Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 14, Issue 4

197 -- 208Cornelie J. G. van Driel, Bart van Arem. The Impact of a Congestion Assistant on Traffic Flow Efficiency and Safety in Congested Traffic Caused by a Lane Drop
209 -- 219Chanyoung Lee, Bin Ran, Fan Yang, Wei-Yin Loh. A Hybrid Tree Approach to Modeling Alternate Route Choice Behavior With Online Information
220 -- 231Ruey Long Cheu, Hao Lei, Raed Aldouri. Optimal Assignment of Emergency Response Service Units With Time-Dependent Service Demand and Travel Time
232 -- 250Hesham Rakha, Ihab El-Shawarby, Mazen Arafeh. Trip Travel-Time Reliability: Issues and Proposed Solutions

Volume 14, Issue 3

125 -- 128André de Palma, Nathalie Picard. Editorial: Transport, Risk, and Individual Choices
129 -- 139Stef Proost, Saskia van der Loo. Transport Infrastructure Investment and Demand Uncertainty
140 -- 153Laurent Denant-Boèmont, Sabrina Hammiche. Flexibility of Transport Choice in a Real-Option Setting: An Experimental Case Study
154 -- 165Caspar G. Chorus, Joan L. Walker, Moshe E. Ben-Akiva. The Value of Travel Information: A Search-Theoretic Approach
166 -- 178Matthieu de Lapparent. Attitude Toward Risk of Time Loss in Travel Activity and Air Route Choices
179 -- 187Nebiyou Tilahun, David Levinson. A Moment of Time: Reliability in Route Choice Using Stated Preference
188 -- 196Yanyan Chen, Michael G. H. Bell, Klaus Bogenberger. Risk-Averse Autonomous Route Guidance by a Constrained A* Search

Volume 14, Issue 2

51 -- 53Mashrur Chowdhury. 15th Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress
54 -- 67Xuegang Ban, Yuwei Li, Alexander Skabardonis, Jean-Davi Margulici. Performance Evaluation of Travel-Time Estimation Methods for Real-Time Traffic Applications
68 -- 82Kamonthep Tuerprasert, Chaodit Aswakul. Multiclass Cell Transmission Model for Heterogeneous Mobility in General Topology of Road Network
83 -- 94Hema Tanikella, Brian L. Smith. An Investigation of the Application of Stratified Sampling in Probe-Based Traffic-Monitoring Systems
95 -- 108Xing Zheng, Will Recker, Lianyu Chu. Optimization of Control Parameters for Adaptive Traffic-Actuated Signal Control
109 -- 124Cameron Kergaye, Aleksandar Stevanovic, Peter T. Martin. Comparative Evaluation of Adaptive Traffic Control System Assessments Through Field and Microsimulation

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 2Mohammed A. Quddus, Washington Yotto Ochieng, Hongchao Liu. EDITORIAL: Special Issue: Intelligent Vehicle Navigation (Part 2)
3 -- 12Cindy Cappelle, Maan El Badaoui El Najjar, Denis Pomorski, François Charpillet. Intelligent Geolocalization in Urban Areas Using Global Positioning Systems, Three-Dimensional Geographic Information Systems, and Vision
13 -- 26Kyoung-Ho Choi, Soon-Young Park, Seong-Hoon Kim, Kisung Lee, Jeong-Ho Park, Seong Ik Cho, Jong Hyun Park. Methods to Detect Road Features for Video-Based In-Vehicle Navigation Systems
27 -- 36Hao Xu, Hongchao Liu, Chin-Woo Tan, Yuanlu Bao. Development and Application of an Enhanced Kalman Filter and Global Positioning System Error-Correction Approach for Improved Map-Matching
37 -- 50Weihua Zhu, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, Matthew J. Barth. Defining a Freeway Mobility Index for Roadway Navigation