriano O. Solis, Karl B. Putnam, Leopoldo A. Gemoets, David Almonte, Tony Huerta Montoya. From Remote Hosting to Self-Hosting of an Erp System: Lessons Learned from the City of El Paso
102 -- 103William R. King. Offshoring Decision Time is at Hand

Volume 23, Issue 2

5 -- 6Dianne Lux Wigand. From the Editors
7 -- 22Wendy L. Currie, Matthew W. Guah. It-Enabled Healthcare Delivery: The U.K. National Health Service
23 -- 32Stephen Smith, Rodger Jamieson. Determining Key Factors in E-Government Information System Security
33 -- 43James P. Hall. A Conceptual Model for Spatially Enabled E-Service Intelligence in State Transportation Development
44 -- 55Marijn Janssen, Jeffrey Gortmaker, René W. Wagenaar. Web Service Orchestration in Public Administration: Challenges, Roles, and Growth Stages
56 -- 75Luis Eduardo Mendoza, María A. Pérez, Anna Grimán. Critical Success Factors for Managing Systems Integration
76 -- 87Kenneth J. Knapp, William R. Boulton. Cyber-Warfare Threatens Corporations: Expansion into Commercial Environments
89 -- 93Paul Gray. Little is New Under the Sun But ...

Volume 23, Issue 1

5 -- 6Carol V. Brown. From the Editors
7 -- 18Hugh J. Watson, Barbara Wixom, Jeffrey A. Hoffer, Ron Anderson-Lehman, Anne Marie Reynolds. Real-Time Business Intelligence: Best Practices at Continental Airlines
19 -- 31Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, Jon Atle Gulla. Model-Based Business Process Mining
32 -- 40Antti Lönnqvist, Virpi Pirttimäki. The Measurement of Business Intelligence
41 -- 48Mark N. Frolick, Thilini Ariyachandra. Business Performance Management: One Truth
49 -- 56Leslie P. Willcocks, David F. Feeny. It Outsourcing and Core is Capabilities: Challenges and Lessons at Dupont
57 -- 67Joon S. Park, Ashutosh Deshpande. Spam Detection: Increasing Accuracy with A Hybrid Solution
68 -- 72Christia Victor, Wen-Jang Jih. Fair or Not? the Taxation of E-Commerce
73 -- 87Dwight A. Haworth, Leah Rose Pietron. Sarbanes-Oxley: Achieving Compliance by Starting with ISO 17799
88 -- 89William R. King. Maybe A Knowledge Culture Isn t Always so Important after All!
90 -- 93Paul Gray. Past, Present, and Future