Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 25, Issue 6

2085 -- 2105Yuanchen Li, Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu, Susan Feng Lu. Does Social Media Dominate Government Report Cards in Influencing Nursing Home Demand?
2195 -- 2215Herbie Huang, Nur Sunar, Jayashankar M. Swaminathan, Rahul Roy. Do Noisy Customer Reviews Discourage Platform Sellers? Empirical Analysis of an Online Solar Marketplace

Volume 25, Issue 5

1623 -- 1642Fernando Bernstein, Yuan Guo. Managing Customer Search: Assortment Planning for a Subscription Box Service
1643 -- 1659Alireza Yazdani 0002, Eren B. Çil, Michael S. Pangburn. Retail Sample Boxes: Counteracting the Adverse Effect of Accelerated Learning via Future Credit
1660 -- 1676Noam Shamir, Yaron Yehezkel. Sales Information Transparency and Trust in Repeated Vertical Relationships
1677 -- 1691Sindy De La Torre Pacheco, Mahyar Eftekhar, Chao Wu. Improving the Quality of In-Kind Donations: A Field Experiment
1692 -- 1710Sheng Bi, Long He 0001, Chung-Piaw Teo. Taming the Long Tail: The Gambler's Fallacy in Intermittent Demand Management
1711 -- 1729Panos Kouvelis, Ye Liu, Yunzhe Qiu, Danko Turcic. Managing Operations of a Hog Farm Facing Volatile Markets: Inventory and Selling Strategies
1730 -- 1747Amihai Glazer, Refael Hassin, Irit Nowik. How Advance Sales Can Reduce Profits: When to Buy, When to Sell, and What Price to Charge
1748 -- 1764Yunzong Xu, Zizhuo Wang 0001. Assortment Optimization for a Multistage Choice Model
1765 -- 1778Nevin Mutlu, Hadi El Amine, Ozge Sahin. Offering Memories to Sell Goods? Pricing and Welfare Implications of Experiential Retail
1779 -- 1795Chi Seng Pun, Tianyu Wang, Zhenzhen Yan. Data-Driven Distributionally Robust CVaR Portfolio Optimization Under A Regime-Switching Ambiguity Set
1796 -- 1813Tao Lu 0003, Brian Tomlin. Forewarned Is Forearmed? Contingent Sourcing, Shipment Information, and Supplier Competition
1814 -- 1834Chen Jin, Chenguang (Allen) Wu, Ying-Ju Chen. Managing Competition from Within and Outside: Using Strategic Inventory and Network Externality to Combat Copycats
1835 -- 1854Xinyan Cao, Xiang Fang, Guang Xiao, Nan Yang. Optimal Contract Design for a National Brand Manufacturer Under Store Brand Private Information
1855 -- 1872Jingqi Wang, Tingliang Huang, JungHee Lee. Cross-Licensing in a Supply Chain with Asymmetric Manufacturers
1873 -- 1889Telesilla O. Kotsi, Arian Aflaki, Göker Aydin, Alfonso J. Pedraza Martinez. Allocation of Nonprofit Funds Among Program, Fundraising, and Administration
1890 -- 1908Philipp Afèche, Zhe Liu 0035, Costis Maglaras. Ride-Hailing Networks with Strategic Drivers: The Impact of Platform Control Capabilities on Performance
1909 -- 1930Jessica L. Darby, David J. Ketchen Jr., George P. Ball, Ujjal K. Mukherjee. CEO Stock Ownership, Recall Timing, and Stock Market Penalties
1931 -- 1946Fan Zou, Yan Dong 0005, Sining Song, Manus Johnny Rungtusanatham. Product Recalls and Supply Base Innovation
1947 -- 1965Qiuping Yu, Shawn Mankad, Masha Shunko. Evidence of the Unintended Labor Scheduling Implications of the Minimum Wage
1966 -- 1983Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal, Rodrigo Belo, Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh, Derek W. Bunn. Optimal Electricity Imbalance Pricing for the Emerging Penetration of Renewable and Low-Cost Generators
1984 -- 1998Refael Hassin, Isaac Meilijson, Yael Perlman. Queueing with Negative Network Effects

Volume 25, Issue 4

1209 -- 1226Emma Gibson, Sarang Deo, Jónas Oddur Jónasson, Mphatso Kachule, Kara Palamountain. Redesigning Sample Transportation in Malawi Through Improved Data Sharing and Daily Route Optimization
1227 -- 1244Kris Johnson Ferreira, Emily Mower. Demand Learning and Pricing for Varying Assortments
1245 -- 1262Sanghoon Cho, Mark E. Ferguson, Pelin Pekgün, Andrew Vakhutinsky. Estimating Personalized Demand with Unobserved No-Purchases Using a Mixture Model: An Application in the Hotel Industry
1263 -- 1284Maxime C. Cohen, Michael D. Fiszer, Avia Ratzon, Roy Sasson. Incentivizing Commuters to Carpool: A Large Field Experiment with Waze
1285 -- 1303Alison Borenstein, Ankit Mangal, Georgia Perakis, Stefan Poninghaus, Divya Singhvi, Omar Skali Lami, Jiong Wei Lua. Ancillary Services in Targeted Advertising: From Prediction to Prescription
1304 -- 1323Ignacio Rios, Daniela Sabán, Fanyin Zheng. Improving Match Rates in Dating Markets Through Assortment Optimization
1324 -- 1337Will Ma. Order-Optimal Correlated Rounding for Fulfilling Multi-Item E-Commerce Orders
1338 -- 1356Shi Chen, Kamran Moinzadeh, Jing-Sheng Song 0001, Yuan Zhong. Cloud Computing Value Chains: Research from the Operations Management Perspective
1357 -- 1375Nitish Jain, Di (Andrew) Wu. Can Global Sourcing Strategy Predict Stock Returns?
1376 -- 1393Gad Allon, Maxime C. Cohen, Wichinpong Park Sinchaisri. The Impact of Behavioral and Economic Drivers on Gig Economy Workers
1394 -- 1415Ziliang Jin, Yulan Wang, Yun Fong Lim, Kai Pan, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. Vehicle Rebalancing in a Shared Micromobility System with Rider Crowdsourcing
1416 -- 1435Alon Bergman, Guy David, Hummy Song. "I Quit": Schedule Volatility as a Driver of Voluntary Employee Turnover
1436 -- 1450Xing Hu 0004, René Caldentey. Trust and Reciprocity in Firms' Capacity Sharing
1451 -- 1470Arian Aflaki, Alfonso J. Pedraza Martinez. Competition and Collaboration on Fundraising for Short-Term Disaster Response: The Impact on Earmarking and Performance
1471 -- 1488Elodie Adida, Fernanda Bravo. Primary Care First Initiative: Impact on Care Delivery and Outcomes
1489 -- 1508Siddharth Arora, James W. Taylor, Ho-Yin Mak. Probabilistic Forecasting of Patient Waiting Times in an Emergency Department
1509 -- 1526Shubham Akshat, Liye Ma, S. Raghavan 0001. Improving Broader Sharing to Address Geographic Inequity in Liver Transplantation
1527 -- 1544Yangzi Jiang, Hossein Abouee-Mehrizi, Jan A. Van Mieghem. Geographic Virtual Pooling of Hospital Resources: Data-Driven Trade-off Between Waiting and Traveling
1545 -- 1566Idris Adjerid, Mehmet U. S. Ayvaci, Özalp Özer. Value of Algorithm-Enabled Process Innovation: The Case of Sepsis
1567 -- 1584Guihua Wang, Jun Li 0049, Wallace J. Hopp. Personalized Healthcare Outcome Analysis of Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures
1585 -- 1602Taozeng Zhu, Nicholas Teck Boon Yeo, Sarah Yini Gao, Gar Goei Loke. Inventory-Responsive Donor-Management Policy: A Tandem Queueing Network Model
1603 -- 1621Bogdan C. Bichescu, Haileab Hilafu. Effects of Hospital-Acquired Conditions on Readmission Risk: The Mediating Role of Length of Stay

Volume 25, Issue 3

811 -- 0Gad Allon. Introduction to Special Section on Data-Driven Research Challenge
812 -- 826Robert L. Bray. Operational Transparency: Showing When Work Gets Done
827 -- 845Vinayak Deshpande, Pradeep K. Pendem. Logistics Performance, Ratings, and Its Impact on Customer Purchasing Behavior and Sales in E-Commerce Platforms
846 -- 861Sanjith Gopalakrishnan, Moksh Matta, Mona Imanpoor Yourdshahy, Vivek Choudhary. Go Wide or Go Deep? Assortment Strategy and Order Fulfillment in Online Retail
862 -- 883Saharsh Agarwal, Deepa Mani, Rahul Telang. The Impact of Ride-Hailing Services on Congestion: Evidence from Indian Cities
884 -- 902Jing Gong, Brad N. Greenwood, Yiping (Amy) Song. An Empirical Investigation of Ridesharing and New Vehicle Purchase
903 -- 920Laura Wagner, Eduard Calvo, Pedro Amorim. Better Together! The Consumer Implications of Delivery Consolidation
921 -- 938Feng Zhu, Shaoxuan Liu, Rowan Wang, Zizhuo Wang 0001. Assign-to-Seat: Dynamic Capacity Control for Selling High-Speed Train Tickets
939 -- 957Wilson Lin, Susan Feng Lu, Tianshu Sun. Worker Experience and Donor Heterogeneity: The Impact of Charitable Workers on Donors' Blood Donation Decisions
958 -- 974Karthik Balasubramanian, David F. Drake, Jason Acimovic, Douglas Fearing. Mobile Money Operations: Policies for Managing Cash and Digital Currency Inventories in the Developing World
975 -- 995Kaitlin D. Wowak, John P. Lalor, Sriram Somanchi, Corey M. Angst. Business Analytics in Healthcare: Past, Present, and Future Trends
996 -- 1012Jan Vlachy, Turgay Ayer, Mehmet Ayvaci, Srinivasan Raghunathan. The Business of Healthcare: The Role of Physician Integration in Bundled Payments
1013 -- 1032Amine Bennouna, Joshua Joseph, David Nze-Ndong, Georgia Perakis, Divya Singhvi, Omar Skali Lami, Yannis Spantidakis, Leann Thayaparan, Asterios Tsiourvas. COVID-19: Prediction, Prevalence, and the Operations of Vaccine Allocation
1033 -- 1050Xueze Song, Mili Mehrotra, Tharanga Rajapakshe. An Analysis of Incentive Schemes for Participant Retention in Clinical Studies
1051 -- 1065Ruoting Li, Margaret Tobey, Maria E. Mayorga, Sherrie Caltagirone, Osman Y. Özaltin. Detecting Human Trafficking: Automated Classification of Online Customer Reviews of Massage Businesses
1066 -- 1080Achal Bassamboo, Ramandeep S. Randhawa, Chenguang (Allen) Wu. Optimally Scheduling Heterogeneous Impatient Customers
1081 -- 1098Nitzan Carmeli, Galit B. Yom-Tov, Onno J. Boxma. State-Dependent Estimation of Delay Distributions in Fork-Join Networks
1099 -- 1116Yao Cui, Ming Hu 0002, Jingchen Liu. Value and Design of Traceability-Driven Blockchains
1117 -- 1135Jiahao He, Guangyuan Zhang, Jiheng Zhang, Rachel Q. Zhang. Blockchain Operations in the Presence of Security Concerns
1136 -- 1154Youran Fu, Marshall L. Fisher. The Value of Social Media Data in Fashion Forecasting
1155 -- 1175Ernan Haruvy, Meisam Hejazi Nia, Özalp Özer, A. Serdar Simsek. The Winner's Curse in Dynamic Forecasting of Auction Data: Empirical Evidence from eBay
1176 -- 1194Hongqiao Chen, Ming Hu 0002, Jiahua Wu. Intertemporal Price Discrimination via Randomized Promotions
1195 -- 1197. MSOM Society Student Paper Competition: Abstracts of 2022 Winners
1198 -- 1199. M&SOM Meritorious Service Award
1200 -- 1208. Acknowledgments to Editors and Reviewers (2022)

Volume 25, Issue 2

391 -- 408Levi DeValve, Yehua Wei, Di Wu, Rong Yuan. Understanding the Value of Fulfillment Flexibility in an Online Retailing Environment
427 -- 447Eduard Calvo, Ruomeng Cui, Laura Wagner. Disclosing Product Availability in Online Retail
448 -- 467Lennart Baardman, Setareh Borjian Boroujeni, Tamar Cohen-Hillel, Kiran Panchamgam, Georgia Perakis. Detecting Customer Trends for Optimal Promotion Targeting
468 -- 488Songtao Li, Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu, Susan Feng Lu, Simin Huang. Estimating the Stockout-Based Demand Spillover Effect in a Fashion Retail Setting
489 -- 507Narendra Agrawal, Sami Najafi-Asadolahi, Stephen A. Smith. A Markov Decision Model for Managing Display-Advertising Campaigns
508 -- 523Sagnik Das, R. Ravi 0001, Srinath Sridhar 0001. Order Fulfillment Under Pick Failure in Omnichannel Ship-From-Store Programs
524 -- 542Felipe Caro, Anna Sáez de Tejada Cuenca. Believing in Analytics: Managers' Adherence to Price Recommendations from a DSS
543 -- 562Pengfei Guo, Moshe Haviv, Zhenwei Luo, Yulan Wang. Signaling Service Quality Through Queue Disclosure
563 -- 580Zhenwei Luo, Pengfei Guo, Yulan Wang. Manage Inventories with Learning on Demands and Buy-up Substitution Probability
581 -- 594Yupeng Chen, Garud Iyengar, Chun Wang. Robust Inventory Management: A Cycle-Based Approach
595 -- 612Sheng Liu 0006, Zhixing Luo. On-Demand Delivery from Stores: Dynamic Dispatching and Routing with Random Demand
613 -- 630Je-ok Choi, Daniela Sabán, Gabriel Y. Weintraub. The Design of Optimal Pay-as-Bid Procurement Mechanisms
631 -- 647Linqiu Li, Xin Fang, Yun Fong Lim. Asymmetric Information of Product Authenticity on C2C E-Commerce Platforms: How Can Inspection Services Help?
648 -- 667Ali Aouad, Adam N. Elmachtoub, Kris Johnson Ferreira, Ryan McNellis. Market Segmentation Trees
668 -- 685Ehsan Bolandifar, Zhong Chen, Panos Kouvelis, Weihua Zhou. Quality Signaling Through Crowdfunding Pricing
686 -- 703Mingzheng Wang, Xin Fang, Zizhuo Wang, Ying-Ju Chen. Impacts of Distributive Comparison Behavior on Corporate Social Responsibility in Supply Chains: The Role of Small Firms
704 -- 718Ming Hu 0002, Yan Liu 0040. Precommitments in Two-Sided Market Competition
719 -- 736Vincent W. Slaugh, Alan Scheller-Wolf. Flexibility and Consistency in Long-Term Care Rostering
737 -- 755Ximin (Natalie) Huang, Atalay Atasu, Necati Tereyagoglu, L. Beril Toktay. Lemons, Trade-Ins, and Certified Pre-Owned Programs
756 -- 774Moonwon Chung, Luv Sharma, Manoj K. Malhotra. Impact of Modularity Design on Mobile App Launch Success
775 -- 791Eryn Juan He, Sergei Savin, Joel Goh, Chung-Piaw Teo. Off-Platform Threats in On-Demand Services
792 -- 810John D. Lowrey, Timothy J. Richards, Stephen F. Hamilton. Food Donations, Retail Operations, and Retail Pricing

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 18Seungrae Lee, Seung Jae Park, Sridhar Seshadri. Variations of the Bullwhip Effect Across Foreign Subsidiaries
19 -- 35Fadong Chen, Yingshuai Zhao, Ulrich W. Thonemann. The Value of Response Time Information in Supply Chain Bargaining
36 -- 49Xi Li 0006, Krista J. Li. Beating the Algorithm: Consumer Manipulation, Personalized Pricing, and Big Data Management
50 -- 69Tian Heong Chan, Anandhi Bharadwaj 0001, Deepa Varadarajan. Business Method Innovation in U.S. Manufacturing and Trade
70 -- 87Saif Benjaafar, David Chen, Rowan Wang, Zhenzhen Yan. Appointment Scheduling Under a Service-Level Constraint
88 -- 107Zhili Tian, Gordon B. Hazen, Hong Li. Optimal Enrollment in Late-Stage New Drug Development with Learning of Drug's Efficacy for Group-Sequential Clinical Trials
108 -- 125Yesim Koca, Tugce G. Martagan, Ivo Adan, Lisa Maillart, Bram van Ravenstein. Increasing Biomanufacturing Yield with Bleed-Feed: Optimal Policies and Insights
126 -- 147Ben Charoenwong, Miaozhe Han, Jing Wu 0003. Trade and Foreign Economic Policy Uncertainty in Supply Chain Networks: Who Comes Home?
148 -- 167Maxime C. Cohen, Alexandre Jacquillat, Haotian Song. Price Discrimination and Inventory Allocation in Bertrand Competition
168 -- 181Mihalis G. Markakis, Kalyan Talluri, Dmitrii Tikhonenko. Sequential Bidding for Merging in Algorithmic Traffic
182 -- 199Nilam Kaushik, Bilal Gokpinar. Sequential Innovation in Mobile App Development
200 -- 217Jiding Zhang, Sergei Savin, Senthil K. Veeraraghavan. Revenue Management in Crowdfunding
218 -- 234Yixuan Liu, Xiaofang Wang, Stephen M. Gilbert, Guoming Lai 0001. On the Participation, Competition and Welfare at Customer-Intensive Discretionary Service Platforms
235 -- 253Collin Drent, Melvin Drent, Joachim J. Arts, Stella Kapodistria. Real-Time Integrated Learning and Decision Making for Cumulative Shock Degradation
254 -- 265Arash Asadpour, Ilan Lobel, Garrett J. van Ryzin. Minimum Earnings Regulation and the Stability of Marketplaces
266 -- 287Caner Canyakmaz, Tamer Boyaci. Queueing Systems with Rationally Inattentive Customers
288 -- 306Nicole DeHoratius, Andreas Holzapfel, Heinrich Kuhn, Adam J. Mersereau, Michael G. Sternbeck. Evaluating Count Prioritization Procedures for Improving Inventory Accuracy in Retail Stores
307 -- 322Gonçalo Figueira, Willem van Jaarsveld, Pedro Amorim, Jan C. Fransoo. The Impact of Committing to Customer Orders in Online Retail
323 -- 340Walter J. Gutjahr, Raimund M. Kovacevic, David Wozabal. Risk-Averse Bargaining in a Stochastic Optimization Context
341 -- 352Liu Yang, Weixin Shang, Liming Liu. Follow the Crowd with Uncertain Service Capacity
353 -- 369Zhongbin Wang 0002, Shiliang Cui, Lei Fang. Distance-Based Service Priority: An Innovative Mechanism to Increase System Throughput and Social Welfare