Journal: OR Spectrum

Volume 26, Issue 4

447 -- 470Herbert Meyr. Supply chain planning in the German automotive industry
471 -- 492Jens Rohde. Hierarchical supply chain planning using artificial neural networks to anticipate base-level outcomes
493 -- 520Eric Sucky. Coordinated order and production policies in supply chains
521 -- 546Peer Kleinau, Ulrich W. Thonemann. Deriving inventory-control policies with genetic programming
547 -- 577Gudrun P. Kiesmüller, Ton G. de Kok, Sanne R. Smits, Peter J. M. van Laarhoven. Evaluation of divergent N-echelon (s, nQ)-policies under compound renewal demand
579 -- 601Christoph Mellentien, Christoph Schwindt, Norbert Trautmann. Scheduling the factory pick-up of new cars
603 -- 604. Acknowledgement to Referees

Volume 26, Issue 3

305 -- 0Stefan Helber, Karl-Heinz Waldmann. Editorial - Call Center Management
307 -- 330Robert A. Shumsky. Approximation and analysis of a call center with flexible and specialized servers
331 -- 352Raik Stolletz, Stefan Helber. Performance analysis of an inbound call center with skills-based routing
353 -- 376M. Salah Aguir, Fikri Karaesmen, O. Zeynep Aksin, Fabrice Chauvet. The impact of retrials on call center performance
377 -- 411Avi Mandelbaum, Sergey Zeltyn. n + G queue
413 -- 422Tania Jiménez, Ger Koole. Scaling and comparison of fluid limits of queues applied to call centers with time-varying parameters
423 -- 440Reza Zamani. An efficient time-windowing procedure for scheduling projects under multiple resource constraints
441 -- 446Thomas Eichner, Andreas Wagener. Insurance demand, the elasticity of risk aversion, and relative prudence: a further result

Volume 26, Issue 2

149 -- 170Chang Ho Yang, Yong-Seok Choi, Tae Young Ha. Simulation-based performance evaluation of transport vehicles at automated container terminals
171 -- 192Sönke Hartmann. Generating scenarios for simulation and optimization of container terminal logistics
193 -- 209Pyung-Hoi Koo, Woon-Seek Lee, Dong-Won Jang. Fleet sizing and vehicle routing for container transportation in a static environment
211 -- 235Martin Grunow, Hans Otto Günther, Matthias Lehmann. Dispatching multi-load AGVs in highly automated seaport container terminals
237 -- 250Gary A. Kochenberger, Fred Glover, Bahram Alidaee, César Rego. A unified modeling and solution framework for combinatorial optimization problems
251 -- 262Philippe Baptiste, Sophie Demassey. Tight LP bounds for resource constrained project scheduling
263 -- 282Mark J. R. Ebben, Matthieu van der Heijden, Johann Hurink, Marco Schutten. Modeling of capacitated transportation systems for integral scheduling
283 -- 304H. M. le Blanc, Hein A. Fleuren, Harold Krikke. Redesign of a recycling system for LPG-tanks

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 2Hans Otto Günther, Kap Hwan Kim. Editorial
3 -- 49Dirk Steenken, Stefan Voß, Robert Stahlbock. Container terminal operation and operations research - a classification and literature review
51 -- 74Sönke Hartmann. A general framework for scheduling equipment and manpower at container terminals
75 -- 92Yongpei Guan, Raymond K. Cheung. The berth allocation problem: models and solution methods
93 -- 116Kap Hwan Kim, Jin-Soo Kang, Kwang Ryel Ryu. A beam search algorithm for the load sequencing of outbound containers in port container terminals
117 -- 143Iris F. A. Vis, Ismael Harika. Comparison of vehicle types at an automated container terminal
145 -- 0Alf Kimms. Book reviews
146 -- 147Peter Köchel. Book reviews
147 -- 148S. Dempe. Book review