Journal: Neural Computation

Volume 5, Issue 6

823 -- 842L. F. Abbott, Gwendal Le Masson. Analysis of Neuron Models with Dynamically Regulated Conductances
856 -- 868Alexander Borst, Martin Egelhaaf, H. S. Seung. Two-Dimensional Motion Perception in Flies
869 -- 884David S. Touretzky, A. David Redish, Hank S. Wan. Neural Representation of Space Using Sinusoidal Arrays
893 -- 909Vladimir Vapnik, Léon Bottou. Local Algorithms for Pattern Recognition and Dependencies Estimation
910 -- 927An Mei Chen, Haw-minn Lu, Robert Hecht-Nielsen. On the Geometry of Feedforward Neural Network Error Surfaces
928 -- 938Henry Leung, Simon Haykin. Rational Function Neural Network
939 -- 953Marc M. Van Hulle, Dominique Martinez. On an Unsupervised Learning Rule for Scalar Quantization following the Maximum Entropy Principle
954 -- 975Visakan Kadirkamanathan, Mahesan Niranjan. A Function Estimation Approach to Sequential Learning with Neural Networks
976 -- 990Zheng Zeng, Rodney M. Goodman, Padhraic Smyth. Learning Finite State Machines With Self-Clustering Recurrent Networks

Volume 5, Issue 5

665 -- 680Andrew Nicoll, Colin Blakemore. Patterns of Local Connectivity in the Neocortex
681 -- 694Erik De Schutter, James M. Bower. Sensitivity of Synaptic Plasticity to the Ca:::2+::: Permeability of NMDA Channels: A Model of Long-Term Potentiation in Hippocampal Neurons
695 -- 718Yair Weiss, Shimon Edelman, Manfred Fahle. Models of Perceptual Learning in Vernier Hyperacuity
719 -- 735Wolfgang Konen, Christoph von der Malsburg. Learning to Generalize from Single Examples in the Dynamic Link Architecture
736 -- 749David Horn, Eytan Ruppin, Marius Usher, M. Herrmann. Neural Network Modeling of Memory Deterioration in Alzheimer s Disease
750 -- 766A. Norman Redlich. Supervised Factorial Learning
767 -- 782Mostefa Golea, Mario Marchand. On Learning Perceptrons with Binary Weights
783 -- 794Dhananjay S. Phatak, Hoon Choi, Israel Koren. Construction of Minimal ::::n-::::2::::-n:::: Encoders for Any ::::n::::
795 -- 811Vicente López, Ramón Huerta, José R. Dorronsoro. Recurrent and Feedforward Polynomial Modeling of Coupled Time Series
812 -- 821Patrik Floréen, Pekka Orponen. Attraction Radii in Binary Hopfield Nets are Hard to Compute

Volume 5, Issue 4

505 -- 549Bruce Denby. The Use of Neural Networks in High-Energy Physics
550 -- 569E. R. Grannan, D. Kleinfeld, Haim Sompolinsky. Stimulus-Dependent Synchronization of Neuronal Assemblies
570 -- 586Marius Usher, Heinz G. Schuster, Ernst Niebur. Dynamics of Populations of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons, Partial Synchronization and Memory
587 -- 596Catherine H. Ferrar, Thelma L. Williams, Graham Bowtell. The Effects of Cell Duplication and Noise in a Pattern Generating Network
597 -- 612Kechen Zhang, Martin I. Sereno, Margaret E. Sereno. Emergence of Position-Independent Detectors of Sense of Rotation and Dilation with Hebbian Learning: An Analysis
613 -- 624Peter Dayan. Improving Generalization for Temporal Difference Learning: The Successor Representation
625 -- 635Jürgen Schmidhuber, Daniel Prelinger. Discovering Predictable Classifications
636 -- 647Michele Migliore, G. F. Ayala. A Kinetic Model of Short- and Long-Term Potentiation
648 -- 664John G. Elias. Artificial Dendritic Trees

Volume 5, Issue 3

341 -- 358Michel Kerszberg, Jean-Pierre Changeux. A Model for Motor Endplate Morphogenesis: Diffusible Morphogens, Transmembrane Signaling, and Compartmentalized Gene Expression
359 -- 362Neil E. Cotter, Peter R. Conwell. Universal Approximation by Phase Series and Fixed-Weight Networks
363 -- 366Liping Yang, Wanzhen Yu. Backpropagation with Homotopy
367 -- 370Jane Bromley, John S. Denker. Improving Rejection Performance on Handwritten Digits by Training with "Rubbish"
371 -- 373Peter L. Bartlett. Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension Bounds for Two- and Three-Layer Networks
374 -- 391Markus Lappe, Josef P. Rauschecker. A Neural Network for the Processing of Optic Flow from Ego-Motion in Man and Higher Mammals
392 -- 401Peter Dayan. Arbitrary Elastic Topologies and Ocular Dominance
402 -- 418Pierre Baldi, Yves Chauvin. Neural Networks for Fingerprint Recognition
419 -- 429Gale L. Martin. Centered-Object Integrated Segmentation and Recognition of Overlapping Handprinted Characters
430 -- 442Alex Pentland. Surface Interpolation Networks
443 -- 455Nathan Intrator. Combining Exploratory Projection Pursuit and Projection Pursuit Regression with Application to Neural Networks
456 -- 462Andrew D. Back, Ah Chung Tsoi. A Simplified Gradient Algorithm for IIR Synapse Multilayer Perceptrons
463 -- 472Toshiaki Tanaka, Miki Yamada. The Characteristics of the Convergence Time of Associative Neural Networks
483 -- 491Thorsteinn Rögnvaldsson. Pattern Discrimination Using Feedforward Networks: A Benchmark Study of Scaling Behavior
492 -- 502Charles R. Rosenberg, Jacob Erel, Henri Atlan. A Neural Network That Learns to Interpret Myocardial Planar Thallium Scintigrams

Volume 5, Issue 2

165 -- 199O. Nerrand, Pierre Roussel-Ragot, Léon Personnaz, Gérard Dreyfus, S. Marcos. Neural Networks and Nonlinear Adaptive Filtering: Unifying Concepts and New Algorithms
200 -- 204Rajagopal Srinivasan, Hillel J. Chiel. Fast Calculation of Synaptic Conductances
205 -- 209Peter Dayan, Terrence J. Sejnowski. The Variance of Covariance Rules for Associative Matrix Memories and Reinforcement Learning
210 -- 212Gary D. Kendall, Trevor J. Hall. Optimal Network Construction by Minimum Description Length
213 -- 227Diana E. J. Blazis, Thomas M. Fischer, Thomas J. Carew. A Neural Network Model of Inhibitory Information Processing in ::::Aplysia::::
228 -- 241Christiane Linster, Claudine Masson, Michel Kerszberg, Léon Personnaz, Gérard Dreyfus. Computational Diversity in a Formal Model of the Insect Olfactory Macroglomerulus
242 -- 259Sungzoon Cho, James A. Reggia. Learning Competition and Cooperation
260 -- 266David E. Cairns, Roland J. Baddeley, Leslie S. Smith. Constraints on Synchronizing Oscillator Networks
267 -- 277Suzanna Becker, Geoffrey E. Hinton. Learning Mixture Models of Spatial Coherence
278 -- 288Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa. Hints and the VC Dimension
289 -- 304A. Norman Redlich. Redundancy Reduction as a Strategy for Unsupervised Learning
305 -- 316Jooyoung Park, Irwin W. Sandberg. Approximation and Radial-Basis-Function Networks
317 -- 330Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Asim Roy, Lark Sang Kim, Sandeep Govil. A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Generating Neural Networks for Pattern Classification: Its Stability Properties and Some Test Results
331 -- 339Mattias Ohlsson, Carsten Peterson, Bo Söderberg. Neural Networks for Optimization Problems with Inequality Constraints: The Knapsack Problem

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 17M. Griniasty, M. V. Tsodyks, Daniel J. Amit. Conversion of Temporal Correlations Between Stimuli to Spatial Correlations Between Attractors
18 -- 20Ji-Nan Lin, Rolf Unbehauen. On the Realization of a Kolmogorov Network
21 -- 31Leonid Kruglyak, William Bialek. Statistical Mechanics for a Network of Spiking Neurons
32 -- 44Michael E. Hasselmo. Acetylcholine and Learning in a Cortical Associative Memory
45 -- 60Joseph J. Atick, A. Norman Redlich. Convergent Algorithm for Sensory Receptive Field Development
61 -- 74Nathan Intrator, Joshua I. Gold. Three-Dimensional Object Recognition Using an Unsupervised BCM Network: The Usefulness of Distinguishing Features
75 -- 88Joachim M. Buhmann, Hans Kühnel. Complexity Optimized Data Clustering by Competitive Neural Networks
89 -- 104Yiu-Fai Wong. Clustering Data by Melting
105 -- 114Gustavo Deco, Jürgen Ebmeyer. Coarse Coding Resource-Allocating Network
115 -- 131James A. Kottas. Training Periodic Sequences Using Fourier Series Error Criterion
132 -- 139Yoshikane Takahashi. Generalization and Approximation Capabilities of Multilayer Networks
140 -- 153Shun-ichi Amari, Noboru Murata. Statistical Theory of Learning Curves under Entropic Loss Criterion
154 -- 164Erol Gelenbe. Learning in the Recurrent Random Neural Network