Journal: Swarm Intelligence

Volume 10, Issue 4

245 -- 246Marco Dorigo. Editorial: Ten years of swarm intelligence
247 -- 265Luca Mondada, Mohammad Ehsanul Karim, Francesco Mondada. Electroencephalography as implicit communication channel for proximal interaction between humans and robot swarms
267 -- 305Kyle Robert Harrison, Andries P. Engelbrecht, Beatrice M. Ombuki-Berman. Inertia weight control strategies for particle swarm optimization - Too much momentum, not enough analysis
307 -- 353Adam P. Piotrowski, Jaroslaw J. Napiorkowski. Searching for structural bias in particle swarm optimization and differential evolution algorithms

Volume 10, Issue 3

161 -- 192Sajjad Taghiyeh, Jie Xu. A new particle swarm optimization algorithm for noisy optimization problems
193 -- 210Gaëtan Podevijn, Rehan O'Grady, Nithin Mathews, Audrey Gilles, Carole Fantini-Hauwel, Marco Dorigo. Investigating the effect of increasing robot group sizes on the human psychophysiological state in the context of human-swarm interaction
211 -- 243Wei Li 0055, Melvin Gauci, Roderich Groß. Turing learning: a metric-free approach to inferring behavior and its application to swarms

Volume 10, Issue 2

99 -- 121Enrico Ampellio, Luca Vassio. A hybrid swarm-based algorithm for single-objective optimization problems involving high-cost analyses
123 -- 145Héctor D. Menéndez, Fernando E. B. Otero, David Camacho. Medoid-based clustering using ant colony optimization
147 -- 160Anshul Kanakia, Behrouz Touri, Nikolaus Correll. Modeling multi-robot task allocation with limited information as global game

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 31Eduardo Castello, Tomoyuki Yamamoto, Fabio Dalla Libera, Wenguo Liu 0001, Alan F. T. Winfield, Yutaka Nakamura, Hiroshi Ishiguro. Adaptive foraging for simulated and real robotic swarms: the dynamical response threshold approach
33 -- 63Lenka Pitonakova, Richard Crowder, Seth Bullock. Information flow principles for plasticity in foraging robot swarms
65 -- 97Yuri K. Lopes, Stefan M. Trenkwalder, André B. Leal, Tony J. Dodd, Roderich Groß. Supervisory control theory applied to swarm robotics