Journal: J. UCS

Volume 25, Issue 9

1039 -- 1042Artur Janicki, Wojciech Mazurczyk, Xiangyang Luo, Dengpan Ye. Recent Advances in Detection, Investigation and Mitigation of Cyber Crimes
1043 -- 1065Andrey Fedorchenko, Elena Doynikova, Igor V. Kotenko. Determination of System Weaknesses Based on the Analysis of Vulnerability Indexes and the Source Code of Exploits
1066 -- 1088Yosra Lakhdhar, Slim Rekhis, Noureddine Boudriga. A Context-based Defense Model for Assessing Cyber Systems' Ability To Defend Against Known And Unknown Attack Scenarios
1089 -- 1108Mohammed I. Al-Saleh, Hanan M. Hamdan. Precise Performance Characterization of Antivirus on the File System Operations
1109 -- 1130Jedrzej Bieniasz, Monika Stepkowska, Artur Janicki, Krzysztof Szczypiorski. Mobile Agents for Detecting Network Attacks Using Timing Covert Channels
1131 -- 1150Hui Tian 0002, Meilun Huang, Chin-Chen Chang 0001, Yongfeng Huang, Jing Lu, Yongqian Du. Steganalysis of Adaptive Multi-Rate Speech Using Statistical Characteristics of Pitch Delay
1151 -- 0Mingying Huang, Ming Xu 0001, Tong Qiao, Ting Wu, Ning Zheng 0001. Designing Statistical Model-based Discriminator for Identifying Computer-generated Graphics from Natural Images
1174 -- 1198Ziad A. Al-Sharif, Mohammed I. Al-Saleh, Yaser Jararweh, Luay Alawneh, Ahmed S. Shatnawi. The Effects of Platforms and Languages on the Memory Footprint of the Executable Program: A Memory Forensic Approach
1199 -- 1218François Bouchaud, Gilles Grimaud, Thomas Vantroys, Pierrick Buret. Digital Investigation of IoT Devices in the Criminal Scene

Volume 25, Issue 8

865 -- 867Nelson Baloian, Yanling Chen, Ashot N. Harutyunyan. Collaborative Technologies and Data Science in Smart City Applications
868 -- 886Gurgen H. Khachatrian, Sergey Abrahamyan. Towards Secure and Efficient "white-box" Encryption
887 -- 903Mariam Haroutunian, Karen Mkhitaryan, Josiane Mothe. A New Information-Theoretical Distance Measure for Evaluating Community Detection Algorithms
904 -- 924Yanling Chen, Onur Ozan Koyluoglu, A. J. Han Vinck. Secrecy over Multiple-Access Channel: A Game of Competition and Cooperation
925 -- 945Ashot N. Harutyunyan, Arnak V. Poghosyan, Naira M. Grigoryan, Narek A. Hovhannisyan, Nicholas Kushmerick. On Machine Learning Approaches for Automated Log Management
946 -- 966Jonathan Frez, Nelson Baloian, José A. Pino, Gustavo Zurita, Franco Basso. Planning of Urban Public Transportation Networks in a Smart City
967 -- 987Benjamin Weyers, Ekaterina Auer, Wolfram Luther. The Role of Verification and Validation Techniques within Visual Analytics
988 -- 1017Valeria Herskovic, Sergio F. Ochoa, José A. Pino. Identifying Groupware Requirements in People-Driven Mobile Collaborative Processes
1018 -- 1038Rodrigo Barbosa Sousa Orrego, Jorge Luis Victória Barbosa. A Model for Resource Management in Smart Cities Based on Crowdsourcing and Gamification

Volume 25, Issue 7

731 -- 732Christian Gütl. Managing Editor's Column
733 -- 739Namik Delilovic, Hermann Maurer. A Note Concerning Feedback and Queries for Web Pages
740 -- 763Sonia Estévez Martín, María-Emilia Cambronero, Yolanda García-Ruiz, Luis Llana. Mobile Applications for People with Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Search in App Stores and Content Review
764 -- 787R. J. Macasaet, Manuel Noguera, María Luisa Rodríguez 0001, José Luis Garrido, Sam Supakkul, Lawrence Chung. Micro-business Requirements Patterns in Practice: Remote Communities in Developing Nations
788 -- 815Robin Mueller-Bady, Martin Kappes, Inmaculada Medina-Bulo, Francisco Palomo-Lozano. On the Automated and Reactive Optimization of Highly-Dynamic Communication Network Infrastructures
816 -- 839Diego Pessoa, Ana Carolina Salgado, Bernadette Farias Lóscio. Improving Ontology Matching Using Application Requirements for Segmenting Ontologies
840 -- 865Giani Petri, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim, Jean Carlo Rossa Hauck, Adriano Ferreti Borgatto. Effectiveness of Games in Software Project Management Education: An Experimental Study

Volume 25, Issue 6

569 -- 570Jörg Keller 0001, Manuel Graña, Rafal Kozik, Tomasz Andrysiak, Michal Choras. Recent Advances, Emerging Methods and Applications of Pattern Recognition
571 -- 590Lukasz Apiecionek, Marcel Großmann, Udo R. Krieger. Harmonizing IoT-Architectures with Advanced Security Features - A Survey and Case Study
591 -- 610Slawomir Bujnowski, Tomasz Marciniak, Beata Marciniak, Zbigniew Lutowski. Impact of Resource Control in Irregular Networks on their Transmission Properties
611 -- 626Dominik Pieczynski, Marek Kraft, Michal Fularz. Improving Person Re-identification by Segmentation-Based Detection Bounding Box Filtering
627 -- 646Hubert Michalak, Krzysztof Okarma. Fast Binarization of Unevenly Illuminated Document Images Based on Background Estimation for Optical Character Recognition Purposes
647 -- 666Waseem Rawat, Zenghui Wang. Hybrid Stochastic GA-Bayesian Search for Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model Selection
667 -- 682Sonia Contreras, Miguel Ángel Manzanedo, Álvaro Herrero. A Hybrid Neural System to Study the Interplay between Economic Crisis and Workplace Accidents in Spain
683 -- 700Michal Sypetkowski, Grzegorz Sarwas, Tomasz Trzcinski. Synthetic Image Translation for Football Players Pose Estimation
701 -- 717Jaroslaw Fastowicz, Krzysztof Okarma. Quality Assessment of Photographed 3D Printed Flat Surfaces Using Hough Transform and Histogram Equalization
718 -- 730Robert Burduk, Jedrzej Biedrzycki. Integration and Selection of Linear SVM Classifiers in Geometric Space

Volume 25, Issue 5

444 -- 445Anasol Peña-Ríos, Foaad Khosmood. Immersive Learning Technologies: Research and Future Directions
446 -- 464Tiina Kymäläinen. An Educational Glance into the Future: Holodeck as a Future Enacted Narrative Learning Technology
465 -- 488Bingqing Shen, Jingzhi Guo. Efficient Peer-to-Peer Content Sharing for Learning in Virtual Worlds
489 -- 514Ioannis Kazanidis, Nikolaos Pellas. Developing and Assessing Augmented Reality Applications for Mathematics with Trainee Instructional Media Designers: An Exploratory Study on User Experience
515 -- 540Ahmed Ibrahim Safana, Muesser Nat. Students' Perception of a Blended Learning Approach in an African Higher Institution
541 -- 568Guillermo Santamaría Bonfil, G. Escobedo-Briones, Miguel Pérez-Ramírez, Gustavo Arroyo-Figueroa. A Learning Ecosystem for Linemen Training based on Big Data Components and Learning Analytics

Volume 25, Issue 4

309 -- 0Christian Gütl. Managing Editor's Column
310 -- 333Vladimir M. Ciric, Ivan Z. Milentijevic, Oliver M. Vojinovic, Nemanja S. Manic. Cost Estimation of Blended Learning Course Delivery Through Public Cloud
334 -- 360Rogerio C. P. Fragoso, Roberto H. W. Pinheiro, George D. C. Cavalcanti. Data-driven Feature Selection Methods for Text Classification: an Empirical Evaluation
361 -- 389Asieh Ghanbarpour, Hassan Naderi. Survey on Ranking Functions in Keyword Search over Graph-Structured Data
390 -- 417Matias Micheletto, Rodrigo M. Santos, Javier Orozco. Scheduling Mandatory-Optional Real-Time Tasks in Homogeneous Multi-Core Systems with Energy Constraints Using Bio-Inspired Meta-Heuristics
418 -- 443Zeynep Banu Ozger, Bülent Bolat, Banu Diri. A Probabilistic Multi-Objective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Gene Selection

Volume 25, Issue 3

154 -- 157Yong Yu 0002, Yi Mu 0001. Advances of Provable Security Techniques
158 -- 181Yuan Chen, Qingkuan Dong, Yannan Li, Qiqi Lai, Zhedong Wang. Natural sd-RCCA Secure Public-key Encryptions from Hybrid Paradigms
182 -- 202Yi-Fan Tseng, Chun-I Fan, Chih-Wen Lin. Provably Secure Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption from Identity-Based Encryption
203 -- 221Xiaoling Tao, Liyan Liu, Feng Zhao, Yan Huang, Saide Zhu, Yi Liang. Ontology and Weighted D-S Evidence Theory-Based Vulnerability Data Fusion Method
222 -- 244Yunling Wang, Jianfeng Wang, Shifeng Sun, Joseph K. Liu, Willy Susilo, Joonsang Baek, Ilsun You, Xiaofeng Chen 0001. Towards Multi-user Searchable Encryption Supporting Boolean Query and Fast Decryption
245 -- 269Meijuan Huang, Bo Yang 0003, Yi Zhao, Kaitai Liang, Liang Xue, Xiaoyi Yang. CCA-Secure Deterministic Identity-Based Encryption Scheme
270 -- 281Xiuze Dong, Yunchuan Guo, FengHua Li, Liju Dong, Arshad Khan. Combination Model of Heterogeneous Data for Security Measurement
282 -- 293Xianmin Wang, Yu Zhang, Brij Bhooshan Gupta, Hongfei Zhu, Dongxi Liu. An Identity-Based Signcryption on Lattice without Trapdoor
294 -- 308Bagus Santoso, Chunhua Su. A New Identification Scheme based on Syndrome Decoding Problem with Provable Security against Quantum Adversaries

Volume 25, Issue 2

73 -- 0Christian Gütl. Managing Editor's Column
74 -- 97Jedrzej Bieniasz, Krzysztof Szczypiorski. Methods for Information Hiding in Open Social Networks
98 -- 121Guilherme Henrique Santos Miranda, Carla Negri Lintzmayer, Zanoni Dias. Sorting Permutations by λ-Operations
122 -- 153Koldo Zabaleta, Unai Lopez-Novoa, Ivan Pretel, Diego López-de-Ipiña, Vincenzo Cartelli, Giuseppe Di Modica, Orazio Tomarchio. Designing a Human Computation Framework to Enhance Citizen-Government Interaction

Volume 25, Issue 13

1666 -- 1667Christian Gütl. Managing Editor's Column
1668 -- 1686George-Petru Ciordas-Hertel, Jan Schneider 0001, Stefaan Ternier, Hendrik Drachsler. Adopting Trust in Learning Analytics Infrastructure: A Structured Literature Review
1687 -- 1716Pedro G. Espejo, Eva Gibaja, Víctor H. Menéndez, Alfredo Zapata, Cristóbal Romero. Improving Multi-Label Classification for Learning Objects Categorization by Taking into Consideration Usage Information
1717 -- 1735Andreas Hinderks, Dominique Winter, Martin Schrepp, Jörg Thomaschewski. Applicability of User Experience and Usability Questionnaires
1736 -- 1760J. David Patón-Romero, Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Moisés Rodríguez, Mario Piattini. A Revised Framework for the Governance and Management of Green IT
1761 -- 1786Estêvão B. Saleme, Celso A. S. Santos, Ricardo A. Falbo, George Ghinea, Frédéric Andrès. MulseOnto: a Reference Ontology to Support the Design of Mulsemedia Systems

Volume 25, Issue 12

1503 -- 1506Ralf Klamma, Marc Spaniol, Sayan Unankard. Advances in Web-Based Learning
1507 -- 1530Antonio Calvo-Morata, Cristina Alonso-Fernández, Iván J. Pérez-Colado, Manuel Freire 0001, Iván Martínez-Ortiz, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón. Improving Teacher Game Learning Analytics Dashboards through ad-hoc Development
1531 -- 1553Mahnane Lamia, Mohamed Hafidi, André Tricot, Ouissem Benmesbah. Implementing Flipped Classroom that Used a Context Aware Mobile Learning System into Learning Process
1554 -- 1588Olga Fragou, Christos Goumopoulos, Christos Tsompanos. STEM Oriented Online Platforms Embracing the Community of Practice Model: A Comparative Study and Design Guidelines
1589 -- 1607Zuzana Kubincová, Dana Suníková, Martin Homola. Badges for Peer Assessment of Teamwork in Organized Education
1608 -- 1624Peter de Lange, Petru Nicolaescu, Jan Benscheid, Ralf Klamma. Integrating 3D Objects in Collaborative Non-Linear Storytelling on the Web
1625 -- 1643Carlos Vaz de Carvalho, Pedro Cano, José María Roa, Anna Wanka, Franz Kolland. Overcoming the Silver Generation Digital Gap
1644 -- 1665Benedikt Hensen, István Koren, Ralf Klamma. Gamification Support for Learning in Spatial Computing Environments

Volume 25, Issue 11

1394 -- 1395Jörg Keller 0001, Wojciech Mazurczyk, Béla Genge, Lothar Fritsch, Simon L. R. Vrhovec. Cyberattack Detection and Response
1396 -- 1416Steffen Wendzel, Florian Link, Daniela Eller, Wojciech Mazurczyk. Detection of Size Modulation Covert Channels Using Countermeasure Variation
1417 -- 1436Tomás Bajtos, Pavol Sokol, Andrej Gajdos, Katarína Lucivjanská, Terézia Mézesová. Analysis of the Infection and the Injection Phases of the Telnet Botnets
1437 -- 1457Samo Tomazic, Igor Bernik. Cyberattack Response Model for the Nuclear Regulator in Slovenia
1458 -- 1477Anze Mihelic, Matej Jevscek, Simon L. R. Vrhovec, Igor Bernik. Testing the Human Backdoor: Organizational Response to a Phishing Campaign
1478 -- 1502Halima Ibrahim Kure, Shareeful Islam. Cyber Threat Intelligence for Improving Cybersecurity and Risk Management in Critical Infrastructure

Volume 25, Issue 10

1219 -- 1220Imran Sarwar Bajwa, Fairouz Kamareddine, Pamini Thangarajah. Intelligent Computing for Society
1221 -- 1239K. Shankar 0002, Mohamed Elhoseny. Trust Based Cluster Head Election of Secure Message Transmission in MANET Using Multi Secure Protocol with TDES
1240 -- 1260Zhuoqun Xia, Jingjing Tan, Jin Wang 0001, Runnong Zhu, Hongguang Xiao, Arun Kumar Sangaiah. Research on Fair Trading Mechanism of Surplus Power Based on Blockchain
1261 -- 1278Akhtar Ali, Imran Sarwar Bajwa, Rafaqut Kazmi. High-Performance Simulation of Drug Release Model Using Finite Element Method with CPU/GPU Platform
1279 -- 1300Samet Dinçer, Yiltan Bitirim. A Smart Hydroponics-Based System for Child Education
1301 -- 1322Yuri Vanessa Nieto, Vicente García-Díaz, Carlos E. Montenegro. Decision-making Model at Higher Educational Institutions based on Machine Learning
1323 -- 1352Adi Darliansyah, M. Asif Naeem, Farhaan Mirza, Russel Pears. SENTIPEDE: A Smart System for Sentiment-based Personality Detection from Short Texts
1353 -- 1372Bushra Ramzan, Imran Sarwar Bajwa, Rafaqut Kazmi, Shabana Ramzan. An Intelligent Data Analytics based Model Driven Recommendation System
1373 -- 1393Khaled Halimi, Hassina Seridi-Bouchelaghem. A Web3.0-based Intelligent Learning System Supporting Education in the 21st Century

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 0Christian Gütl. Managing Editor's Column
2 -- 15Rafal Kozik, Michal Choras, Jörg Keller 0001. Balanced Efficient Lifelong Learning (B-ELLA) for Cyber Attack Detection
16 -- 41Gerardo Matturro, Florencia Raschetti, Carina Fontán. A Systematic Mapping Study on Soft Skills in Software Engineering
42 -- 72Marcos Yukio Siraichi, Caio Tonetti, Anderson Faustino da Silva. Pinhão: An Auto-tunning System for Compiler Optimizations Guided by Hot Functions