Journal: Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Volume 39, Issue 3

249 -- 251James J. Cimino, Barry Smith. Introduction: International Medical Informatics Association Working Group 6 and the 2005 Rome Conference
252 -- 266Alexander C. Yu. Methods in biomedical ontology
267 -- 273Alexa T. McCray. Conceptualizing the world: Lessons from history
274 -- 287Ingvar Johansson. Bioinformatics and biological reality
288 -- 298Barry Smith. From concepts to clinical reality: An essay on the benchmarking of biomedical terminologies
299 -- 306James J. Cimino. In defense of the Desiderata
307 -- 313Anita Burgun. Desiderata for domain reference ontologies in biomedicine
314 -- 320Judith A. Blake, Carol J. Bult. Beyond the data deluge: Data integration and bio-ontologies
321 -- 332Christiane Fellbaum, Udo Hahn, Barry Smith. Towards new information resources for public health - From WordNet to MedicalWordNet
333 -- 349Alan L. Rector, Jeremy Rogers, Thomas Bittner. Granularity, scale and collectivity: When size does and does not matter
350 -- 361Stefan Schulz, Anand Kumar, Thomas Bittner. Biomedical ontologies: What ::::part-of:::: is and isn t
362 -- 378Werner Ceusters, Barry Smith. Strategies for referent tracking in electronic health records

Volume 39, Issue 2

103 -- 114Rita Noumeir. Radiology interpretation process modeling
115 -- 125Xiaobo Zhou, Xinhua Cao, Zach Perlman, Stephen T. C. Wong. A computerized cellular imaging system for high content analysis in Monastrol suppressor screens
126 -- 146Changwon Yoo, Gregory F. Cooper, Martin Schmidt. A control study to evaluate a computer-based microarray experiment design recommendation system for gene-regulation pathways discovery
147 -- 159Ming Chen, Ralf Hofestädt. A medical bioinformatics approach for metabolic disorders: Biomedical data prediction, modeling, and systematic analysis
160 -- 170Maged N. Kamel Boulos, Qiang Cai, Julian A. Padget, Gerard Rushton. Using software agents to preserve individual health data confidentiality in micro-scale geographical analyses
171 -- 183Christian Baumgartner, Gábor Mátyás, Beat Steinmann, Martin Eberle, Jörg I. Stein, Daniela Baumgartner. A bioinformatics framework for genotype-phenotype correlation in humans with Marfan syndrome caused by ::::FBN1:::: gene mutations
184 -- 195Mor Peleg, Lily A. Gutnik, Vincenza Snow, Vimla L. Patel. Interpreting procedures from descriptive guidelines
196 -- 208Wendy Webber Chapman, John N. Dowling. Inductive creation of an annotation schema for manually indexing clinical conditions from emergency department reports
209 -- 226Yugyung Lee, James Geller. Semantic enrichment for medical ontologies
227 -- 248Hyunjin Shin, Mia K. Markey. A machine learning perspective on the development of clinical decision support systems utilizing mass spectra of blood samples

Volume 39, Issue 1

1 -- 2Randolph A. Miller, Arie Hasman, Charles Safran, Reinhold Haux, Alexa T. McCray, Torgny Groth, Edward H. Shortliffe. On exemplary scientific conduct regarding submission of manuscripts to biomedical informatics journals
3 -- 5Indra Neil Sarkar. Phylogenetics in the modern era
6 -- 17Robert DeSalle. What s in a character?
18 -- 33Aloysius J. Phillips. Homology assessment and molecular sequence alignment
34 -- 42John J. Wiens. Missing data and the design of phylogenetic analyses
43 -- 50Griffin Weber, Lucila Ohno-Machado, Stuart M. Shieber. Representation in stochastic search for phylogenetic tree reconstruction
51 -- 61Carolin Kosiol, Lee Bofkin, Simon Whelan. Phylogenetics by likelihood: Evolutionary modeling as a tool for understanding the genome
62 -- 71Michael A. Charleston, Susan L. Perkins. Traversing the tangle: Algorithms and applications for cophylogenetic studies
72 -- 85Mary G. Egan. Support versus corroboration
86 -- 102Paul J. Planet. Tree disagreement: Measuring and testing incongruence in phylogenies