Journal: Program

Volume 58, Issue 2

153 -- 175Wuyan Liang, Xiaolong Xu 0002. Savitar: an intelligent sign language translation approach for deafness and dysphonia in the COVID-19 era
176 -- 200Yuping Xing, Yongzhao Zhan. Performance prediction of multivariable linear regression based on the optimal influencing factors for ranking aggregation in crowdsourcing task
201 -- 213Fayaz Ahmad Loan, Aasif Mohammad Khan, Syed Aasif Ahmad Andrabi, Sozia Rashid Sozia, Umer Yousuf Parray. Giving life to dead: role of WayBack Machine in recovery of dead URLs
214 -- 242Allan Farias Fávaro, Roderval Marcelino, Cristian Cechinel. Blockchain solutions for scientific paper peer review: a systematic mapping of the literature
243 -- 266Hei-Chia Wang, Martinus Maslim, Hung-Yu Liu. CA-CD: context-aware clickbait detection using new Chinese clickbait dataset with transfer learning method
267 -- 279Changro Lee. Measuring land lot shapes for property valuation
280 -- 292Alejandro Ramos-Soto, Ángel Dacal-Nieto, Gonzalo Martín Alcrudo, Gabriel Mosquera, Juan José Areal. Analysis of automated guided vehicles performance based on process mining techniques
293 -- 317Hei-Chia Wang, Army Justitia, Ching-Wen Wang. AsCDPR: a novel framework for ratings and personalized preference hotel recommendation using cross-domain and aspect-based features
318 -- 343Juan Yang, Zhenkun Li, Xu Du. Analyzing audiovisual data for understanding user's emotion in human-computer interaction environment

Volume 58, Issue 1

1 -- 23Rongen Yan, Depeng Dang, Hu Gao, Yan Wu, Wenhui Yu. A novel word-graph-based query rewriting method for question answering
24 -- 41Duen-Ren Liu, Yang Huang 0003, Jhen-Jie Jhao, Shin-Jye Lee. News recommendations based on collaborative topic modeling and collaborative filtering with generative adversarial networks
42 -- 61Ying Yu, Jing Ma 0007. Identifying business information through deep learning: analyzing the tender documents of an Internet-based logistics bidding platform
62 -- 80Rucha Wadapurkar, Sanket Bapat, Rupali A. Mahajan, Renu Vyas. Machine learning approaches for prediction of ovarian cancer driver genes from mutational and network analysis
81 -- 94Bin Wang 0052, Fanghong Gao, Le Tong, Qian Zhang 0033, Sulei Zhu. Channel attention-based spatial-temporal graph neural networks for traffic prediction
95 -- 112Zeping Wang, Hengte Du, Liangyan Tao, Saad Ahmed Javed. Risk assessment in machine learning enhanced failure mode and effects analysis
113 -- 131Anil Kumar Swain, Aleena Swetapadma, Jitendra Kumar Rout, Bunil Kumar Balabantaray. A hybrid learning method for distinguishing lung adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma
132 -- 149Qinglong Li, JaeSeung Park, Jaekyeong Kim. Impact of information consistency in online reviews on consumer behavior in the e-commerce industry: a text mining approach