Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 58, Issue 4

217 -- 0Jeffrey E. Froyd. Editor-in-Chief's Introduction to "Development of a Taxonomy of Keywords for Engineering Education Research"
218 -- 0Les Dawes, Jeffrey E. Froyd, Erik de Graaff, Ahmad Ibrahim, Michael C. Lou. Joint Editors' Introduction to the Special Report "Development of a Taxonomy of Keywords for Engineering Education Research"
219 -- 241Cynthia J. Finelli, Maura Borrego, Golnoosh Rasoulifar. Development of a Taxonomy of Keywords for Engineering Education Research
242 -- 248Janet Liebenberg, Magda Huisman, Elsa Mentz. The Relevance of Software Development Education for Students
249 -- 254Michael James Scott, Steve Counsell, Stanislao Lauria, Stephen Swift, Allan Tucker, Martin Shepperd, Gheorghita Ghinea. Enhancing Practice and Achievement in Introductory Programming With a Robot Olympics
255 -- 261Pebertli Nils Alho Barata, Manoel Ribeiro Filho, Marcus V. Alves Nunes. Consolidating Learning in Power Systems: Virtual Reality Applied to the Study of the Operation of Electric Power Transformers
262 -- 268Kayode Peter Ayodele, Isaac A. Inyang, Lawrence O. Kehinde. An iLab for Teaching Advanced Logic Concepts With Hardware Descriptive Languages
269 -- 275Unai Hernández-Jayo, Juan-Manuel Lopez-Garde, J. Emilio Rodriguez-Seco. Addressing Electronic Communications System Learning Through a Radar-Based Active Learning Project
276 -- 281Haibin Duan, Pei Li, Yuhui Shi, Xiangyin Zhang, Changhao Sun. Interactive Learning Environment for Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms for UAV Path Planning
282 -- 288José O. Cadenas, Robert Simon Sherratt, Des Howlett, Chris G. Guy, Karsten O. Lundqvist. Virtualization for Cost-Effective Teaching of Assembly Language Programming
289 -- 296Rafael Oliveira Chaves, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim, Julio Cezar Costa Furtado, Sandro Ronaldo Bezerra Oliveira, Alex Santos, Eloi Luiz Favero. Experimental Evaluation of a Serious Game for Teaching Software Process Modeling
297 -- 302Necdet Sinan Ozbek, Ilyas Eker. An Interactive Computer-Aided Instructional Strategy and Assessment Methods for System Identification and Adaptive Control Laboratory
303 -- 308María Dolores Redel-Macías, Antonio J. Cubero-Atienza, José Miguel Martínez Valle, Gerardo Pedrós Pérez, Maria del Pilar Martínez-Jiménez. Noise and Vibration Risk Prevention Virtual Web for Ubiquitous Training

Volume 58, Issue 3

141 -- 150Susan M. Lord, Richard A. Layton, Matthew W. Ohland. Multi-Institution Study of Student Demographics and Outcomes in Electrical and Computer Engineering in the USA
151 -- 158Sasha Nikolic, Christian Ritz, Peter James Vial, Montserrat Ros, David Stirling. Decoding Student Satisfaction: How to Manage and Improve the Laboratory Experience
159 -- 166Javier Martínez-Roman, Juan Pérez-Cruz, Manuel Pineda-Sánchez, Ruben Puche-Panadero, Jose Roger-Folch, Martin Riera-Guasp, Angel Sapena-Bano. Electrical Machines Laminations Magnetic Properties: A Virtual Instrument Laboratory
167 -- 172Houcine Hassan, Carlos Domínguez, Juan-Miguel Martinez-Rubio, Angel Perles, Juan Vicente Capella, José Albaladejo. A Multidisciplinary PBL Robot Control Project in Automation and Electronic Engineering
173 -- 178David S. Ochs, Ruth Douglas Miller. Teaching Sustainable Energy and Power Electronics to Engineering Students in a Laboratory Environment Using Industry-Standard Tools
179 -- 186Kumar Yelamarthi, Eron Drake. A Flipped First-Year Digital Circuits Course for Engineering and Technology Students
187 -- 193Jesús Manuel Gómez de Gabriel, Anthony Mandow, Jesús Fernández-Lozano, Alfonso García-Cerezo. Mobile Robot Lab Project to Introduce Engineering Students to Fault Diagnosis in Mechatronic Systems
194 -- 202Deepika Sangam, Brent K. Jesiek. Conceptual Gaps in Circuits Textbooks: A Comparative Study
203 -- 207Chuanxue Wen, Junfei Zhang. Design of a Microlecture Mobile Learning System Based on Smartphone and Web Platforms
208 -- 213Maria-Blanca Ibanez, Angela Di Serio, Diego Villarán-Molina, Carlos Delgado Kloos. Augmented Reality-Based Simulators as Discovery Learning Tools: An Empirical Study

Volume 58, Issue 2

81 -- 89Suzanne W. Dietrich, Don Goelman, Connie M. Borror, Sharon M. Crook. An Animated Introduction to Relational Databases for Many Majors
90 -- 97Robert M. O'Connell. Adapting Team-Based Learning for Application in the Basic Electric Circuit Theory Sequence
98 -- 103Yeong-Jun Kim, Soonmook Jeong, Yongwoon Ji, Sangeun Lee, Key Ho Kwon, Jae Wook Jeon. Smartphone Response System Using Twitter to Enable Effective Interaction and Improve Engagement in Large Classrooms
104 -- 109Elena Trotskovsky, Nissim Sabag, Shlomo Waks. Students' Achievements and Misunderstandings When Solving Problems Using Electronics Models - A Case Study
110 -- 116Olatz Arbelaitz, José Ignacio Martín, Javier Muguerza. Analysis of Introducing Active Learning Methodologies in a Basic Computer Architecture Course
117 -- 123Shin-Shing Shin. A Study on the Difficulties of Learning Phase Transition in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design From the Viewpoint of Semantic Distance
124 -- 129Antonio Jose Lozano-Guerrero, Juan Francisco Valenzuela-Valdes. A Radionavigation Systems Course
130 -- 139Sasha Nikolic, Peter James Vial, Montserrat Ros, David Stirling, Christian Ritz. Improving the Laboratory Learning Experience: A Process to Train and Manage Teaching Assistants

Volume 58, Issue 1

1 -- 6Edurne Larraza-Mendiluze, Nestor Garay-Vitoria. Approaches and Tools Used to Teach the Computer Input/Output Subsystem: A Survey
7 -- 14Jana Reisslein, Amy M. Johnson, Martin Reisslein. Color Coding of Circuit Quantities in Introductory Circuit Analysis Instruction
15 -- 24Zeynep Dogmus, Esra Erdem, Volkan Patoglu. ReAct!: An Interactive Educational Tool for AI Planning for Robotics
25 -- 31Weili Cui, Wayne E. Jones, David Klotzkin, Greta L. Myers, Shawn Wagoner, Bruce White. Realization of a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Microfabrication Education Program at Binghamton University
32 -- 38Qinran Hu, Fangxing Li, Chien-fei Chen. A Smart Home Test Bed for Undergraduate Education to Bridge the Curriculum Gap From Traditional Power Systems to Modernized Smart Grids
39 -- 47Polycarp I. Muoka, Md. Enamul Haque, Ameen Gargoom, Michael Negnevitsky. DSP-Based Hands-On Laboratory Experiments for Photovoltaic Power Systems
48 -- 55Jeffrey Laut, Tiziana Bartolini, Maurizio Porfiri. Bioinspiring an Interest in STEM
56 -- 57Suhash C. Dutta Roy. Comments on "Fair and Square Computation of Inverse Z-Transforms of Rational Functions"