Journal: J. UCS

Volume 16, Issue 9

1138 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
1139 -- 1151Peter Danner, Daniel M. Hein. A Trusted Computing Identity Collation Protocol to Simplify Deployment of New Disaster Response Devices
1152 -- 1175James Decraene, Thomas Hinze. A Multidisciplinary Survey of Computational Techniques for the Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Biochemical Networks
1176 -- 1189Jens Hellmers, Thomas Wriedt. Classification of Software for the Simulation of Light Scattering and Realization within an Internet Information Portal
1190 -- 1214Matjaz Jursic, Igor Mozetic, Tomaz Erjavec, Nada Lavrac. LemmaGen: Multilingual Lemmatisation with Induced Ripple-Down Rules
1215 -- 1233Sajjad Ahmad Madani, Daniel Weber, Stefan Mahlknecht. Position-based Routing Protocol for Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks
1234 -- 1266Andrés Muñoz Ortega, Jose M. Alcaraz Calero, Juan A. Botía Blaya, Gregorio Martínez Pérez, Félix J. García Clemente. Knowledge Authoring with ORE: Testing, Debugging and Validating Knowledge Rules in a Semantic Web Framework

Volume 16, Issue 8

1055 -- 0Luis E. Anido-Rifón, Flavio Corradini. Methodologies, Technologies and Tools Enabling e-Government
1056 -- 1074Manuel J. Fernández Iglesias, Luis Álvarez Sabucedo. From Analog to Digital Television; Strategies to Promote Rapid Adaptation and Awareness
1075 -- 1088Jeroen Stragier, Pieter Verdegem, Gino Verleye. How is e-Government Progressing? A Data Driven Approach to E-government Monitoring
1117 -- 1137Luis Álvarez Sabucedo, Luis E. Anido-Rifón. Locating and Crawling eGovernment Services A Light-weight Semantic Approach

Volume 16, Issue 7

1004 -- 1005Jason J. Jung. Collective Intelligence with Visualization and Multimedia
1006 -- 1023Grzegorz J. Nalepa. Collective Knowledge Engineering with Semantic Wikis
1024 -- 1035Dosam Hwang, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Jason J. Jung, Abolghasem Sadeghi-Niaraki, Kwang-Hyun Baek, Youngshin Han. A Semantic Wiki Framework for Reconciling Conflict Collaborations Based on Selecting Consensus Choice
1036 -- 1054Monika Lanzenberger, Jennifer Sampson, Markus Rester. Ontology Visualization: Tools and Techniques for Visual Representation of Semi-Structured Meta-Data

Volume 16, Issue 6

889 -- 890Osvaldo Gervasi, K. Tan, Marina L. Gavrilova, David Taniar. Computational Science and its Applications
891 -- 902Wensheng Shen, Changjiang Zhang, Jun Zhang, Xiaoqian Ma. Newton Method for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems with Adaptive Time Stepping
903 -- 920Lucas D. Terissi, Juan Carlos Gomez. 3D Head Pose and Facial Expression Tracking using a Single Camera
921 -- 937Ahmed Ali, Kenji Terada. A General Framework for Multi-Human Tracking using Kalman Filter and Fast Mean Shift Algorithms
938 -- 955Gamgarn Somprasertsri, Pattarachai Lalitrojwong. Mining Feature-Opinion in Online Customer Reviews for Opinion Summarization
956 -- 982Behrang Zadjabbari, Pornpit Wongthongtham, Farookh Khadeer Hussain. Ontology based Approach in Knowledge Sharing Measurement
983 -- 1003Maytham Safar, Nosayba El-Sayed, Khaled Mahdi, David Taniar. Entropy Optimization of Social Networks Using an Evolutionary Algorithm

Volume 16, Issue 5

577 -- 585Helmut Jürgensen, Hermann A. Maurer, Arto Salomaa, Sheng Yu. Seventy Years Derick Wood
586 -- 603Jürgen Albert, German Tischler. On Succinct Representations of Textured Surfaces by Weighted Finite Automata
604 -- 621Johannes Aßfalg, Jing Gong, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Alexey Pryakhin, Tiandi Wei, Arthur Zimek. Investigating a Correlation between Subcellular Localization and Fold of Proteins
622 -- 652Vladimir Estivill-Castro, Apichat Heednacram, Francis Suraweera. NP-completeness and FPT Results for Rectilinear Covering Problems
653 -- 675Mark Daley, Michael Domaratzki, Kai Salomaa. Orthogonal Concatenation: Language Equations and State Complexity
676 -- 685Rudolf Fleischer, Tom Kamphans, Rolf Klein, Elmar Langetepe, Gerhard Trippen. The Tourist in the Shopping Arcade
686 -- 714Philip Ginzboorg, Valtteri Niemi. Reachability in Restricted Walk on Integers
715 -- 728Yo-Sub Han. On the Linear Number of Matching Substrings
729 -- 748Michael Johnson, Robert D. Rosebrugh, Richard Wood. Algebras and Update Strategies
749 -- 794Helmut Jürgensen, David E. Matthews 0002. Entropy and Higher Moments of Information
795 -- 799Klaus-Jörn Lange. A Note on the P-completeness of Deterministic One-way Stack Language
800 -- 820Lei Li, Vijay K. Vaishnavi, Art Vandenberg. SOM Clustering to Promote Interoperability of Directory Metadata: A Grid-Enabled Genetic Algorithm Approach
821 -- 832Arto Salomaa. Ordered Catenation Closures and Decompositions of Languages Related to a Language of Derick Wood
833 -- 851Panu Silvasti, Seppo Sippu, Eljas Soisalon-Soininen. Evaluating Linear XPath Expressions by Pattern-Matching Automata
852 -- 861Jessie Wenhui Zou, Xiaotie Deng, Ming Li. Detecting Market Trends by Ignoring It, Some Days
862 -- 888Helmut Jürgensen. Derick Wood s Publications

Volume 16, Issue 4

506 -- 0Peter Lipp. Trusted Computing
507 -- 518Kurt Dietrich. On Reliable Platform Configuration Change Reporting Mechanisms for Trusted Computing Enabled Platforms
519 -- 529Kurt Dietrich, Franz Röck. Performance Optimizations for DAA Signatures on Java enabled Platforms
531 -- 542Martin Pirker, Ronald Toegl. Towards a Virtual Trusted Platform
543 -- 553Armand Puccetti. Static Analysis of the XEN Kernel using Frama-C
554 -- 576Chun Hui Suen. VIMM: Runtime Integrity Measurement of a Virtualized Operating System

Volume 16, Issue 3

340 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
341 -- 371Susana Alcalde Bagüés, Andreas Zeidler, Ignacio R. Matias, Cornel Klein, Carlos Fernandez Valdivielso. Enabling Personal Privacy for Pervasive Computing Environments
372 -- 401Eduardo Camponogara, Ricardo Boveto Shima. Mobile Agent Routing with Time Constraints: A Resource Constrained Longest-Path Approach
402 -- 423Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi, Paul H. Lewis. Block-based Against Segmentation-based Texture Image Retrieval
424 -- 478Brian Henderson-Sellers, Jolita Ralyté. Situational Method Engineering: State-of-the-Art Review
479 -- 505Gerardo Matturro, Andrés Silva. A Model for Capturing and Managing Software Engineering Knowledge and Experience

Volume 16, Issue 21

3163 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
3164 -- 3190Raju Halder, Shantanu Pal, Agostino Cortesi. Watermarking Techniques for Relational Databases: Survey, Classification and Comparison
3191 -- 3209José Janssen, Adriana J. Berlanga, Stef Heyenrath, Harry Martens, Hubert Vogten, Anton Finders, Eelco Herder, Henry Hermans, Javier Melero Gallardo, Leon Schaeps, Rob Koper. Assessing the Learning Path Specification: a Pragmatic Quality Approach
3210 -- 3244Luis Reynoso, Marcela Genero, Mario Piattini. Refinement and Extension of SMDM, a Method for Defining Valid Measures
3245 -- 3277Joõo Luis Garcia Rosa, Juan Manuel Adán Coello. Biologically Plausible Connectionist Prediction of Natural Language Thematic Relations
3278 -- 3298Lidia Rovan, Tomislav Jagust, Mirta Baranovic. Integrating Personal Web Data through Semantically Enhanced Web Portal
3299 -- 3313Khaled Salah, Mohamed Hamawi. Impact of CPU-bound Processes on IP Forwarding of Linux and Windows XP
3314 -- 3323Gerhard Wurzinger. Information Consolidation in Large Bodies of Information

Volume 16, Issue 20

2902 -- 2903Markus Kirchberg, Klaus-Dieter Schewe. Evolving Theories of Conceptual Modelling
2904 -- 2933Alessander Botti Benevides, Giancarlo Guizzardi, Bernardo Ferreira Bastos Braga, João Paulo A. Almeida. Validating Modal Aspects of OntoUML Conceptual Models Using Automatically Generated Visual World Structures
2934 -- 2955Flavio Antonio Ferrarotti, Alejandra Lorena Paoletti, Jose Maria Turull Torres. Redundant Relations in Relational Databases: A Model Theoretic Perspective
2956 -- 2985Stephen J. Hegner. Internal Representation of Database Views
2986 -- 3015Hui Ma. A Geometrically Enhanced Conceptual Model and Query Language
3016 -- 3042Alexandre Rademaker, Edward Hermann Haeusler. Providing a Proof-Theoretical Basis for Explanation: A Case Study on UML and ::::ALCQI:::: Reasoning
3043 -- 3072Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Qing Wang. XML Database Transformations
3073 -- 3101James F. Terwilliger, Rafael Fernández-Moctezuma, Lois M. L. Delcambre, David Maier. Support for Schema Evolution in Data Stream Management Systems
3102 -- 3137Bernhard Thalheim. Towards a Theory of Conceptual Modelling
3138 -- 3162Antonio Villegas, Antoni Olivé. Extending the Methods for Computing the Importance of Entity Types in Large Conceptual Schemas

Volume 16, Issue 2

218 -- 220António Menezes Leitão. Lisp: Research and Experience
221 -- 245Charlotte Herzeel, Pascal Costanza, Theo D Hondt. An Extensible Interpreter Framework for Software Transactional Memory
246 -- 270Didier Verna. Revisiting the Visitor: the Just Do It Pattern
271 -- 295Pascal Costanza, Theo D Hondt. Embedding Hygiene-Compatible Macros in an Unhygienic Macro System
296 -- 314Kurt Nørmark. Systematic Unit Testing in a Read-eval-print Loop
315 -- 339Christophe Rhodes. Using Lisp Implementation Internals Unportable but Fun

Volume 16, Issue 19

2754 -- 2755Alexandra I. Cristea, Rosa M. Carro, Craig D. Stewart. Advances in Authoring of Adaptive Web-based Systems
2756 -- 2779Joshua Scotton, Sabine Moebs, Jennifer McManis, Alexandra I. Cristea. Merging Strategies for Authoring QoE-based Adaptive Hypermedia
2780 -- 2800Conor Gaffney, Declan Dagger, Vincent Wade. Authoring and Delivering Personalised Simulations - an Innovative Approach to Adaptive eLearning for Soft Skills
2801 -- 2820Sergio Gutiérrez Santos, Jaime Mayor-Berzal, M. Carmen Fernández Panadero, Carlos Delgado Kloos. Authoring of Probabilistic Sequencing in Adaptive Hypermedia with Bayesian Networks
2821 -- 2840Roberto Perez-Rodriguez, Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez, Luis E. Anido-Rifón, Martín Llamas Nistal. Execution Model and Authoring Middleware Enabling Dynamic Adaptation in Educational Scenarios Scripted with PoEML
2841 -- 2861Panayiotis Kyriakou, Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis, John D. Garofalakis. A Tool for Managing Domain Knowledge and Helping Tutors in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
2862 -- 2881Mark Melia, Claus Pahl. Model-driven Transformation and Validation of Adaptive Educational Hypermedia using CAVIAr
2882 -- 2901Pedro Paredes, Alvaro Ortigosa, Pilar Rodríguez. A Method for Supporting Heterogeneous-Group Formation through Heuristics and Visualization

Volume 16, Issue 18

2495 -- 0Andrej Bauer, Peter Hertling, Ker-I Ko. Computability and Complexity in Analysis
2496 -- 2522Andrej Bauer, Jens Blanck. Canonical Effective Subalgebras of Classical Algebras as Constructive Metric Completions
2523 -- 2534Josef Berger, Douglas S. Bridges. A Constructive Study of Landau s Summability Theorem
2535 -- 2555Ulrich Berger. Realisability for Induction and Coinduction with Applications to Constructive Analysis
2556 -- 2562Hannes Diener, Peter Schuster. On Choice Principles and Fan Theorems
2563 -- 2568Christine Gaßner. The Separation of Relativized Versions of P and DNP for the Ring of the Reals
2569 -- 2596Zvonko Iljazovic. Isometries and Computability Structures
2597 -- 2628Michal Konecný, Amin Farjudian. Semantics of Query-Driven Communication of Exact Values
2629 -- 2656Michal Konecný, Amin Farjudian. Compositional Semantics of Dataflow Networks with Query-Driven Communication of Exact Values
2657 -- 2685Vladik Kreinovich, Bartlomiej Jacek Kubica. From Computing Sets of Optima, Pareto Sets, and Sets of Nash Equilibria to General Decision-Related Set Computations
2711 -- 2732Matthias Schröder. A Note on Closed Subsets in Quasi-zero-dimensional Qcb-spaces
2733 -- 2753Klaus Weihrauch. Computable Separation in Topology, from ::::T::::::0:: to ::::T::::::2::

Volume 16, Issue 17

2291 -- 2292Dae-Kyoo Kim, Juan Trujillo. Foundations and Practices of Unified Modeling Language
2293 -- 2312Duc-Hanh Dang, Anh-Hoang Truong, Martin Gogolla. Checking the Conformance between Models Based on Scenario Synchronization
2313 -- 2332Miguel A. Laguna, José M. Marqués. UML Support for Designing Software Product Lines: The Package Merge Mechanism
2333 -- 2352David G. Rosado, Eduardo Fernández-Medina, Javier López, Mario Piattini. Developing a Secure Mobile Grid System through a UML Extension
2353 -- 2373Giovanni Giachetti, Manuela Albert, Beatriz Marín, Oscar Pastor. Linking UML and MDD through UML Profiles: a Practical Approach based on the UML Association
2374 -- 2393Edson Alves de Oliveira Junior, Itana Maria de Souza Gimenes, José Carlos Maldonado. Systematic Management of Variability in UML-based Software Product Lines
2394 -- 2414Namyoun Choi, Il-Yeol Song, Yuan An. Developing and Analyzing the MP (Materialization Pattern) Model for Math Educational Standards
2415 -- 2434Jin Hyun Kim, Jin-Young Choi, Inhye Kang, Insup Lee. UML Behavior Models of Real-Time Embedded Software for Model-Driven Architecture
2435 -- 2454Wuliang Sun, Eunjee Song, Paul C. Grabow, Devon M. Simmonds. Toward an Integrated Tool Environment for Static Analysis of UML Class and Sequence Models
2455 -- 2474Lunjin Lu, Dae-Kyoo Kim, Yuanlin Zhu, Sangsig Kim. Verification of Structural Pattern Conformance Using Logic Programming
2475 -- 2494José Alfonso Aguilar, Irene Garrigós, Jose-Norberto Mazón, Juan Trujillo. An MDA Approach for Goal-oriented Requirement Analysis in Web Engineering

Volume 16, Issue 16

2175 -- 2178Katrien Verbert, Erik Duval, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt, Denienis Gillet. enisontext-aware Recommender Systems
2179 -- 2195Sandy El Helou, Christophe Salzmann, Denis Gillet. The 3A Personalized, Contextual and Relation-based Recommender System
2196 -- 2213Rafael Schirru, Stephan Baumann, Martin Memmel, Andreas Dengel. Extraction of Contextualized User Interest Profiles in Social Sharing Platforms
2214 -- 2231Hermann Stern, Rene Kaiser, Philip Hofmair, Peter Kraker, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt. Content Recommendation in APOSDLE using the Associative Network
2232 -- 2251Jinhyuk Choi, Geehyuk Lee, Junghoon Moon. Web Context Classification Based on Information Quality Factors
2252 -- 2271Valentin Butoianu, Philippe Vidal, Katrien Verbert, Erik Duval, Julien Broisin. User Context and Personalized Learning: a Federation of Contextualized Attention Metadata
2272 -- 2290Katja Niemann, Maren Scheffel, Martin Friedrich, Uwe Kirschenmann, Hans-Christian Schmitz, Martin Wolpers. Usage-based Object Similarity

Volume 16, Issue 15

1927 -- 1928María Dolores Lozano, José A. Gallud, Philippe A. Palanque. Mobile Context-Aware Applications for Ubiquitous Computing
1929 -- 1952Ichiro Satoh. Mobile Agent-based Context-aware Services
1953 -- 1972Yung Bok Kim. Real-time Analysis of Time-based Usability and Accessibility for Human Mobile-Web Interactions in the Ubiquitous Internet
1973 -- 1991Carlos Baladrón Zorita, Alejandro Cadenas, Javier Aguiar, Belén Carro, Antonio Sánchez-Esguevillas. Multi-Level Context Management and Inference Framework for Smart Telecommunication Services
1992 -- 2018Kris McGlinn, Eleanor O Neill, Alan Gibney, Declan O Sullivan, Dave Lewis. SimCon: A Tool to Support Rapid Evaluation of Smart Building Application Design using Context Simulation and Virtual Reality
2019 -- 2037Giuseppe Ghiani, Fabio Paternò. Supporting Mobile Users in Selecting Target Devices
2038 -- 2059Marino Linaje Trigueros, Juan Carlos Preciado, Fernando Sánchez-Figueroa. Multi-Device Context-Aware RIAs Using a Model-Driven Approach
2060 -- 2080Sina Zulkernain, Praveen Madiraju, Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed. A Mobile Intelligent Interruption Management System
2081 -- 2098Juan Miguel López, Montserrat Sendín. Multi-Purpose Infrastructure for Delivering and Supporting Mobile Context-Aware Applications
2099 -- 2110Jason J. Jung. Integrating Social Networks for Context Fusion in Mobile Service Platforms
2111 -- 2138Ricardo Tesoriero, José A. Gallud, María Dolores Lozano, Victor M. Ruiz Penichet. CAUCE: Model-driven Development of Context-aware Applications for Ubiquitous Computing Environments
2139 -- 2174Youna Jung, Minsoo Kim. Situation-Aware Community Computing Model for Developing Dynamic Ubiquitous Computing Systems

Volume 16, Issue 14

1825 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
1826 -- 1852Václav Dvorák, Petr Mikusek. Design of Arbiters and Allocators Based on Multi-Terminal BDDs
1853 -- 1881Dong-Won Kim, Jingtao Yao. A Treasure Hunt Model for Inquiry-Based Learning in the Development of a Web-based Learning Support System
1882 -- 1901Pablo Rabanal, Ismael Rodríguez, Fernando Rubio. Applying RFD to Construct Optimal Quality-Investment Trees
1902 -- 1911Esko Ukkonen. Geometric Point Pattern Matching in the Knuth-Morris-Pratt Way
1912 -- 1926Ming Xu, Chuandong Mu, Zhenbing Zeng, Zhi-Bin Li. A Heuristic Approach to Positive Root Isolation for Multiple Power Sums

Volume 16, Issue 13

1666 -- 1667Jason J. Jung, Chulmo Koo. Recent Trends in Service Science
1668 -- 1693Olha Danylevych, Dimka Karastoyanova, Frank Leymann. Service Networks Modelling: An SOA & BPM Standpoint
1694 -- 1719Carlos Pedrinaci, John Domingue. Toward the Next Wave of Services: Linked Services for the Web of Data
1720 -- 1744Lei Li, Yan Wang, Ee-Peng Lim. Trust-Oriented Composite Service Selection with QoS Constraints
1745 -- 1760Jason J. Jung. On Sustainability of Context-Aware Services Among Heterogeneous Smart Spaces
1761 -- 1775Kichan Nam, Nam Hee Lee. Typology of Service Innovation from Service-Dominant Logic Perspective
1776 -- 1800Heiko Thimm, Karsten Boye Rasmussen. Information Support Services for Intermediation Tasks of Collaborative Networks
1801 -- 1824Chulmo Koo, Yulia Wati. Toward an Understanding of the Mediating Role of Trust in Mobile Banking Service: An Empirical Test of Indonesia Case

Volume 16, Issue 12

1478 -- 1479José Bravo, Diego López-de-Ipiña. Ambient Intelligence Vision: A Perspective
1480 -- 1499Rui José, Helena Rodrigues, Nuno Otero. Ambient Intelligence: Beyond the Inspiring Vision
1500 -- 1520Juan-Pablo García-Vázquez, Marcela D. Rodríguez, Monica Tentori, Diana Saldaña-Jimenez, Ángel G. Andrade, Adán-Noé Espinoza. An Agent-based Architecture for Developing Activity-Aware Systems for Assisting Elderly
1521 -- 1538Diego López-de-Ipiña, Ignacio Díaz-de-Sarralde, Javier García Zubía. An Ambient Assisted Living Platform Integrating RFID Data-on-Tag Care Annotations and Twitter
1539 -- 1555Ramón Hervás, José Bravo, Jesús Fontecha. A Context Model based on Ontological Languages: a Proposal for Information Visualization
1556 -- 1576Roc Messeguer, Leandro Navarro, Pedro Damián-Reyes, Jesús Favela. Context Awareness for Collaborative Learning with Uncertainty Management
1577 -- 1591Gabriel Chavira, José Bravo, Salvador Wilfrido Nava Díaz, Julio C. Rolon. PICTAC: A Model for Perceiving Touch Interaction through Tagging Context
1592 -- 1611Lidia Fuentes, Nadia Gámez. Configuration Process of a Software Product Line for AmI Middleware
1612 -- 1632Luis A. Guerrero, Hector Horta, Sergio F. Ochoa. Developing Augmented Objects: A Process Perspective
1633 -- 1649Manuel García-Herranz, Pablo A. Haya, Xavier Alamán. Towards a Ubiquitous End-User Programming System for Smart Spaces
1650 -- 1665Yang Cai. Mobile Intelligence

Volume 16, Issue 11

1388 -- 1389Hans W. Guesgen, Mehul Bhatt. Advances in Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
1390 -- 1409Marco Falda. Spatial Reasoning with Integrated Qualitative-Metric Fuzzy Constraint Networks
1410 -- 1424Lledó Museros Cabedo, Luis González Abril, Francisco Velasco, Zoe Falomir. A Pragmatic Qualitative Approach for Juxtaposing Shapes
1425 -- 1438André Trudel. Finding a Consistent Scenario to an Interval Algebra Network Containing Possibly Infinite Intervals
1439 -- 1451Dragan Doder, Zoran Ognjanovic, Zoran Markovic. An Axiomatization of a First-order Branching Time Temporal Logic
1452 -- 1477Géraldine Del Mondo, John G. Stell, Christophe Claramunt, Rémy Thibaud. A Graph Model for Spatio-temporal Evolution

Volume 16, Issue 10

1267 -- 1268Sajid Hussain, Geyong Min, Jianhua Ma, Jong Hyuk Park. Multimedia Services and Applications
1269 -- 1290Karsten Scheibe, Fay Huang, Reinhard Klette. Pose Estimation of Rotating Sensors in the Context of Accurate 3D Scene Modeling
1291 -- 1310Zhiwen Yu, Changde Li, Xingshe Zhou, Haipeng Wang. A Service-Oriented Platform for Ubiquitous Personalized Multimedia Provisioning
1311 -- 1326Frode Eika Sandnes, Yo-Ping Huang, Yueh-Min Huang. Near Eyes-Free Chauffeur Computer Interaction with Chording and Visual Text Mnemonics
1327 -- 1343Wei-Ming Chen, Chi-Hsiang Lo, Han-Chieh Chao, Chun-Cheng Chang. Gabor Filter Aided 3D Ultra-Sonography Diagnosis System with WLAN Transmission Consideration
1343 -- 1367Lei Shu, Manfred Hauswirth, Yan Zhang, Jianhua Ma, Geyong Min, Yu Wang. Cross Layer Optimization for Data Gathering in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks within Expected Network Lifetime
1368 -- 1387Farag Azzedin. Classifying and Tracking Free Riders in Multimedia-Based Systems

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 2Luis Martínez, Jun Liu, Yang Xu. Information Fusion and Logic-based Reasoning Approaches for Decision Making under Uncertainty
3 -- 19Yang Xu, Jun Liu, Luis Martínez, Da Ruan. Some Views on Information Fusion and Logic Based Approaches in Decision Making under Uncertainty
22 -- 36Alberto Salguero, Francisco Araque. Integration of Similar Evolving Data Sources for Supporting Decision Making Tasks
37 -- 61Mourad Oussalah, Zahir Messaoudi, Abdelaziz Ouldali. Track-To-Track Measurement Fusion Architectures and Correlation Analysis
62 -- 81Francisco Javier Cabrerizo, Ruben Heradio, Ignacio Javier Pérez, Enrique Herrera-Viedma. A Selection Process Based on Additive Consistency to Deal with Incomplete Fuzzy Linguistic Information
82 -- 102Cengiz Kahraman, Selcuk Cebi, Ihsan Kaya. Selection among Renewable Energy Alternatives Using Fuzzy Axiomatic Design: The Case of Turkey
103 -- 120Da Ruan, Jie Lu, Erik Laes, Guangquan Zhang, Jun Ma, Gaston Meskens. Multi-criteria Group Decision Support with Linguistic Variables in Long-term Scenarios for Belgian Energy Policy
121 -- 139Özgür Kabak, Füsun Ülengin. A Demand Forecasting Methodology for Fuzzy Environments
140 -- 158Zhang Mingyi, Danning Li, Zhang Ying. An Approach to Generation of Decision Rules
159 -- 177Li Yang, Yang Xu. Decision Making with Uncertainty Information Based on Lattice-Valued Fuzzy Concept Lattice
178 -- 197Grzegorz Kolaczek, Krzysztof Juszczyszyn. Deontic Logic-based Framework for Ontology Aligment in Agent Communities
198 -- 217Pierre Chåtel, Isis Truck, Jacques Malenfant. LCP-Nets: A Linguistic Approach for Non-functional Preferences in a Semantic SOA Environment