Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 33, Issue 6

1357 -- 1367Alfred M. Bruckstein, Tie-Jun Shan, Thomas Kailath. The resolution of overlapping echos
1368 -- 1379Sturart R. De Graaf, Don H. Johnson. Capabilitiy of array processing algorithms to estimate source bearings
1380 -- 1386Magdy T. Hanna, Marwan Simaan. Absolutely optimum array filters for sensor arrays
1387 -- 1396R. Lynn Kirlin, Lois A. Dewey. Optimal delay estimation in a multiple sensor array having spatially correlated noise
1397 -- 1403Etienne Denoel, Jean-Philippe Solvay. Linear prediction of speech with a least absolute error criterion
1404 -- 1413Biing-Hwang Juang, Lawrence R. Rabiner. Mixture autoregressive hidden Markov models for speech signals
1414 -- 1416Arthur Nádas. On Turing's formula for word probabilities
1417 -- 1426Nelson M. Blachman. The intermodulation and distortion due to quantization of sinusoids
1427 -- 1434Youji Iiguni, Hideaki Sakai, Hidekatsu Tokumaru. Convergence properties of simplified gradient adaptive lattice algorithms
1435 -- 1444Nicholas Kalouptsidis, George D. Koyas. Efficient block LS design of FIR filters with linear phase
1445 -- 1455Taiho Koh, Edward J. Powers. Second-order Volterra filtering and its application to nonlinear system identification
1456 -- 1460Yong Lim. An interpolation technique for computing the DFT of a sparse sequence
1461 -- 1470Wolfgang Martin, Patrick Flandrin. Wigner-Ville spectral analysis of nonstationary processes
1471 -- 1478John D. Mathews, J. K. Breakall, Georg K. Karawas. The discrete prolate spheroidal filter as a digital signal processing tool
1479 -- 1485Bahaa E. A. Saleh, Nikola S. Subotic. Time-variant filtering of signals in the mixed time frequency domain
1486 -- 1498Shlomo Shamai Shitz, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi. On the duality of time and frequency domain signal reconstruction from partial information
1499 -- 1508Kostas O. Siomalas, B. Archie Bowen. Synthesis of efficient pipelined architectures for implementing DSP operations
1509 -- 1515Allan O. Steinhardt, Robert K. Goodrich, Richard A. Roberts. Spectral estimation via minimum energy correlation extension
1516 -- 1520Allan O. Steinhardt, John Makhoul. On the autocorrelation of finite-length sequences
1521 -- 1531E. A. Trachtenberg. Construction of group transforms subject to several performance criteria
1532 -- 1539Munsi Alaul Haque. A two-dimensional fast cosine transform
1540 -- 1545David Hertz, Ezra Zeheb. Stability invariance of discrete and continuous multidimensional systems under some variable tranformations
1546 -- 1555Jeff Jaggernauth, Alexander C. Loui, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Real-time image processing by distributed arithmetic implementation of two-dimensional digital filters
1556 -- 1561David C. Munson Jr.. Minimum sampling rates for linear shift-variant discrete-time systems
1562 -- 1575Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos, Basil G. Mertzios. A decomposition theorem and its implications to the design and realization of two-dimensional filters
1576 -- 1592Zhe Wu. Multidimensional state-space model Kalman filtering with application to image restoration
1593 -- 1598Chia-Lung Yeh, Roland T. Chin. Error analysis of a class of constrained iterative restoration algorithms
1599 -- 1602Jaw John Chang, T. K. Truong, Howard M. Shao, Irving S. Reed, In-Shek Hsu. The VLSI design of a single chip for the multiplication of integers modulo a Fermat number
1603 -- 1604Casper W. Barnes. State-space realizations of covariance-invariant discrete-time models
1604 -- 1606Neil J. Bershad. Comments on "Comparison of the convergence of two algorithms for adaptive FIR digital filters"
1606 -- 1609D. A. Chalker, D. Mackerras. Models for representing the acoustic radiation impedance of the mouth
1609 -- 1610Jerry D. Gibson. Notes on bit allocation in the time and frequency domains
1610 -- 1611Masaaki Honda, Fumitada Itakura. Comments on "Notes on bit allocation in the time and frequency domains"
1611 -- 1613David Izraelevitz. Some results on the time-frequency sampling of the short-time Fourier transform magnitude
1613 -- 1614Ben H. Jansen. Comments on "Fitting autoregressive models to EEG time series: An empirical comparison of estimates of the order"
1614 -- 1617P. S. Kamat. A note on the generalized test for discrete system stability
1614 -- 0Eliahu Ibrahim Jury. A comment on "A generalized test for discrete system stability"
1617 -- 1619Wayne M. Lawton. A complete spectral characterization of quarter-plane autoregressive models
1619 -- 1621Yih-Chiao Liu, Gary L. Wise. A note on estimation with quantized data
1621 -- 1624Nicholas M. Mitrou. Results on nonrecursive digital filters with nonequidistant taps
1624 -- 1626K. K. Paliwal. Further simulation results on tapered and energy-weighted Burg methods
1626 -- 1627Soo-Chang Pei, Ja-Ling Wu. Improved long convolutions using generalized number theoretic and polynomial transforms
1627 -- 0Lian Zuo Qu, Neil J. Bershad. Comments on "Time delay estimation using the LMS adaptive filter-static behavior"
1628 -- 1630Heinz-Josef Schlebusch, Wolfgang Splettstosser. On a conjecture of J.L.C. Sanz and T.S. Huang
1630 -- 1632P. J. Sherman. Circulant approximations of the inverses of Toeplitz matrices and related quantities with applications to stationary random processes
1632 -- 1634H. Joel Trussell, M. Reha Civanlar. The Landweber iteration and projection onto convex sets
1634 -- 1635Eugene Walach. On high-order error criteria for system identification
1636 -- 1637Jerry D. Gibson. Digital coding of waveforms: Priciples and application to speech and video
1637 -- 0J. G. Proakis. Probability, random variables and stochastic processes

Volume 33, Issue 5

1073 -- 1075Göran Einarsson. Dynamic range and error dissipation of adaptive quantizers
1076 -- 1085David R. Brillinger. A maximum likelihood approach to frequency-wavenumber analysis
1086 -- 1091Angzhao Di. Multiple source location-A matrix decomposition approach
1092 -- 1094K. D. Flowers. Modal dispersion effects on coherent signal processing parameters
1095 -- 1101D. F. Gingras. Asymptotic properties of high-order Yule-Walker estimates of the AR parameters of an ARMA time series
1102 -- 1110John P. Ianniello. Lower bounds on worst case probability of large error for two channel time delay estimation
1111 -- 1113Won Lee, Kyu Park, Song Park. A QNAR-AGC estimator with reduced arithmetic complexity
1114 -- 1122S. Hamid Nawab, Farid U. Dowla, R. T. Lacoss. Direction determination of wideband signals
1123 -- 1129Mati Wax, Thomas Kailath. Decentralized processing in sensor arrays
1130 -- 1137Chorkin Chan, K. W. Ng. Separation of fricatives from aspirated plosives by means of temporal spectral variation
1138 -- 1145Yves G. Kamp. State reduction in hidden Markov chains used for speech recognition
1146 -- 1150Rashid Ansari. Elliptic filter design for a class of generalized halfband filters
1151 -- 1165James J. Clark, Matthew R. Palmer, Peter D. Lawrence. A transformation method for the reconstruction of functions from nonuniformly spaced samples
1166 -- 1174Jerry D. Gibson. Backward adaptive prediction as spectral analysis within a closed loop
1175 -- 1187Nicholas Kalouptsidis, George Carayannis, Dimitris Manolakis, Elias Koukoutsis. Efficient recursive in order least squares FIR filtering and prediction
1188 -- 1196Randolph L. Moses, James A. Cadzow, A. A. (Louis) Beex. A recursive procedure for ARMA modeling
1197 -- 1208Kenji Nakayama. A new discrete Fourier transform algorithm using butterfly structure fast convolution
1209 -- 1212Boaz Porat. Second-order equivalence of rectangular and exponential windows in least-squares estimation of Gaussian autoregressive processes
1213 -- 1230Raghuveer M. Rao, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Bispectrum estimation: A parametric approach
1231 -- 1238Henrik V. Sorensen, Douglas L. Jones, C. Sidney Burrus, Michael T. Heideman. On computing the discrete Hartley transform
1239 -- 1245Richard Tolimieri, Shmuel Winograd. Computing the ambiguity surface
1246 -- 1252Christopher J. Zarowski, Maurice Yunik. Spectral filtering using the fast Walsh transform
1253 -- 1263Alan C. Bovik, Thomas S. Huang, David C. Munson Jr.. Edge-sensitive image restoration using order-constrained least squares methods
1264 -- 1271Yu Hen Hu, Sun-Yuan Kung. Toeplitz eigensystem solver
1272 -- 1279Ju-Hong Lee, John M. Woods. Sectioned implementation of two-dimensional symmetric half-plane recursive filters
1280 -- 1295Guang-Yu Liao, Thomas A. Nodes, Neal C. Gallagher Jr.. Output distributions of two-dimensional median filters
1296 -- 1301John T. Rickard. Worst-case signal spectra for broadband detection
1302 -- 1315Fred J. Taylor. A single modulus complex ALU for signal processing
1316 -- 1318Majid Ahmadi, M. Boraie, Venkat Ramachandran, Christian S. Gargour. Design of 2-D recursive digital filters with constant group delay characteristics using separable denominator transfer function and a new stability test
1318 -- 1321Chang-Fuu Chen. Implementing FIR filters with distributed arithmetic
1321 -- 1324Roberto Cusani, Alessandro Neri. A modified hybrid sign estimator for the normalized autocorrelation function of a Gaussian stationary process
1324 -- 1326Guy Demoment, Roger Reynaud. Fast minimum variance deconvolution
1326 -- 1328Meng Hwa Er, Antonio Cantoni. On an adaptive antenna array under directional constraint
1328 -- 1331William B. Jones, Allan O. Steinhardt. Finding the poles of the lattice filter
1331 -- 1333Daniel Katz, Michael Landrum, Lee H. Schick. Stacking of noisy seismic traces via maximum entropy with a correlation coefficient constraint
1333 -- 1335Bruce R. Musicus. Fast MLM power spectrum estimation from uniformly spaced correlations
1335 -- 1337D. Raghuramireddy, Rolf Unbehauen. The two-dimensional differential cepstrum
1337 -- 1338P. A. Ramamoorthy. Comments on "Design of inherently stable two-dimensional recursive filter from one-dimensional filters"
1338 -- 1341Heinz-Josef Schlebusch, Wolfgang Splettstösser. On a conjecture of J. L. C. Sanz and T. S. Huang
1341 -- 1344Zhongde Wang. On computing the discrete Fourier and cosine transforms
1345 -- 1346Spiros Dimolitsas. Multidimensional digital signal processing
1345 -- 0Bradley W. Dickinson. Adaptive filters: Structures, algorithms, and applications
1346 -- 1347Hermann Ney. Sprachverarbeitung und sprachuebertragung (speech processing and speech transmission)
1346 -- 0David G. Long. Array signal processing

Volume 33, Issue 4

778 -- 787Richard L. Moose, Timothy E. Dailey. Adaptive underwater target tracking using passive multipath time-delay measurements
788 -- 805Frances A. Reed, Paul L. Feintuch, Charles L. Weber. The LMS cancellation of narrow, extended interferences in sonar
806 -- 811Tie-Jun Shan, Mati Wax, Thomas Kailath. On spatial smoothing for direction-of-arrival estimation of coherent signals
812 -- 822Julius O. Smith, Benjamin Friedlander. Adaptive multipath delay estimation
823 -- 831Hong Wang, Mostafa Kaveh. Coherent signal-subspace processing for the detection and estimation of angles of arrival of multiple wide-band sources
832 -- 836B. Yegnanarayana, J. Sreekanth, Anand Rangarajan. Waveform estimation using group delay processing
837 -- 849David K. Burton, John E. Shore, Joseph T. Buck. Isolated-word speech recognition using multisection vector quantization codebooks
850 -- 867Gary E. Kopec, Marcia A. Bush. Network-based isolated digit recognition using vector quantization
868 -- 873Martin J. Bastiaans. On the sliding-window representation in digital signal processing
874 -- 879Piet M. T. Broersen. Selecting the order of autoregressive models from small samples
880 -- 882Okan K. Ersoy. Real discrete Fourier transform
883 -- 892Earl R. Ferrara Jr.. Frequency-domain implementations of periodically time-varying filters
893 -- 902Alfred Fettweis, Josef A. Nossek, Klaus Meerkötter. Reconstruction of signals after filtering and sampling rate reduction
903 -- 910Benjamin I. Helme, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Improved spectrum performance via a data-adaptive weighted burg technique
911 -- 920Masayuki Kawamata, Tatsuo Higuchi. A unified approach to the optimal synthesis of fixed-point state-space digital filters
921 -- 932Gary E. Kopec. The signal representation language SRL
933 -- 938Athanasios Papoulis. Predictable processes and Wold's decomposition: A review
939 -- 945Giovanni L. Sicuranza. Nonlinear digital filter realization by distributed arithmetic
946 -- 958John R. Treichler, Michael G. Larimore. The tone capture properties of CMA-based interference suppressors
959 -- 963Rama Chellappa, Shankar Chatterjee. Classification of textures using Gaussian Markov random fields
964 -- 971Philippe Delsarte, Yves V. Genin, Yves G. Kamp. A generalization of the Levinson algorithm for Hermitian Toeplitz matrices with any rank profile
972 -- 982Hayri E. Mutluay, Moustafa M. Fahmy. Analysis of N-D general-support filters
983 -- 996Arye Nehorai. A minimal parameter adaptive notch filter with constrained poles and zeros
997 -- 1004Jorge L. C. Sanz, Thomas S. Huang. Polynomial system of equations and its applications to the study of the effect of noise on multidimensional Fourier transform phase retrieval from magnitude
1005 -- 1012Rao Yarlagadda, John E. Hershey. A naturalness-preserving transform for image coding and reconstruction
1013 -- 0A. L. Andrew. Further comments on "On the eigenvectors of symmetric Toeplitz matrices"
1013 -- 0L. C. Andrews. Author's reply
1014 -- 1017J. Bee Bednar, Terry L. Watt. Calculating the complex cepstrum without phase unwrapping or integration
1017 -- 1019David Burshtein, Ehud Weinstein. Some relations between the various criteria for autoregressive model order determination
1019 -- 1021R. T. Compton Jr.. On the Davies tree for adaptive array processing
1021 -- 1024Robert L. Cupo. The iterative NCDE algorithm for ARMA system identification and spectral estimation
1024 -- 1026Ashok K. Gupta. On suppression of a sinusoidal signal in broad-band noise
1026 -- 1027Seppo Haltsonen. Recognition of isolated-word sentences from a large vocabulary using dynamic time warping methods
1028 -- 1029Randolf Isenberg. Signal generation model considerations for time varying delayed signals
1029 -- 1032Augustus J. E. M. Janssen, Theo A. C. M. Claasen. On positivity of time-frequency distributions
1032 -- 1035Taiho Koh, Edward J. Powers. Efficient methods of estimate correlation functions of Gaussian processes and their performance analysis
1035 -- 1036J. T. Kroenert. Comments on "Approximate expressions for the output signal-to-noise ratios for two types of cross correlators with correlated bandpass inputs"
1036 -- 1039Jae Lee, Byong Min, Minsoo Suk. Realization of adaptive digital filters using the Fermat number transform
1039 -- 1040Robert J. Marks II, Tonya Reightley. On iterative evaluation of extrema of integrals of trigonometric polynomials
1040 -- 0G. Martinelli. Correction to "Long convolutions using number theoretic and polynomial transforms"
1040 -- 1044Richard L. Moose, P. M. Godiwala. Passive depth tracking of underwater maneuvering targets
1044 -- 1047P. Sherman, W. Birkemeier, J. deWeerd. Optimal estimation of an unknown deterministic signal vector using a time-invariant filter
1047 -- 1049Rolf Unbehauen. IIR digital filters with equiripple stopband transmission
1049 -- 1051Werner Verhelst, Oscar Steenhaut. Comments on "Pole-zero analysis of voiced speech using group delay characteristics"
1051 -- 1054Jiahua Wang. An iterative algorithm for inverse filtering
1054 -- 1058Fatos T. Yarman-Vural. An efficient and order-recursive algorithm for estimating stationary ARMA models
1058 -- 1061Tian-Hu Yu, Sanjit K. Mitra. A new two-dimensional window
1062 -- 1063E. Del Re. Digital processing of signals: Theory and practice
1063 -- 1064A. Semih Bingöl. Digital image processing

Volume 33, Issue 3

493 -- 504Richard A. Altes. Cross correlation and energy detection in multiarray processing
505 -- 510John W. Betz. Effects of uncompensated relative time companding on a broad-band cross correlator
511 -- 519Chong-Yung Chi, Jerry M. Mendel. Viterbi algorithm detector for Bernoulli-Gaussian processes
520 -- 526Markus S. Mueller, Jean-Jacques Werner. Adaptive echo cancellation with dispersion and delay in the adjustment loop
527 -- 536Tie-Jun Shan, Thomas Kailath. Adaptive beamforming for coherent signals and interference
537 -- 545Chieh Tsao, Robert M. Gray. Matrix quantizer design for LPC speech using the generalized Llyod algorithm
546 -- 560Kuk-Chin Pan, Frank K. Soong, Lawrence R. Rabiner. A vector-quantization-based preprocessor for speaker-independent isolated word recognition
561 -- 573Lawrence R. Rabiner, Stephen E. Levinson. A speaker-independent, syntax-directed, connected word recognition system based on hidden Markov models and level building
574 -- 586Aaron E. Rosenberg, Kathleen L. Shipley. Talker recognition in tandem with talker-independent isolated word recognition
587 -- 594Jay G. Wilpon, Lawrence R. Rabiner. A modified K-means clustering algorithm for use in isolated work recognition
595 -- 606Casper W. Barnes, Boi N. Tran, Shu Hung Leung. On the statistics of fixed-point roundoff error
607 -- 625John M. Cioffi, Thomas Kailath. Windowed fast transversal filters adaptive algorithms with normalization
626 -- 630Fred Mintzer. Filters for distortion-free two-band multirate filter banks
631 -- 642Ting-Chung Chen, Rui J. P. deFigueiredo. Two-dimensional interpolation by generalized spline filters based on partial differential equation image models
643 -- 657Susan R. Curtis, Alan V. Oppenheim, Jae S. Lim. Signal reconstruction from Fourier transform sign information
658 -- 665Benjamin Fisher, Neil J. Bershad. ALE behavior for two sinusoidal signal models
666 -- 671Eric W. Hansen. Fast Hankel transform algorithm
672 -- 683Yong-Hoon Lee, Saleem A. Kassam. Generalized median filtering and related nonlinear filtering techniques
684 -- 693Mark A. Mehalic, Pedro L. Rustan, Gary P. Route. Effects of architecture implementation on DFT algorithm performance
694 -- 711Chrysostomos L. Nikias, Andreas P. Chrysafis, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. The LU decomposition theorem and its implications to the realization of two-dimensional digital filters
712 -- 714S. T. Alexander, S. A. Rajala. Image compression results using the LMS adaptive algorithm
715 -- 717S. J. Elliott, P. Darlington. Adaptive cancellation of periodic, synchronously sampled interference
718 -- 719M. L. Frey, F. J. Taylor. A table reduction technique for logarithmically architected digital filters
719 -- 725Benjamin Friedlander, Ken Sharman. Performance evaluation of the modified Yule-Walker estimator
725 -- 728David Hertz, Ezra Zeheb. A generalization of Rudin's multivariable stability theorem
728 -- 731Youji Iiguni, Hideaki Sakai, Hidekatsu Tokumaru. A method of eliminating a bias in the normalized circular lattice algorithm
731 -- 733Giovanni Jacovitti, Roberto Cusani. Performances of the hybrid-sign correlation coefficient estimator for Gaussian stationary processes
733 -- 734Steven Kay. Generation of the autocorrelation sequence of an ARMA process
734 -- 737Hon Keung Kwan, Anthony G. Constantinides. Roundoff noise of arbitrary linear digital networks
737 -- 738John Makhoul. Author's reply to "Comments and corrections to 'on the eigenvectors of symmetric Toeplitz matrices' "
738 -- 741Farokh Marvasti. A new method to compensate for the sample-and-hold distortion
741 -- 744S. Nakamura, S. Yasuda, S. K. Mitra. An approach to the realization of a programmable FIR digital filter
744 -- 748Fred J. Taylor. A sparse RNS system
748 -- 752Michael A. Tzannes, Dimitris Politis, N. S. Tzannes. A general method of minimum cross-entropy spectral estimation
752 -- 753Z. Uzdy. Human speaker recognition performance of LPC voice processors
753 -- 760R. J. Webster. ∞-windows
760 -- 764Djuro G. Zrilic, A. Mavretic, Marvin Freedman. Arithmetic ternary operations on delta-modulated signals and their application in the realization of digital filters
766 -- 767G. Elko. Principles of acoustic devices
766 -- 0James E. Barger. Underwater acoustic system analysis

Volume 33, Issue 2

349 -- 355Russell J. Niederjohn, Meir Lahat. A zero-crossing consistency method for formant tracking of voiced speech in high noise levels
356 -- 368V. Ramamoorthy. A novel speech coder for medium and high bit rate applications using modulo-PCM principles
369 -- 377Dale E. Veeneman, Spencer L. BeMent. Automatic glottal inverse filtering from speech and electroglottographic signals
377 -- 386George S. Kang, Stephanie S. Everett. Improvement of the excitation source in the narrow-band linear prediction vocoder
387 -- 392Mati Wax, Thomas Kailath. Detection of signals by information theoretic criteria
393 -- 400Philippe Delsarte, Yves V. Genin, Yves G. Kamp. Positive-definite Toeplitz embedding based on the cyclic extension of a data matrix
401 -- 405M. H. El Ayadi. Generalized likelihood adaptive detection of signals deformed by unknown linear filtering in noise with slowly fluctuating power
406 -- 413David Izraelevitz, Jae S. Lim. Properties of the overdetermined normal equation method for spectral estimation when applied to sinusoids in noise
414 -- 420Paul C. Millar. Recursive quadrature mirror filters-Criteria specification and design method
420 -- 431John R. Treichler, Michael G. Larimore. New processing techniques based on the constant modulus adaptive algorithm
432 -- 434S. T. Alexander. A simple noniterative speech excitation algorithm using the LPC residual
434 -- 435Athanasios Aridgides, Dennis R. Morgan. Effects of input quantization in floating-point digital pulse compression
436 -- 437Nevio Benvenuto. Moments of error-frequency response due to coefficient inaccuracy for sampled data filters
437 -- 440John L. Brown Jr.. An RKHS analysis of sampling theorems for harmonic-limited signals
440 -- 443David K. Burton, John E. Shore. Speaker-dependent isolated word recognition using speaker-independent vector quantization codebooks augmented with speaker-specific data
443 -- 445Yariv Ephraim, David Malah. Speech enhancement using a minimum mean-square error log-spectral amplitude estimator
446 -- 449Hong Fan, Jorge L. C. Sanz. Comments on "Direct Fourier reconstruction in computer tomography"
449 -- 450Seppo Haltsonen. Improved dynamic time warping methods for discrete utterance recognition
451 -- 453Panos E. Papamichalis. Markov-Huffman coding of LPC parameters
453 -- 455Ioannis Pitas, Michael G. Strintzis. Algorithms and structures for convolutions over Galois fields
455 -- 460Dmitry Radbel, Robert J. Marks II. An FIR estimation filter based on the sampling theorem
460 -- 465Soheil I. Sayegh, Bahaa Saleh, Karen M. Nashold. Image design: Generation of a prescribed image through a diffraction-limited system with high-contrast recording
465 -- 469Robin N. Strickland. Estimation of local statistics for digital processing of nonstationary images
469 -- 472A. Murat Tekalp, Howard Kaufman, John W. Woods. Fast recursive estimation of the parameters of a space-varying autoregressive image model
472 -- 475Jitendra K. Tugnait. Constrained signal restoration via iterated extended Kalman filtering
475 -- 477N. S. Vasanthavada. A note on the computational efficiency of the FIR multistage implementations of fractional sampling rate conversion
477 -- 483Darrell Williamson, S. Sridharan. Residue feedback in digital filters using fractional feedback coefficients
483 -- 486Pierre A. Yansouni. Bias-free estimates of the variance of time of arrival differences
487 -- 0J. R. Cruz. Applications of digital signal processing

Volume 33, Issue 1

1 -- 4Yoshiaki Kitazume, Eiji Ohira, Takeyuki Endo. LSI implementation of a pattern matching algorithm for speech recognition
5 -- 30Demetri Terzopoulos. Co-occurrence analysis of speech waveforms
31 -- 38Leon Cohen, Theodore E. Posch. Positive time-frequency distribution functions
38 -- 45Alfred O. Hero III, Stuart C. Schwartz. A new generalized cross correlator
46 -- 50R. Lynn Kirlin, Ernest S. Gale. Analysis of delay estimation improvement factors due to multiple measurements and A priori information
50 -- 60Surendra Prasad, M. S. Narayanan, Sampath R. Desai. Time-delay estimation performance in a scattering medium
61 -- 69Frances A. Reed, Paul L. Feintuch, Neil J. Bershad. The application of the frequency domain LMS adaptive filter to split array bearing estimation with a sinusoidal signal
70 -- 76R. Sudhakar, Ramesh C. Agarwal, S. C. Dutta Roy. Frequency estimation based on iterated autocorrelation function
77 -- 89Theagenis J. Abatzoglou. A fast maximum likelihood algorithm for frequency estimation of a sinusoid based on Newton's method
90 -- 97Rashid Ansari, Bede Liu. A class of low-noise computationally efficient recursive digital filters with applications to sampling rate alterations
98 -- 105George Benke, Benjamin B. Wells. Estimates for the stability of low-pass filters
106 -- 110Bruce W. Bomar. New second-order state-space structures for realizing low roundoff noise digital filters
111 -- 117Arthur Boothroyd. A wearable tactile intonation display for the deaf
117 -- 126Philip Chan, Jae S. Lim. One-dimensional processing for adaptive image restoration
126 -- 135Guido M. Cortelazzo, Michael R. Lightner. The use of multiple criterion optimization for frequency domain design of noncausal IIR filters
136 -- 142V. John Mathews, Dae Hee Youn. Analysis of the short-time unbiased spectrum estimation algorithm
143 -- 150Hans-Werner Steinberg, Theo Gasser, Jürgen Franke. Fitting autoregressive models to EEG time series: An empirical comparison of estimates of the order
151 -- 159Kumar Swaminathan. Signal restoration from data aliased in time
160 -- 163Jitendra K. Tugnait. ARMA spectral estimation for noisy signals observed through a linear system
164 -- 173Akira Watanabe, Yuichi Ueda, Akiyoshi Shigenaga. Color display system for connected speech to be used for the hearing impaired
174 -- 182Rao K. Yarlagadda, J. Bee Bednar, Terry L. Watt. Fast algorithms for lpdeconvolution
182 -- 185Dae Youn, Jin-Geol Kim. Short-time Fourier transform using a bank of low-pass filters
185 -- 194Jorge L. Aravena, William A. Porter. Ordered and partially ordered processing of multidimensional images
194 -- 203R. Chellappa, Rangasami L. Kashyap. Texture synthesis using 2-D noncausal autoregressive models
203 -- 218Peter L. Chu. Quadrature mirror filter design for an arbitrary number of equal bandwidth channels
219 -- 222Okan K. Ersoy. On relating discrete Fourier, sine, and symmetric cosine transforms
222 -- 230Arie Feuer, Ehud Weinstein. Convergence analysis of LMS filters with uncorrelated Gaussian data
230 -- 240J. Patrick Fitch, Edward J. Coyle, Neal C. Gallagher Jr.. Root properties and convergence rates of median filters
240 -- 248Albert A. Gerlach. Optimum detection performance of passive coherence estimators
248 -- 254Howard W. Johnson, C. Sidney Burrus. On the structure of efficient DFT algorithms
254 -- 267Rajendra Kumar. A fast algorithm for solving a Toeplitz system of equations
268 -- 280George A. Lampropoulos, Moustafa M. Fahmy. A new technique for the design of two-dimensional FIR and IIR filters
280 -- 299Surendra Ranganath, Anil K. Jain. Two-dimensional linear prediction models-part I: Spectral factorization and realization
300 -- 307Jacques G. Verly, Tamar Peli. Circular harmonic analysis of PSF's corresponding to separable polar-coordinate frequency responses with emphasis on fan filtering
308 -- 309Yehuda Azenkot, Isidor Gertner. The least squares estimation of time delay between two signals with unknown relative phase shift
309 -- 312Neil J. Bershad, Yuh-Huu Chang. Time correlation statistics of the LMS adaptive algorithm weights
312 -- 315J. L. Brown Jr.. Sampling expansions for multiband signals
315 -- 316Cengiz Esmersoy. Signal power upper bound in parameter estimation
316 -- 319Earl R. Ferrara Jr.. A method for cancelling interference from a constant envelope signal
319 -- 320Hisham Hassanein, Brian Bryden. Implementation of the Gold-Rabiner pitch detector in a real time environment using an improved voicing detector
320 -- 323Yiu-Kei Lau, Chok-Ki Chan. Speech recognition based on zero crossing rate and energy
323 -- 326Dennis R. Morgan, Athanasios Aridgides. Discrete-time distortion analysis of quantized sinusoids
326 -- 329Arthur Nadas. Optimal solution of a training problem in speech recognition
329 -- 331Kenneth L. Peacock. Kaiser-Bessel weighting of the Hilbert transform high-cut filter
331 -- 334Jitendra K. Tugnait. Constrained signal restoration via iterated extended Kalman filtering
334 -- 336Adriaan van den Bos. Variance and bias of the normalized relay correlation estimator
336 -- 337Jonathan Allen. VLSI Silicon compilation and the art of automatic microchip design
337 -- 338Michael Andrews. Adaptive filtering prediction and control
337 -- 0Shaoann Shon. LC filter design, test, and manufacturing
338 -- 339J. R. Resnick. The radon transforms and some of its applications