Journal: Neural Computation

Volume 7, Issue 6

1129 -- 1159Anthony J. Bell, Terrence J. Sejnowski. An information-maximization approach to blind separation and blind deconvolution
1160 -- 1164Michael S. Gray, David T. Lawrence, Beatrice A. Golomb, Terrence J. Sejnowski. A perceptron reveals the face of sex
1165 -- 1177Filip Mulier, Vladimir Cherkassky. Self-organization as an iterative kernel smoothing process
1178 -- 1187Hujun Yin, Nigel M. Allinson. On the distribution and convergence of feature space in self-organizing maps
1188 -- 1190Marco Budinich. Sorting with self-organizing maps
1191 -- 1205Colin Fyfe. Introducing asymmetry into interneuron learning
1206 -- 1224Bruno Raffin, Mirta B. Gordon. Learning and generalization with Minimerror, a temperature-dependent learning algorithm
1225 -- 1244Valentina Corradi, Halbert White. Regularized neural networks: some convergence rate results
1245 -- 1264Colin Campbell, Conrado J. Pérez-Vicente. The target switch algorithm: a constructive learning procedure for feed-forward neural networks
1265 -- 1288Sean B. Holden, Mahesan Niranjan. On the practical applicability of VC dimension bounds
1289 -- 1303Yoshua Bengio, Yann LeCun, Craig R. Nohl, Christopher J. C. Burges. LeRec: a NN/HMM hybrid for on-line handwriting recognition

Volume 7, Issue 5

867 -- 888Robert A. Jacobs. Methods for combining experts probability assessments
889 -- 904Peter Dayan, Geoffrey E. Hinton, Radford M. Neal, Richard S. Zemel. The Helmholtz machine
905 -- 914C. Fohlmeister, Wulfram Gerstner, Raphael Ritz, J. Leo van Hemmen. Spontaneous excitations in the visual cortex: stripes, spirals, rings, and collective bursts
915 -- 922John L. Wyatt Jr., Ibrahim M. Elfadel. Time-Domain Solutions of Oja's Equations
923 -- 930Mikel L. Forcada, Rafael C. Carrasco. Learning the Initial State of a Second-Order Recurrent Neural Network during Regular-Language Inference
931 -- 949René Alquézar, Alberto Sanfeliu. An Algebraic Framework to Represent Finite State Machines in Single-Layer Recurrent Neural Networks
950 -- 973Vijay V. Phansalkar, M. A. L. Thathachar. Local and Global Optimization Algorithms for Generalized Learning Automata
974 -- 981Todd K. Leen. From Data Distributions to Regularization in Invariant Learning
982 -- 999Mikko Lehtokangas, Jukka Saarinen, Kimmo Kaski, Pentti Huuhtanen. Initializing Weights of a Multilayer Perceptron Network by Using the Orthogonal Least Squares Algorithm
1000 -- 1020Jason A. S. Freeman, David Saad. Learning and generalization in radial basis function networks
1021 -- 1039Maxwell B. Stinchcombe. Precision and Approximate Flatness in Artificial Neural Networks
1040 -- 1053Wee Sun Lee, Peter L. Bartlett, Robert C. Williamson. Lower Bounds on the VC Dimension of Smoothly Parameterized Function Classes
1054 -- 1078Wolfgang Maass 0001. Agnostic PAC Learning of Functions on Analog Neural Nets
1079 -- 1104Ibrahim M. Elfadel. Convex Potentials and their Conjugates in Analog Mean-Field Optimization
1105 -- 1127Eytan Ruppin, James A. Reggia. Patterns of functional damage in neural network models of associative memory

Volume 7, Issue 4

639 -- 671Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa. Hints
672 -- 705Frans M. Coetzee, Virginia L. Stonick. Topology and Geometry of Single Hidden Layer Network, Least Squares Weight Solutions
706 -- 712Barak A. Pearlmutter. Time-Skew Hebb rule in a nonisopotential neuron
713 -- 734François Chapeau-Blondeau, N. Chambet. Synapse models for neural networks: from ion channel kinetics to multiplicative coefficient wij
735 -- 752Ning Qian. Generalization and analysis of the Lisberger-Sejnowski VOR model
753 -- 790Robert M. Sanner, Jean-Jacques E. Slotine. Stable Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulators Using "Neural" Networks
791 -- 798Y. Bennani. A modular and hybrid connectionist system for speaker identification
799 -- 808Keehoon Kim, Eric B. Bartlett. Error Estimation by Series Association for Neural Network Systems
809 -- 821David Barber, David Saad, Peter Sollich. Test Error Fluctuations in Finite Linear Perceptrons
822 -- 844Peter Tiño, Jozef Sajda. Learning and Extracting Initial Mealy Automata with a Modular Neural Network Model
845 -- 865Jörg Bruske, Gerald Sommer. Dynamic Cell Structure Learns Perfectly Topology Preserving Map

Volume 7, Issue 3

425 -- 468E. Erwin, Klaus Obermayer, Klaus Schulten. Models of orientation and ocular dominance columns in the visual cortex: a critical comparison
469 -- 485Peter König, Andreas K. Engel, Pieter R. Roelfsema, Wolf Singer. How precise is neuronal synchronization?
486 -- 506C. Richard Murphey, L. E. Moore, James T. Buchanan. Quantitative analysis of electrotonic structure and membrane properties of NMDA-activated lamprey spinal neurons
507 -- 517Marco Idiart, Barry Berk, L. F. Abbott. Reduced Representation by Neural Networks with Restricted Receptive Fields
518 -- 528Toru Ohira, Jack D. Cowan. Stochastic Single Neurons
529 -- 548Tomoki Fukai, Masatoshi Shiino. Memory Recall by Quasi-Fixed-Point Attractors in Oscillator Neural Networks
549 -- 564Richard S. Zemel, Geoffrey E. Hinton. Learning Population Codes by Minimizing Description Length
565 -- 579Peter Dayan, Richard S. Zemel. Competition and Multiple Cause Models
580 -- 595Alan L. Yuille, Stelios M. Smirnakis, Lei Xu 0001. Bayesian Self-Organization Driven by Prior Probability Distributions
594 -- 605Riccardo Rovatti, R. Ragazzoni, Zsolt Miklós Kovács-Vajna, Roberto Guerrieri. k-Nearest Neighbors Classifiers
606 -- 623Mark J. L. Orr. Regularization in the Selection of Radial Basis Function Centers
624 -- 638William G. Baxt, Halbert White. Bootstrapping confidence intervals for clinical input variable effects in a network trained to identify the presence of acute myocardial infarction

Volume 7, Issue 2

219 -- 269Federico Girosi, Michael J. Jones, Tomaso A. Poggio. Regularization Theory and Neural Networks Architectures
270 -- 279Dimitri P. Bertsekas. A Counterexample to Temporal Differences Learning
280 -- 283Eel-Wan Lee, Soo-Ik Chae. New Perceptron Model Using Random Bitstreams
284 -- 289Marco Budinich, John G. Taylor. On the Ordering Conditions for Self-Organizing Maps
290 -- 306Ruye Wang. A simple competitive account of some response properties of visual neurons in area MSTd
307 -- 337David Hansel, Germán Mato, Claude Meunier. Synchrony in excitatory neural networks
338 -- 348Gustavo Deco, Dragan Obradovic. Decorrelated Hebbian Learning for Clustering and Function Approximation
349 -- 369Asriel U. Levin, Kumpati S. Narendra. Identification Using Feedforward Networks
358 -- 369Sung-Bae Cho, Jin H. Kim. An HMM/MLP Architecture for Sequence Recognition
370 -- 379Tom Bylander. Learning Linear Threshold Approximations Using Perceptrons
380 -- 398Guillaume Deffuant. An Algorithm for Building Regularized Piecewise Linear Discrimination Surfaces: The Perceptron Membrane
399 -- 407Alessandro Treves, Stefano Panzeri. The Upward Bias in Measures of Information Derived from Limited Data Samples
408 -- 423Shimon Edelman. Representation of similarity in three-dimensional object discrimination

Volume 7, Issue 1

13 -- 18Shun-ichi Amari. The EM Algorithm and Information Geometry in Neural Network Learning
19 -- 24Michel Benaïm. Convergence Theorems for Hybrid Learning Rules
25 -- 35Graeme Mitchison. A Type of Duality between Self-Organizing Maps and Minimal Wiring
51 -- 71Eric Saund. A Multiple Cause Mixture Model for Unsupervised Learning
72 -- 85David G. Lowe. Similarity Metric Learning for a Variable-Kernel Classifier
86 -- 107Gustavo Deco, William Finnoff, Hans-Georg Zimmermann. Unsupervised Mutual Information Criterion for Elimination of Overtraining in Supervised Multilayer Networks
108 -- 116Christopher M. Bishop. Training with Noise is Equivalent to Tikhonov Regularization
117 -- 143Peter M. Williams. Bayesian Regularization and Pruning Using a Laplace Prior
144 -- 157Ronny Meir. Empirical Risk Minimization versus Maximum-Likelihood Estimation: A Case Study
158 -- 172Yoshiyuki Kabashima, Shigeru Shinomoto. Learning a Decision Boundary from Stochastic Examples: Incremental Algorithms with and without Queries
173 -- 181Sergio A. Cannas. Arithmetic Perceptrons
206 -- 217Christopher M. Bishop, Paul S. Haynes, Mike E. U. Smith, Tom N. Todd, David L. Trotman. Real-Time Control of a Tokamak Plasma Using Neural Networks