Journal: J. Integrative Bioinformatics

Volume 10, Issue 3

0 -- 0Carlos A. C. Bastos, Vera Afreixo, Sara P. Garcia, Armando J. Pinho. Inter-STOP symbol distances for the identification of coding regions
0 -- 0José A. Castellanos-Garzon, Fernando Diaz. An Evolutionary and Visual Framework for Clustering of DNA Microarray Data
0 -- 0Tiago Resende, Daniela M. Correia, Miguel Rocha, Isabel Rocha. Re-annotation of the genome sequence of Helicobacter pylori 26695
0 -- 0Jiri Novák, Timo Sachsenberg, David Hoksza, Tomás Skopal, Oliver Kohlbacher. On Comparison of SimTandem with State-of-the-Art Peptide Identification Tools, Efficiency of Precursor Mass Filter and Dealing with Variable Modifications
0 -- 0Tiago Loureiro, Rui Camacho, Jorge Vieira, Nuno A. Fonseca. Improving the performance of Transposable Elements detection tools
0 -- 0José Ignacio Requeno, José Manuel Colom. Model checking software for phylogenetic trees using distribution and database methods

Volume 10, Issue 2

0 -- 0Till Schneider, Anne-Christin Hauschild, Jörg Ingo Baumbach, Jan Baumbach. An Integrative Clinical Database and Diagnostics Platform for Biomarker Identification and Analysis in Ion Mobility Spectra of Human Exhaled Air
0 -- 0Peter Petrov, Milko Krachunov, Dimitar Vassilev. A Semi-Automated Approach for Anatomical Ontology Mapping
0 -- 0Goksel Misirli, Anil Wipat, Joseph Mullen, Katherine James, Matthew R. Pocock, Wendy Smith, Nick Allenby, Jennifer Hallinan. BacillOndex: An Integrated Data Resource for Systems and Synthetic Biology
0 -- 0Sohei Ito, Takuma Ichinose, Masaya Shimakawa, Naoko Izumi, Shigeki Hagihara, Naoki Yonezaki. Modular analysis of gene networks by linear temporal logic
0 -- 0Lei Shi, Lenneke Jong, Ulrike Wittig, Philippe Lucarelli, Markus Stepath, Stephanie Müller, Lorenza Alice D'Alessandro, Ursula Klingmüller, Wolfgang Müller 0001. Excemplify: A Flexible Template Based Solution, Parsing and Managing Data in Spreadsheets for Experimentalists
0 -- 0Cassidy Kelly, Hui Yang. A System for Extracting Study Design Parameters from Nutritional Genomics Abstracts
0 -- 0Jose C. Nacher. Community structure of non-coding RNA interaction network
0 -- 0Muserref Duygu Saçar, Hamid Hamzeiy, Jens Allmer. Can MiRBase Provide Positive Data for Machine Learning for the Detection of MiRNA Hairpins?
0 -- 0Lili Liu, Qian Mei, Zhenning Yu, Tianhao Sun, Zijun Zhang, Ming Chen. An Integrative Bioinformatics Framework for Genome-scale Multiple Level Network Reconstruction of Rice
0 -- 0María del Carmen Pérez, Alejandro López, Pablo Padilla. Space-time dynamics of Stem Cell Niches: a unified approach for Plants

Volume 10, Issue 1

0 -- 0Brian Godsey. Discovery of miR-mRNA interactions via simultaneous Bayesian inference of gene networks and clusters using sequence-based predictions and expression data
0 -- 0Ralf Hofestädt, Benjamin Kormeier, Matthias Lange, Falk Schreiber, Björn Sommer, Stephan Weise. Editorial
0 -- 0Mingming Liu, Vanessa King, Wei Keat Lim. Assembling cell context-specific gene sets: a case in cardiomyopathy
0 -- 0Maura Cárdenas-García, Pedro Pablo González Pérez. Applying the Tuple Space-Based Approach to the Simulation of the Caspases, an Essential Signalling Pathway
0 -- 0Hee Shin Kim, Jay E. Mittenthal, Gustavo Caetano-Anollés. Widespread Recruitment of Ancient Domain Structures in Modern Enzymes during Metabolic Evolution