Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 23, Issue 6

1333 -- 1353Lidia Betcheva, Feryal Erhun, Houyuan Jiang. OM Forum - Supply Chain Thinking in Healthcare: Lessons and Outlooks
1354 -- 1372Jorge Mejia, Shawn Mankad, Anandasivam Gopal. Service Quality Using Text Mining: Measurement and Consequences
1373 -- 1397Suvrat S. Dhanorkar, Karen Donohue, Kevin W. Linderman. Online Business-to-Business Markets for Industrial Product Reuse: Evidence from an Operational Policy Change
1398 -- 1412Kayla S. Cummings, Banafsheh Behzad, Susan E. Martonosi. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Strategic Agent in the Pediatric Vaccine Market: An Analytical Approach
1413 -- 1430Emre Nadar, Baris Emre Kaya, Kemal Güler. New-Product Diffusion in Closed-Loop Supply Chains
1431 -- 1448Melvin Drent, Joachim J. Arts. Expediting in Two-Echelon Spare Parts Inventory Systems
1449 -- 1467Andrew M. Davis, Kyle Hyndman. Private Information and Dynamic Bargaining in Supply Chains: An Experimental Study
1468 -- 1482Xi Li 0006, Qian Liu 0002. Contract Unobservability and Downstream Competition
1483 -- 1504Özden Engin Çakici, Alex F. Mills. On the Role of Teletriage in Healthcare Demand Management
1505 -- 1523Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran, S. Sinan Erzurumlu, Karthik Ramachandran. Sequential Product Development and Introduction by Cash-Constrained Start-Ups
1524 -- 1538Yossi Aviv, Noam Shamir. Financial Cross-Ownership and Information Dissemination in a Supply Chain
1539 -- 1542Rachel R. Chen, Subodha Kumar, Jaya Singhal, Kalyan Singhal. Note: The Value and Cost of the Customer's Waiting Time
1543 -- 1561Chengfan Hou, Mengshi Lu, Tianhu Deng, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. Coordinating Project Outsourcing Through Bilateral Contract Negotiations
1562 -- 1579Marshall L. Fisher, Santiago Gallino, Serguei Netessine. Setting Retail Staffing Levels: A Methodology Validated with Implementation
1580 -- 1596Hyun Seok (Huck) Lee, Saravanan Kesavan, Vinayak Deshpande. Managing the Impact of Fitting Room Traffic on Retail Sales: Using Labor to Reduce Phantom Stockouts
1597 -- 1615Tingliang Huang, Zhe Yin. Dynamic Probabilistic Selling When Customers Have Boundedly Rational Expectations
1616 -- 1633Yun Fong Lim, Song Jiu, Marcus Ang. Integrating Anticipative Replenishment Allocation with Reactive Fulfillment for Online Retailing Using Robust Optimization
1634 -- 1650Lai Wei, Roman Kapuscinski, Stefanus Jasin. Shipping Consolidation Across Two Warehouses with Delivery Deadline and Expedited Options for E-commerce and Omni-channel Retailers
1651 -- 1668Li Chen, Sang Hyun Kim, Hau L. Lee. Vehicle Maintenance Contracting in Developing Economies: The Role of Social Enterprise
1669 -- 1682Refael Hassin, Adam Nathaniel. Self-Selected Task Allocation

Volume 23, Issue 5

1005 -- 1024Tian Heong Chan, Jürgen Mihm, Manuel E. Sosa. Revisiting the Role of Collaboration in Creating Breakthrough Inventions
1025 -- 1042Andrés Musalem, Marcelo Olivares, Ariel Schilkrut. Retail in High Definition: Monitoring Customer Assistance Through Video Analytics
1043 -- 1061Fernando Bernstein, Gregory A. DeCroix, N. Bora Keskin. Competition Between Two-Sided Platforms Under Demand and Supply Congestion Effects
1062 -- 1076Annie I. Chen, Stephen C. Graves. Item Aggregation and Column Generation for Online-Retail Inventory Placement
1077 -- 1095Galit B. Yom-Tov, Liron Yedidsion, Yueming Xie. An Invitation Control Policy for Proactive Service Systems: Balancing Efficiency, Value, and Service Level
1096 -- 1117Ruomeng Cui, Jingyun Li, Meng Li, Lili Yu. Wholesale Price Discrimination in Global Sourcing
1118 -- 1138Benjamin Legros, Oualid Jouini, Ger Koole. Should We Wait Before Outsourcing? Analysis of a Revenue-Generating Blended Contact Center
1139 -- 1156Luyi Yang. Invite Your Friend and You'll Move Up in Line: Optimal Design of Referral Priority Programs
1157 -- 1174Ming Hu 0002, Jingchen Liu, Xin Zhai. Intertemporal Segmentation via Flexible-Duration Group Buying
1175 -- 1195Alexandar Angelus, Özalp Özer. When Variability Trumps Volatility: Optimal Control and Value of Reverse Logistics in Supply Chains with Multiple Flows of Product
1196 -- 1216Tarek Abdallah, Gustavo J. Vulcano. Demand Estimation Under the Multinomial Logit Model from Sales Transaction Data
1217 -- 1236Hui Zhao, Liang (Leon) Xu, Enno Siemsen. Inventory Sharing and Demand-Side Underweighting
1237 -- 1256Guiyun Feng, Guangwen Kong, Zizhuo Wang. We Are on the Way: Analysis of On-Demand Ride-Hailing Systems
1257 -- 1274Mehdi Hosseinabadi Farahani, Milind Dawande, Haresh Gurnani, Ganesh Janakiraman. Better to Bend than to Break: Sharing Supply Risk Using the Supply-Flexibility Contract
1275 -- 1296Xiaoshuai Fan, Ying-Ju Chen, Christopher S. Tang. Mechanism Design for Managing Hidden Rebates and Inflated Quotes of a Procurement Service Provider
1297 -- 1313Libo Sun, Guodong Lyu, Yugang Yu, Chung-Piaw Teo. Cross-Border E-Commerce Data Set: Choosing the Right Fulfillment Option
1314 -- 1331Andre P. Calmon, Stephen C. Graves, Stef Lemmens. Warranty Matching in a Consumer Electronics Closed-Loop Supply Chain

Volume 23, Issue 4

745 -- 757Guillaume Roels, Bradley R. Staats. OM Forum - People-Centric Operations: Achievements and Future Research Directions
758 -- 760Guillaume Roels, Bradley R. Staats. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Special Issue on People-Centric Operations
761 -- 780Kyle H. Goldschmidt, Mirko Kremer, Douglas J. Thomas, Christopher W. Craighead. Strategic Sourcing Under Severe Disruption Risk: Learning Failures and Under-Diversification Bias
781 -- 802Ryan W. Buell, Ethan Porter, Michael I. Norton. Surfacing the Submerged State: Operational Transparency Increases Trust in and Engagement with Government
803 -- 818K. C. Diwas 0001, Sokol Tushe. The Effects of Multisiting on Productivity and Quality
819 -- 834Lesley Meng, Robert J. Batt, Christian Terwiesch. The Impact of Facility Layout on Service Worker Behavior: An Empirical Study of Nurses in the Emergency Department
835 -- 853Vivek Choudhary, Masha Shunko, Serguei Netessine. Does Immediate Feedback Make You Not Try as Hard? A Study on Automotive Telematics
854 -- 875Daniel Altman, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Marcelo Olivares, Shelly Ashtar, Anat Rafaeli. Do Customer Emotions Affect Agent Speed? An Empirical Study of Emotional Load in Online Customer Contact Centers
876 -- 894Marshall L. Fisher, Santiago Gallino, Serguei Netessine. Does Online Training Work in Retail?
895 -- 913Kaitlin D. Wowak, George P. Ball, Corinne Post, David J. Ketchen Jr.. The Influence of Female Directors on Product Recall Decisions
914 -- 932Hessam Bavafa, Jónas Oddur Jónasson. Recovering from Critical Incidents: Evidence from Paramedic Performance
933 -- 951Lamar Pierce, Laura W. Wang, Dennis J. Zhang. Peer Bargaining and Productivity in Teams: Gender and the Inequitable Division of Pay
952 -- 973Tat Y. Chan, Yijun Chen, Lamar Pierce, Daniel C. Snow. The Influence of Peers in Worker Misconduct: Evidence from Restaurant Theft
974 -- 988Samantha M. Keppler, Karen R. Smilowitz, Paul M. Leonardi. Contextual Trustworthiness of Organizational Partners: Evidence from Nine School Networks
989 -- 1004Refael Hassin, Ricky Roet-Green. On Queue-Length Information when Customers Travel to a Queue

Volume 23, Issue 3

547 -- 548Georgia Perakis. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Journal
549 -- 552Saif Benjaafar, Ming Hu. Introduction to the Special Issue on Sharing Economy and Innovative Marketplaces
553 -- 568Lin Tian, Baojun Jiang, Yifan Xu. Manufacturer's Entry in the Product-Sharing Market
569 -- 588John R. Birge, Ozan Candogan, Hongfan Chen, Daniela Sabán. Optimal Commissions and Subscriptions in Networked Markets
589 -- 605Nikhil Garg, Ramesh Johari. Designing Informative Rating Systems: Evidence from an Online Labor Market
606 -- 619Zekun Liu, Dennis J. Zhang, Fuqiang Zhang. Information Sharing on Retail Platforms
620 -- 636Nick Arnosti, Ramesh Johari, Yash Kanoria. Managing Congestion in Matching Markets
637 -- 656Zhaohui (Zoey) Jiang, Yan Huang 0009, Damian R. Beil. The Role of Problem Specification in Crowdsourcing Contests for Design Problems: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
657 -- 675C. Gizem Korpeoglu, Ersin Körpeoglu, Sidika Tunç. Optimal Duration of Innovation Contests
676 -- 694Gordon Burtch, Diwakar Gupta, Paola Martin. Referral Timing and Fundraising Success in Crowdfunding
695 -- 713Zhong-Zhong Jiang, Guangwen Kong, Yinghao Zhang. Making the Most of Your Regret: Workers' Relocation Decisions in On-Demand Platforms
714 -- 730Santiago R. Balseiro, Ozan Candogan, Huseyin Gurkan. Multistage Intermediation in Display Advertising

Volume 23, Issue 2

267 -- 273Edward H. Kaplan. OM Forum - Perspectives on Policy Modeling: 2018 MSOM Fellow Award
274 -- 293Kwon Gi Mun, Yao Zhao, Raza Ali Rafique. Designing Hydro Supply Chains for Energy, Food, and Flood
294 -- 310Yulan Wang, Baozhuang Niu, Pengfei Guo, Jing-Sheng Song. Direct Sourcing or Agent Sourcing? Contract Negotiation in Procurement Outsourcing
311 -- 330Alessio Trivella, Selvaprabu Nadarajah, Stein-Erik Fleten, Denis Mazieres, David Pisinger. Managing Shutdown Decisions in Merchant Commodity and Energy Production: A Social Commerce Perspective
331 -- 345Liping Liang, Derek R. Atkins. Rewarding Suppliers' Performance via Allocation of Business
346 -- 366Hailong Cui, Sampath Rajagopalan, Amy R. Ward. Impact of Task-Level Worker Specialization, Workload, and Product Personalization on Consumer Returns
367 -- 387Alex F. Mills, Jonathan E. Helm, Yu Wang. Surge Capacity Deployment in Hospitals: Effectiveness of Response and Mitigation Strategies
388 -- 406Hao Shen, Yong Liang, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. Reliable Hub Location Model for Air Transportation Networks Under Random Disruptions
407 -- 424Stephanie Carew, Mahesh Nagarajan, Steven M. Shechter, Jugpal Arneja, Erik Skarsgard. Dynamic Capacity Allocation for Elective Surgeries: Reducing Urgency-Weighted Wait Times
425 -- 436Krista J. Li. Behavior-Based Quality Discrimination
437 -- 452Duygu Akkaya, Kostas Bimpikis, Hau Lee. Government Interventions to Promote Agricultural Innovation
453 -- 470Ju Myung Song, Yao Zhao, Xin Xu. Incentives and Gaming in Collaborative Projects Under Risk-Sharing Partnerships
471 -- 487Long He 0001, Guangrui Ma, Wei Qi, Xin Wang. Charging an Electric Vehicle-Sharing Fleet
488 -- 507Yiling Zhang, Mengshi Lu, Siqian Shen. On the Values of Vehicle-to-Grid Electricity Selling in Electric Vehicle Sharing
508 -- 524Volodymyr Babich, Simone Marinesi, Gerry Tsoukalas. Does Crowdfunding Benefit Entrepreneurs and Venture Capital Investors?
525 -- 545Sentao Miao, Xiuli Chao. Dynamic Joint Assortment and Pricing Optimization with Demand Learning

Volume 23, Issue 1

1 -- 18Elena Belavina. Grocery Store Density and Food Waste
19 -- 35Jiwen Ge, Dorothée Honhon, Jan C. Fransoo, Lei Zhao. Supplying to Mom and Pop: Traditional Retail Channel Selection in Megacities
36 -- 54Baris Ata, Yichuan Ding, Stefanos A. Zenios. An Achievable-Region-Based Approach for Kidney Allocation Policy Design with Endogenous Patient Choice
55 -- 69Osman Alp, Alper Sen 0002. Delegation of Stocking Decisions Under Asymmetric Demand Information
70 -- 87Kraig Delana, Nicos Savva, Tolga Tezcan. Proactive Customer Service: Operational Benefits and Economic Frictions
88 -- 105Fehmi Tanrisever, Nitin R. Joglekar, S. Sinan Erzurumlu, Moren Lévesque. Managing Capital Market Frictions via Cost-Reduction Investments
106 -- 122Xuchuan Yuan, Tinglong Dai, Lucy Gongtao Chen, Srinagesh Gavirneni. Co-Opetition in Service Clusters with Waiting-Area Entertainment
123 -- 138Zhan Pang, Wenqiang Xiao, Xuying Zhao. Preorder Price Guarantee in e-Commerce
139 -- 154Navid Izady, Israa Mohamed. A Clustered Overflow Configuration of Inpatient Beds in Hospitals
155 -- 169Soudipta Chakraborty, Robert Swinney. Signaling to the Crowd: Private Quality Information and Rewards-Based Crowdfunding
170 -- 190Liang (Leon) Xu, Hui Zhao, Nicholas C. Petruzzi. Inducing Compliance with Postmarket Studies for Drugs Under FDA's Accelerated Approval Pathway
191 -- 209Mohammad Ebrahim Arbabian, Shi Chen, Kamran Moinzadeh. Capacity Expansions with Bundled Supplies of Attributes: An Application to Server Procurement in Cloud Computing
210 -- 229Necati Ertekin, Anupam Agrawal. How Does a Return Period Policy Change Affect Multichannel Retailer Profitability?
230 -- 245Junjie Zhou, Xiaoshuai Fan, Ying-Ju Chen, Christopher S. Tang. Information Provision and Farmer Welfare in Developing Economies
246 -- 266Esmaeil Keyvanshokooh, Cong Shi, Mark P. Van Oyen. Online Advance Scheduling with Overtime: A Primal-Dual Approach