Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 43, Issue 9

2049 -- 2057Douglas Cochran, Herbert Gish, Dana Sinno. A geometric approach to multiple-channel signal detection
2058 -- 2067Mehdi T. Kilani, Joe F. Chicharo. A constrained notch Fourier transform
2068 -- 2078Marina V. Dragosevic, Srdjan S. Stankovic. An adaptive notch filter with improved tracking properties
2079 -- 2087T. Oliveira e Silva. On the determination of the optimal pole position of Laguerre filters
2088 -- 2094Benjamin Friedlander, Ariela Zeira. Oversampled Gabor representation for transient signals
2095 -- 2102Hideo Murakami. Sampling rate conversion systems using a new generalized form of the discrete Fourier transform
2103 -- 2108Truong Q. Nguyen. Digital filter bank design quadratic-constrained formulation
2109 -- 2119Necdet Uzun, Richard A. Haddad. Cyclostationary modeling, analysis, and optimal compensation of quantization errors in subband codecs
2120 -- 2129Geoffrey Ye Li, Zhi Ding. Convergence analysis of finite length blind adaptive equalizers
2130 -- 2134Melvin J. Hinich, Hagit Messer. On the principal domain of the discrete bispectrum of a stationary signal
2135 -- 2143David N. Swingler. On the application of the jackknife to the estimation of the parameters of short multisinusoidal signals using the data-matrix formulation
2144 -- 2153Shahrokh Valaee, Benoît Champagne, Peter Kabal. Parametric localization of distributed sources
2154 -- 2163Jian Li, Bijit Halder, Petre Stoica, Mats Viberg. Computationally efficient angle estimation for signals with known waveforms
2164 -- 2175S. Bose, A. O. Steinhardt. A maximal invariant framework for adaptive detection with structured and unstructured covariance matrices
2176 -- 2185Joseph M. Francos, Benjamin Friedlander. Bounds for estimation of complex exponentials in unknown colored noise
2186 -- 2189Kwang Kim, Bahram Shafai. Finite impulse response estimator (FIRE)
2190 -- 2193Qiu Ping Li, Hon Keung Kwan. Nonlinear adaptive IIR digital filter for linear system modeling
2193 -- 2194Kin-Man Lam, Hong Yan. Computing the inverse DFT with the in-place, in-order prime factor FFT algorithm
2195 -- 2198Feng Zou, R. R. Gallagher. A new transform with symmetrical coding performance for Markov (1) signals
2198 -- 2202Eugene J. Zalubas, Moeness G. Amin. Time-frequency kernel design by the two-dimensional frequency transformation method
2203 -- 2205Ming-Jun Lai. On the digital filter associated with Daubechies' wavelets
2205 -- 2209Uri Shaked, Nadav Berman. ∞ nonlinear filtering of discrete-time processes
2209 -- 2212Pascal Bondon, Patrick L. Combettes, Bernard C. Picinbono. Volterra filtering and higher order whiteness
2212 -- 2216F. Ayhan Sakarya, Monson W. Hayes. Estimating 2-D DOA angles using nonlinear array configurations
2217 -- 2221Georgios B. Giannakis, Guotong Zhou. Harmonics in multiplicative and additive noise: parameter estimation using cyclic statistics
2222 -- 2225José M. B. Dias, José M. N. Leitão. Asymptotically efficient estimation of spectral moments
2225 -- 2229George A. Tsihrintzis, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Incoherent receivers in alpha-stable impulsive noise

Volume 43, Issue 8

1753 -- 1765Chwan-Wen King, Ching-An Lin. A unified approach to scrambling filter design
1766 -- 1777Michail K. Tsatsanis, Georgios B. Giannakis. Principal component filter banks for optimal multiresolution analysis
1778 -- 1789Nikolay Polyak, William A. Pearlman, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi. Orthogonalization of circular stationary vector sequences and its application to the Gabor decomposition
1790 -- 1797V. S. Dimitrov, T. V. Cosklev, B. Bonevsky. Number theoretic transforms over the golden section quadratic field
1798 -- 1808Laurent Desbat, Andreas Wernsdorfer. Direct algebraic reconstruction and optimal sampling in vector field tomography
1809 -- 1818Alan J. Coulson, Rodney G. Vaughan, Neil L. Scott. Signal combination using bandpass sampling
1819 -- 1830Dennis R. Morgan, James C. Thi. A delayless subband adaptive filter architecture
1831 -- 1841Panos Koukoulas, Nicholas Kalouptsidis. Nonlinear system identification using Gaussian inputs
1842 -- 1854Nadine Martin, Jerome Mars, Jacques Martin, Cecile Chorier. A Capon's time-octave representation application in room acoustics
1855 -- 1866Seong Rag Kim, Adam Efron. Adaptive robust impulse noise filtering
1867 -- 1873Q. T. Zhang. A statistical resolution theory of the beamformer-based spatial spectrum for determining the directions of signals in white noise
1874 -- 1879S. D. Stearns. Arithmetic coding in lossless waveform compression
1880 -- 1889John M. M. Anderson, Georgios B. Giannakis, Ananthram Swami. Harmonic retrieval using higher order statistics: a deterministic formulation
1890 -- 1900Feng Qian, Barry D. Van Veen. Quadratically constrained adaptive beamforming for coherent signals and interference
1901 -- 1914Shimon Peleg, Benjamin Friedlander. The discrete polynomial-phase transform
1915 -- 1922Murali Rangaswamy, James H. Michels, Donald Weiner. Multichannel detection for correlated non-Gaussian random processes based on innovations
1923 -- 1935Bertrand M. Hochwald, Arye Nehorai. Polarimetric modeling and parameter estimation with applications to remote sensing
1936 -- 1945R. Sen. On the identification of exponentially decaying signals
1946 -- 1954Athina P. Petropulu. Noncausal nonminimum phase ARMA modeling of non-Gaussian processes
1955 -- 1965Demin Wang, Véronique Haese-Coat, Alain Bruno, Joseph Ronsin. Some statistical properties of mathematical morphology
1966 -- 1977A. Sharma, R. Jain. InSyn: integrated scheduling for DSP applications
1978 -- 1981Arie Feuer, Rick Middleton. Conditioning of LMS algorithms with fast sampling
1982 -- 1986Jongtae Chun, N. K. Bose. Fast evaluation of an integral occurring in digital filtering applications
1986 -- 1990T. Engin Tuncer, Truong Q. Nguyen. Interpolated LIR Mth-band filter design with allpass subfilters
1990 -- 1993Mohammed Charif-Chefchaouni, Dan Schonfeld. On the convergence and roots of order-statistics filters
1994 -- 1996Peter H. Bauer. Absolute error bounds for block floating-point direct-form digital filters
1996 -- 1998James W. Pitton, Les E. Atlas. Discrete-time implementation of the cone-kernel time-frequency representation
1998 -- 2002S. Jayasimha, P. V. R. Narasimha Rao. An iteration scheme for the design of equiripple Mth-band FIR filters
2002 -- 2004M. R. K. Khansari, Tsuhan Chen. Finding commutative multidimensional downsamplers and upsamplers
2005 -- 2007G. Gripenberg. On the conjugate quadrature filters that do not generate orthonormal wavelets
2007 -- 2010Peter Strobach. Single section least squares adaptive notch filter
2011 -- 2013N. G. Chernoguz. A smoothed Newton-Gauss method with application to bearing-only position location
2013 -- 2016Steven M. Kay, Venkatesh Nagesha. Methods for chaotic signal estimation
2016 -- 2018Daniel J. Rabideau. Subspace invariance: the RO-FST and TQR-SVD adaptive subspace tracking algorithms
2018 -- 2022Yoon Jeong Na, Kwang Soon Kim, Iickho Song, Taehyun Kim. Identification of nonminimum phase FIR: systems using the third and fourth-order cumulants
2022 -- 2025A. Mansour, C. Jutten. Fourth-order criteria for blind sources separation
2025 -- 2027Sören Anderson, Arye Nehorai. Optimal dimension reduction for array processing-generalized
2028 -- 2030Langford B. White. Robust approximate likelihood ratio tests for nonlinear dynamic systems
2030 -- 2033Bernard C. Picinbono, Pascal Chevalier. Widely linear estimation with complex data
2033 -- 2035Boaz Porat. On the Fisher information for the mean of a Gaussian process
2035 -- 2037Petre Stoica, Mats Viberg. On maximum-likelihood estimation of difference equation parameters

Volume 43, Issue 7

1557 -- 1567Benjamin Friedlander, Anthony J. Weiss. Direction finding using noise covariance modeling
1568 -- 1578Levent Onural, Mefharet Kocatepe. Family of scaling chirp functions, diffraction, and holography
1579 -- 1590Oktay Alkin, Hakan Caglar. Design of efficient M-band coders with linear-phase and perfect-reconstruction properties
1591 -- 1601Anthony J. Thorpe, Louis L. Scharf. Data adaptive rank-shaping methods for solving least squares problems
1602 -- 1612Stefaan Van Gerven, Dirk Van Compernolle. Signal separation by symmetric adaptive decorrelation: stability, convergence, and uniqueness
1613 -- 1619Karl Gerlach. Asymptotic S/N results for an adaptive polyspectral canceller using sample matrix inversion
1620 -- 1630Petr Tichavský, Ananthram Swami. Statistical characterization of sample fourth-order cumulants of a noisy complex sinusoidal process
1631 -- 1636T. T. J. M. Peeters, Özer Ciftcioglu. Statistics on exponential averaging of periodograms
1637 -- 1650Luis Castedo, Aníbal R. Figueiras-Vidal. An adaptive beamforming technique based on cyclostationary signal properties
1651 -- 1662Kenneth J. Kerpez. Minimum mean squared error impulse noise estimation and cancellation
1663 -- 1676Mithat C. Dogan, Jerry M. Mendel. Applications of cumulants to array processing - II. Non-Gaussian noise suppression
1677 -- 1695A. Satish, Rangasami L. Kashyap. Multiple target tracking using maximum likelihood principle
1696 -- 1702Suhas N. Diggavi, John J. Shynk, Neil J. Bershad. Convergence models for Rosenblatt's perceptron learning algorithm
1703 -- 1709M. A. Mohamed, J. Saniie. Statistical evaluation of sequential morphological operations
1709 -- 1711Stephen R. Tate. Stable computation of the complex roots of unity
1711 -- 1712Zhongde Wang. Comments on "Generalized discrete Hartley transform"
1713 -- 1715S. Chen, J. Wigger. Fast orthogonal least squares algorithm for efficient subset model selection
1715 -- 1719Richard N. Czerwinski, Douglas L. Jones. Adaptive cone-kernel time-frequency analysis
1719 -- 1724Srdjan Stankovic, Ljubisa A. Stankovic, Zdravko Uskokovic. On the local frequency, group shift, and cross-terms in some multidimensional time-frequency distributions: a method for multidimensional time-frequency analysis
1725 -- 1728Shaohua Niu, D. Grant Fisher. Simultaneous estimation of process parameters, noise variance, and signal-to-noise ratio
1728 -- 1732Mahmoud Allam, Alireza Moghaddamjoo. Two-dimensional DFT projection for wideband direction-of-arrival estimation
1733 -- 1735Ching-Hsiang Tseng, Edward J. Powers. Identification of cubic systems using higher order moments of i.i.d. signals
1736 -- 1738M. R. Raghuveer. Third-order statistics: issue of PDF symmetry
1738 -- 1741Gregory S. Wagner, Thomas J. Owens. Broadband eigen-analysis for three-component seismic array data

Volume 43, Issue 6

1325 -- 1333Hsien-Tsai Wu, Jar-Ferr Yang, Fwu-Kuen Chen. Source number estimators using transformed Gerschgorin radii
1334 -- 1347Ian L. Thng, Antonio Cantoni, Yee Hong Leung. Constraints for maximally flat optimum broadband antenna arrays
1348 -- 1359Cormac Herley. Exact interpolation and iterative subdivision schemes
1360 -- 1367Søren Hein. A fast block-based nonlinear decoding algorithm for ΣΔ modulators
1368 -- 1385Naresh R. Shanbhag, Keshab K. Parhi. Pipelined adaptive DFE architectures using relaxed look-ahead
1386 -- 1396Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Johann Friedrich Böhme. Bootstrap multiple tests applied to sensor location
1397 -- 1412Ching-Yih Tseng, David D. Feldman, Lloyd J. Griffiths. Steering vector estimation in uncalibrated arrays
1413 -- 1426Wenyuan Xu, Mostafa Kaveh. Analysis of the performance and sensitivity of eigendecomposition-based detectors
1427 -- 1437Chandra Vaidyanathan, Kevin M. Buckley. Performance analysis of the MVDR spatial spectrum estimator
1438 -- 1444Mark C. Sullivan, Edward J. Wegman. Correlation estimators based on simple nonlinear transformations
1445 -- 1460Guotong Zhou, Georgios B. Giannakis. Harmonics in multiplicative and additive noise: performance analysis of cyclic estimators
1461 -- 1467Emmanuel Angelidis. A recursive frequency-sampling method for designing zero-phase FIR filters by nonuniform samples
1468 -- 1484Sati Banerjee, Takeo Hamada, Paul M. Chau, Ronald D. Fellman. Macro pipelining based scheduling on high performance heterogeneous multiprocessor systems
1485 -- 1497Jun Zhang, G. G. Walter, Y. Miao, Wan Ngai Wayne Lee. Wavelet neural networks for function learning
1498 -- 1502Nigel Lee, Stuart C. Schwartz. Robust transient signal detection using the oversampled Gabor representation
1502 -- 1503Thomas Schanze. Sinc interpolation of discrete periodic signals
1503 -- 1508Tamal Bose, Mei-Qin Chen. Conjugate gradient method in adaptive bilinear filtering
1508 -- 1510Dennis R. Morgan. A general characterization of lowpass FIR frequency response in the transition band
1511 -- 1515Sergio Barbarossa. Analysis of multicomponent LFM signals by a combined Wigner-Hough transform
1515 -- 1519Xiang-Gen Xia, Bruce W. Suter, Mark E. Oxley. On necessary and sufficient conditions for perfect reconstruction multidimensional delay chain systems
1519 -- 1522Satoru Goto, Masatoshi Nakamura, Katsuji Uosaki. On-line spectral estimation of nonstationary time series based on AR model parameter estimation and order selection with a forgetting factor
1522 -- 1524Mübeccel Demirekler. On the first order equalization of hidden Markov models
1525 -- 1526Mark C. Sullivan, Edward J. Wegman. Estimating spectral correlations with simple nonlinear transformations
1527 -- 1531Raúl E. Sequeira, John A. Gubner. Intensity estimation from shot-noise data
1531 -- 1535Gaetano Giunta. Complex hybrid correlators: an extended analysis of their performance
1536 -- 1540Partha Pratim Kanjilal, Sarbani Palit. On multiple pattern extraction using singular value decomposition
1541 -- 1546David Akopian, Olli Vainio, Sos S. Agaian, Jaakko Astola. Processors for generalized stack filters

Volume 43, Issue 5

1033 -- 1044Michael A. Blommer, Gregory H. Wakefield. The side-information median filter for sequence reconstruction
1045 -- 1057Knut C. Aas, Kenneth A. Duell, Clifford T. Mullis. Synthesis of extremal wavelet-generating filters using Gaussian quadrature
1058 -- 1067Jenq-Tay Yuan, John A. Stuller. Least squares order-recursive lattice smoothers
1068 -- 1089François Auger, Patrick Flandrin. Improving the readability of time-frequency and time-scale representations by the reassignment method
1090 -- 1102P. P. Vaidyanathan, Tsuhan Chen. Role of anticausal inverses in multirate filter-banks .I. System-theoretic fundamentals
1103 -- 1115P. P. Vaidyanathan, Tsuhan Chen. Role of anticausal inverses in multirate filter-banks .II. The FIR case, factorizations, and biorthogonal lapped transforms
1116 -- 1127Petr Tichavský, Peter Händel. Two algorithms for adaptive retrieval of slowly time-varying multiple cisoids in noise
1128 -- 1139Ming Lu. A Toeplitz-induced mapping technique in sensor array processing
1140 -- 1150Ridha Hamza, Kevin Buckley. An analysis of weighted eigenspace methods in the presence of sensor errors
1151 -- 1160Zuqiang Fu, Eric M. Dowling. Conjugate gradient eigenstructure tracking for adaptive spectral estimation
1161 -- 1172Joseph M. Francos, Benjamin Friedlander. Bounds for estimation of multicomponent signals with random amplitude and deterministic phase
1173 -- 1186Guotong Zhou, Georgios B. Giannakis. Retrieval of self-coupled harmonics
1187 -- 1199Mats Viberg, Petre Stoica, Björn E. Ottersten. Array processing in correlated noise fields based on instrumental variables and subspace fitting
1200 -- 1216Mithat C. Dogan, Jerry M. Mendel. Applications of cumulants to array processing - I. Aperture extension and array calibration
1217 -- 1231Guotong Zhou, Georgios B. Giannakis. Harmonics in Gaussian multiplicative and additive noise: Cramer-Rao bounds
1232 -- 1242Martin Haardt, Josef A. Nossek. Unitary ESPRIT: how to obtain increased estimation accuracy with a reduced computational burden
1243 -- 1248Mao Yu, Tsu-Shuan Chang. An adaptive step size for backpropagation using linear lower bounding functions
1249 -- 1251N. Rama Murthy, M. N. S. Swamy. On the on-line computation of DCT-IV and DST-IV transforms
1252 -- 1255Masaru Kamada, Kazuo Toraichi, Rudolf E. Kalman. A smooth signal generator based on quadratic B-spline functions
1255 -- 1258A. Tawfik, Panajotis Agathoklis, Fayez El Guibaly. New low roundoff noise realizations of second-order digital filter sections
1258 -- 1262S. B. Hearon, Moeness G. Amin. Minimum-variance time-frequency distribution kernels
1262 -- 1268LJubisa Stankovic. A method for improved distribution concentration in the time-frequency analysis of multicomponent signals using the L-Wigner distribution
1269 -- 1273Jelena Kovacevic, Martin Vetterli. Nonseparable two- and three-dimensional wavelets
1273 -- 1275Neil J. Bershad, Paul L. Feintuch. Non-Wiener solutions for the LMS algorithm-a time domain approach
1276 -- 1279C. C. Ko, J. Wen. A fast adaptive array algorithm for tracking nonstationary environments
1279 -- 1282David L. Bartholomew, John A. Tague. Quadratic power spectrum estimation with orthogonal frequency division multiple windows
1282 -- 1285A. Srivastava, Michael I. Miller, Ulf Grenander. Multiple target direction of arrival tracking
1285 -- 1290Vikram Krishnamurthy, Iven Mareels. Estimation of noisy quantized Gaussian AR time-series with randomly varying observation coefficient
1291 -- 1292Y. Hua, H. Yang. High SNR perturbation in single 2-D frequency estimate using matrix pencil
1293 -- 1298Ju-Hong Lee, Yih-Min Chen, Chien-Chung Yeh. A covariance approximation method for near-field direction-finding using a uniform linear array
1299 -- 1302Petr Tichavský. Posterior Cramer-Rao bound for adaptive harmonic retrieval
1302 -- 1306Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Identification of quadratic Volterra systems driven by non-Gaussian processes
1306 -- 1310Thomas Bortfeld, Wolfgang Dinter. Calculation of multidimensional Hartley transforms using one-dimensional Fourier transforms
1310 -- 1312Balvinder Singh, Mohammad Umar Siddiqi. Multivariate polynomial products over modular rings using residue arithmetic
1313 -- 1316Volker Breuer, Gunter Radons. Baum-Welch reestimation formula for coupled sequential machines

Volume 43, Issue 4

817 -- 821Ben James, Brian D. O. Anderson, Robert C. Williamson. Characterization of threshold for single tone maximum likelihood frequency estimation
822 -- 830Sachin P. Ghanekar, Sawasd Tantaratana, Lewis E. Franks. A class of high-precision multiplier-free FIR filter realizations with periodically time-varying coefficients
831 -- 840Lin Yin. Stack filter design: a structural approach
841 -- 851Teng Joon Lim, Malcolm D. Macleod. Adaptive algorithms for joint time delay estimation and IIR filtering
852 -- 863Tarun Soni, James R. Zeidler, Walter H. Ku. Behavior of the partial correlation coefficients of a least squares lattice filter in the presence of a nonstationary chirp input
864 -- 877Petros Maragos. Slope transforms: theory and application to nonlinear signal processing
878 -- 885Ying-Xian Yao, Sudhakar M. Pandit. Cramer-Rao lower bounds for a damped sinusoidal process
886 -- 893Jitendra K. Tugnait. Parameter estimation for noncausal ARMA models of non-Gaussian signals via cumulant matching
894 -- 903Yunxin Zhao, Xinhua Zhuang, Sheu-Jen Ting. Gaussian mixture density modeling of non-Gaussian source for autoregressive process
904 -- 916Qu Jin, Kon Max Wong, Zhi-Quan Luo. The estimation of time delay and Doppler stretch of wideband signals
917 -- 926Benjamin Friedlander, Joseph M. Francos. Estimation of amplitude and phase parameters of multicomponent signals
927 -- 937Ariela Zeira, Benjamin Friedlander. Direction finding with time-varying arrays
938 -- 949Hao Ye, Ronald D. Degroat. Maximum likelihood DOA estimation and asymptotic Cramer-Rao bounds for additive unknown colored noise
950 -- 966Paul M. Baggenstoss, Steven M. Kay. Detection of broadband planewaves in the presence of Gaussian noise of unknown covariance: asymptotically optimum tests using the 2-D autoregressive noise model
967 -- 977José A. R. Fonollosa. Sample cumulants of stationary processes: asymptotic results
978 -- 987Q. T. Zhang. Probability of resolution of the MUSIC algorithm
988 -- 991Tülay Adali, Sasan H. Ardalan. On the effect of input signal correlation on weight misadjustment in the RLS algorithm
991 -- 994Juan M. Rius, R. De Porrata-Doria. New FFT bit-reversal algorithm
994 -- 997Jonathan N. Bradley, Vance Faber. Perfect reconstruction with critically sampled filter banks and linear boundary conditions
998 -- 1001S. Hamid Nawab, Erkan Dorken. A framework for quality versus efficiency tradeoffs in STFT analysis
1002 -- 1004Anand K. Soman, P. P. Vaidyanathan. A complete factorization of paraunitary matrices with pairwise mirror-image symmetry in the frequency domain
1005 -- 1007Charles D. Creusere, Sanjit K. Mitra. A simple method for designing high-quality prototype filters for M-band pseudo QMF banks
1008 -- 1009Changbai Xiao. Reconstruction of bandlimited signal with lost samples at its Nyquist rate-the solution to a nonuniform sampling problem
1009 -- 1012Steven Kay. Asymptotic maximum likelihood estimator performance for chaotic signals in noise
1013 -- 1017Carlos E. Davila, Hsia-Ling Chiang. An algorithm for pole-zero system model order estimation
1017 -- 1021Richard J. Perry, Moeness G. Amin. On computing and implementing the running bispectra

Volume 43, Issue 3

569 -- 578Xiaonong Ran, K. J. Ray Liu. Fast algorithms for 2-D circular convolutions and number theoretic transforms based on polynomial transforms over finite rings
579 -- 590Zhongnong Jiang, Alan N. Willson Jr.. Design and implementation of efficient pipelined IIR digital filters
591 -- 604Ruikang Yang, Lin Yin, Moncef Gabbouj, Jaakko Astola, Yrjö Neuvo. Optimal weighted median filtering under structural constraints
605 -- 616Daniel Burnside, Thomas W. Parks. Optimal design of FIR filters with the complex Chebyshev error criteria
617 -- 627Paulo S. R. Diniz, Marcello L. R. de Campos, Andreas Antoniou. Analysis of LMS-Newton adaptive filtering algorithms with variable convergence factor
628 -- 639Sachin P. Ghanekar, Sawasd Tantaratana. Signed-digit-based multiplier-free realizations for multirate converters
640 -- 648Ludo M. G. M. Tolhuizen, Henk D. L. Hollmann, Antonius A. C. M. Kalker. On the realizability of biorthogonal, m-dimensional two-band filter banks
649 -- 665See-May Phoong, Chai W. Kim, P. P. Vaidyanathan, Rashid Ansari. A new class of two-channel biorthogonal filter banks and wavelet bases
666 -- 680Ramesh A. Gopinath, C. Sidney Burrus. Factorization approach to unitary time-varying filter bank trees and wavelets
681 -- 693Zoran Cvetkovic, Martin Vetterli. Discrete-time wavelet extrema representation: design and consistent reconstruction
694 -- 704Alan J. Coulson. A generalization of nonuniform bandpass sampling
705 -- 708Robert D. Nowak, Barry D. Van Veen. Invertibility of higher order moment matrices
709 -- 719Carlos E. de Souza, Uri Shaked, Minyue Fu. ∞ filtering for continuous time varying uncertain systems with deterministic input signals
720 -- 729Zheng-She Liu. QR methods of O(N) complexity in adaptive parameter estimation
730 -- 736John K. Thomas, Louis L. Scharf, Donald W. Tufts. The probability of a subspace swap in the SVD
737 -- 748Gregory M. Kautz, Michael D. Zoltowski. Performance analysis of MUSIC employing conjugate symmetric beamformers
749 -- 758Antoni Niederlinski, Jaroslaw Figwer. Using the DFT to synthesize bivariate orthogonal white noise series
759 -- 771Chaitali Chakrabarti, Mohan Vishwanath. Efficient realizations of the discrete and continuous wavelet transforms: from single chip implementations to mappings on SIMD array computers
772 -- 776Anna Tatsaki, Chrissavgi Dre, Thanos Stouraitis, Costas E. Goutis. Prime-factor DCT algorithms
776 -- 778Xiang-Gen Xia, Zhen Zhang. A note on "The Backus-Gilbert inversion method and the processing of sampled data"
778 -- 781Michael Rudko. Filter digitization based on polynomial interpolation
781 -- 784Samel Çelebi, José Carlos Príncipe. Parametric least squares approximation using gamma bases
784 -- 788A. Ertuzun, K. Citmaci. Comments on "Discrete convolution by means of forward and backward modeling"
788 -- 791Stanley J. Reeves, Larry P. Heck. Selection of observations in signal reconstruction
792 -- 795Roberto Cusani, Enzo Baccarelli, Guido di Blasio. Model parameter estimation for reciprocal Gaussian random processes
796 -- 799Amab K. Shaw. Maximum likelihood estimation of multiple frequencies with constraints to guarantee unit circle roots
799 -- 802X. Fan, Nicolas H. Younan. Asymptotic analysis of the cumulant-based MUSIC method in the presence of sample cumulant errors
802 -- 805C. S. R. Krishnan, Douglas Antony Louis Piriyakumar, C. Siva Ram Murthy. A note on "task allocation and scheduling models for multiprocessor digital signal processing"

Volume 43, Issue 2

393 -- 400Giancarlo Calvagno, Guido Maria Cortelazzo, Gian Antonio Mian. A technique for multiple criterion approximation of FIR filters in magnitude and group delay
401 -- 411George Mathew, Vellenki U. Reddy, Soura Dasgupta. Adaptive estimation of eigensubspace
412 -- 421C. Sidney Burrus. Multiband least squares FIR filter design
422 -- 431Françoise Beaufays. Transform-domain adaptive filters: an analytical approach
432 -- 443Peyman Milanfar, George C. Verghese, William Clement Karl, Alan S. Willsky. Reconstructing polygons from moments with connections to array processing
444 -- 453Mohsen Montazeri, Pierre Duhamel. A set of algorithms linking NLMS and block RLS algorithms
454 -- 468Qiang Wu, Kon Max Wong. Estimation of DOA in unknown noise: performance analysis of UN-MUSIC and UN-CLE, and the optimality of CCD
469 -- 477Mats Viberg, Björn E. Ottersten, Arye Nehorai. Performance analysis of direction finding with large arrays and finite data
478 -- 491Akbar M. Sayeed, Douglas L. Jones. Optimal kernels for nonstationary spectral estimation
492 -- 505Sanyogita Shamsunder, Georgios B. Giannakis, Benjamin Friedlander. Estimating random amplitude polynomial phase signals: a cyclostationary approach
506 -- 515Feng Qian, Barry D. Van Veen. Partially adaptive beamforming for correlated interference rejection
516 -- 525Eric Moulines, Pierre Duhamel, Jean-François Cardoso, Sylvie Mayrargue. Subspace methods for the blind identification of multichannel FIR filters
526 -- 535Simon Haykin, Liang Li. Nonlinear adaptive prediction of nonstationary signals
536 -- 539P. Darlington. Performance surfaces of minimum effort estimators and controllers
539 -- 544Frank Y. Shih, Christopher C. Pu. Analysis of the properties of soft morphological filtering using threshold decomposition
544 -- 548T. Engin Tuncer, Truong Q. Nguyen. General analysis of two-band QMF banks
549 -- 552Ljubisa A. Stankovic, Srdjan Stankovic. An analysis of instantaneous frequency representation using time-frequency distributions-generalized Wigner distribution
552 -- 555Petre Stoica, Mats L. Cedervall. On LP-MUSIC
555 -- 556De Jun Mu, Guan-Zhong Dai, K. J. Ray Liu, K. Yao. Comments on "Multiphase systolic algorithms for spectral decomposition" [and reply]

Volume 43, Issue 12

2805 -- 2810Richard J. Hartnett, Gloria Faye Boudreaux-Bartels. Improved filter sharpening
2811 -- 2821W. L. Cameron. Precise expression relating the Fourier transform of a continuous signal to the fast Fourier transform of signal samples
2822 -- 2830Tongwen Chen, Bruce A. Francis. ∞ optimization
2831 -- 2842Shyh-Biau Jiang, S. Gibson. An unwindowed multichannel lattice filter with orthogonal channels
2843 -- 2851Iain Scott, Bernard Mulgrew. Sparse LCMV beamformer design for suppression of ground clutter in airborne radar
2852 -- 2862S. Koike. Convergence analysis of a data echo canceller with a stochastic gradient adaptive FIR filter using the sign algorithm
2863 -- 2871S. C. Douglas, Weimin Pan. Exact expectation analysis of the LMS adaptive filter
2872 -- 2883Akbar M. Sayeed, Douglas L. Jones. Optimal detection using bilinear time-frequency and time-scale representations
2884 -- 2897Xinyu Ma, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Parameter estimation and blind channel identification in impulsive signal environments
2898 -- 2908Stephan V. Schell, William A. Gardner. Programmable canonical correlation analysis: a flexible framework for blind adaptive spatial filtering
2909 -- 2919L. Todd McWhorter, Louis L. Scharf. Nonlinear maximum likelihood estimation of autoregressive time series
2920 -- 2927A. Lee Swindlehurst, S. Daas, Jiankan Yang. Analysis of a decision directed beamformer
2928 -- 2936C. V. Kimball, P. Lewicki, N. I. Wijeyesekera. Error analysis of maximum likelihood estimates of physical parameters from one or more dispersive waves
2937 -- 2942Yariv Ephraim, Neri Merhav, Harry L. van Trees. Min-norm interpretations and consistency of MUSIC, MODE and ML
2943 -- 2952Chao-Ming Cho, Petar M. Djuric. Bayesian detection and estimation of cisoids in colored noise
2953 -- 2963Xiaoli Yu, Irving S. Reed. Adaptive detection of signals with linear feature mappings and representations
2964 -- 2974Hagit Messer. The potential performance gain in using spectral information in passive detection/localization of wideband sources
2975 -- 2981M. P. Clark. On the resolvability of normally distributed vector parameter estimates
2982 -- 2993Guanghan Xu, Hui Liu, Lang Tong, Thomas Kailath. A least-squares approach to blind channel identification
2994 -- 3006Vikram Krishnamurthy, S. Dey, J. P. LeBlanc. Blind equalization of IIR channels using hidden Markov models and extended least squares
3007 -- 3013Shankar Prakriya, Dimitrios Hatzinakos. Blind identification of LTI-ZMNL-LTI nonlinear channel models
3014 -- 3021Flavio Lorenzelli, Kung Yao. A linear systolic array for recursive least squares
3022 -- 0F. Marvasti. Reply to "Comment on parseval relationship of nonuniform samples of one and two-dimensional signals"
3022 -- 0G. Davis. Correspondence
3025 -- 3029Sunder S. Kidambi. Design of two-dimensional nonrecursive filters based on frequency transformations
3029 -- 3031J.-A. Sand. Two-sided linear prediction and reconstruction of a stationary time series
3031 -- 3032Leland B. Jackson, KyungHi Chang, William G. Bliss. Comments on "Finite word-length effects of pipelined recursive digital filters" [and reply]
3033 -- 3035Edward Boje. Fast discrete Fourier transform with exponentially spaced points
3036 -- 3039Feng Zou, R. R. Gallagher. Maximum energy principle of multiple transforms in data compression
3039 -- 3042Mohammad Ghavami, Werner Rupprecht, Said Nader-Esfahani. Gradient-based adaptive algorithm with an optimum vector of convergence factors
3042 -- 3046John R. O'Hair, Bruce W. Suter. A block multirate paradigm for efficient parallel algorithm development
3046 -- 3050Christopher M. Brislawn. Preservation of subband symmetry in multirate signal coding
3050 -- 3053Adil Benyassine, Ali N. Akansu. Subspectral modeling in filter banks
3054 -- 3058Ulf A. Lindgren, Torbjörn Wigren, Holger Broman. On local convergence of a class of blind separation algorithms
3058 -- 3061Sung Jea Ko, Aldo W. Morales, Kyung-Hoon Lee. A fast implementation algorithm and a bit-serial realization method for grayscale morphological opening and closing
3061 -- 3065L. Srinivas, K. V. S. Hari. FIR system identification using higher order cumulants-a generalized approach
3065 -- 3066Jitendra K. Tugnait. On parameter identifiability of ARMA models of non-Gaussian signals via cumulant spectrum matching
3067 -- 3069Jitendra K. Tugnait. Parameter identifiability of multichannel ARMA models of linear non-Gaussian signals via cumulant matching
3070 -- 3071Peter Handel. On the performance of the weighted linear predictor frequency estimator
3071 -- 3075Kostas Tsakalis, M. Deisher, Andreas Spanias. System identification based on bounded error constraints
3075 -- 3081P. Kiernan. Two-dimensional AR spectral estimation using a two-dimensional minimum free energy method
3081 -- 3084Prabir Bhattacharya. A new 3-D transform using a ternary product
3085 -- 3086Neil Dunstan, Patrick M. Lenders. Optimal systolic arrays for decimation filters
3087 -- 3090Wonyong Sung, Ki-Il Kum. Simulation-based word-length optimization method for fixed-point digital signal processing systems
3090 -- 3094Lin Xu, Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi. Parameter estimation for two-dimensional vector models using neural networks
3094 -- 3098Zeng-Jun Xiang, Guang-Guo Bi. A new polynomial perceptron based 64 QAM cellular mobile communications receiver

Volume 43, Issue 11

2453 -- 2461Jung-Lang Yu, Chien-Chung Yeh. Generalized eigenspace-based beamformers
2462 -- 2473Naofal Al-Dhahir, John M. Cioffi. Fast computation of channel-estimate based equalizers in packet data transmission
2474 -- 2483Uri Shaked, Carlos E. de Souza. Robust minimum variance filtering
2484 -- 2495S. D. Peters, A. Antoniou. A parallel adaptation algorithm for recursive-least-squares adaptive filters in nonstationary environments
2496 -- 2504Bor-Sen Chen, Chin-Wei Lin, You-Li Chen. Optimal signal reconstruction in noisy filter bank systems: multirate Kalman synthesis filtering approach
2505 -- 2511Li Chen, Truong Q. Nguyen, Kwok Ping Chan. Symmetric extension methods for M-channel linear-phase perfect-reconstruction filter banks
2512 -- 2524Iraj Sodagar, Kambiz Nayebi, Thomas P. Barnwell III, Mark J. T. Smith. Time-varying analysis-synthesis systems based on filter banks and post filtering
2525 -- 2539Yuan-Pei Lin, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Linear phase cosine modulated maximally decimated filter banks with perfect reconstruction
2540 -- 2549Richard A. Haddad, Kyusik Park. Modeling, analysis, and optimum design of quantized M-band filter banks
2550 -- 2560John Princen. The design of nonuniform modulated filterbanks
2561 -- 2569Bryan Usevitch, Michael T. Orchard. Smooth wavelets, transform coding, and Markov-1 processes
2570 -- 2581Ahmed H. Tewfik, Hehong Zou. Completeness of arbitrarily sampled discrete time wavelet transforms
2582 -- 2594Jing Fang, L. E. Atlas. Quadratic detectors for energy estimation
2595 -- 2605B. K. Natarajan. Filtering random noise from deterministic signals via data compression
2606 -- 2617Warren M. Lam, Gregory W. Wornell. Multiscale representation and estimation of fractal point processes
2618 -- 2630Mehmet Zeytinoglu, Kon Max Wong. Detection of harmonic sets
2631 -- 2641Victoria E. Sánchez, Pedro García Teodoro, Antonio M. Peinado, José C. Segura, Antonio J. Rubio. Diagonalizing properties of the discrete cosine transforms
2642 -- 2648G. W. Stewart. On the stability of sequential updates and downdates
2649 -- 2664Dae C. Shin, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Complex ambiguity functions using nonstationary higher order cumulant estimates
2665 -- 2677Diego P. Ruiz, María C. Carrión, Antolino Gallego, A. Medouri. Parameter estimation of exponentially damped sinusoids using a higher order correlation-based approach
2678 -- 2690Michael I. Miller, Anuj Srivastava, Ulf Grenander. Conditional-mean estimation via jump-diffusion processes in multiple target tracking/recognition
2691 -- 2699R. Bachl. The forward-backward averaging technique applied to TLS-ESPRIT processing
2700 -- 2713Panagiotis Tsakalides, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Maximum likelihood localization of sources in noise modeled as a stable process
2714 -- 2723Hui Liu, Guanghan Xu. Closed-form blind symbol estimation in digital communications
2724 -- 2732Jiankan Yang, A. Lee Swindlehurst. The effects of array calibration errors on DF-based signal copy performance
2733 -- 2744Olivier Besson, Petre Stoica. Sinusoidal signals with random amplitude: least-squares estimators and their statistical analysis
2745 -- 2761Steve Mann, Simon Haykin. The chirplet transform: physical considerations
2762 -- 2775Emmanuel N. Frantzeskakis, John S. Baras, Kuo J. R. Liu. Time-recursive computation and real-time parallel architectures: a framework
2776 -- 2782Mehmet V. Tazebay, Ali N. Akansu. Adaptive subband transforms in time-frequency excisers for DSSS communications systems
2782 -- 2787G. V. Serebryakov. Direction-of-arrival estimation of correlated sources by adaptive beamforming
2787 -- 2791Monique P. Fargues, Monique P. Ferreira. Investigations in the numerical behavior of the adaptive rank-revealing QR factorization
2792 -- 0Jitendra K. Tugnait. Corrections to "Detection of Non-Gaussian Signals Using Integrated Polyspectrum"

Volume 43, Issue 10

2241 -- 2248Jean-Jacques Fuchs. Shape calibration for a nominally linear equispaced array
2249 -- 2257Alex B. Gershman, Victor I. Turchin, Vitaly A. Zverev. Experimental results of localization of moving underwater signal by adaptive beamforming
2258 -- 2268Sigang Qiu, Hans G. Feichtinger. Discrete Gabor structures and optimal representations
2269 -- 2282Richard G. Baraniuk, Douglas L. Jones. Unitary equivalence: a new twist on signal processing
2283 -- 2301A. H. Costa, G. F. Boudreau-Bartels. Design of time-frequency representations using a multiform, tiltable exponential kernel
2302 -- 2312Bor-Sen Chen, You-Li Chen. Multirate modeling of AR/MA stochastic signals and its application to the combined estimation-interpolation problem
2313 -- 2322M. M. Ekanayake, Kamal Premaratne. Two-channel IIR QMF banks with approximately linear-phase analysis and synthesis filters
2323 -- 2331Jean Pierre Delmas. Adaptive harmonic jammer canceler
2332 -- 2345Murtaza Ali, Ahmed H. Tewfik. Multiscale difference equation signal models - I. Theory
2346 -- 2360Harish Parthasarathy, Surendra Prasad, Shiv Dutt Joshi. An ESPRIT-like method for quadratic phase coupling estimation
2361 -- 2371Douglas L. Jones, Richard G. Baraniuk. An adaptive optimal-kernel time-frequency representation
2372 -- 2385Valeri Kontorovich, Vladimir Lyandres. Stochastic differential equations: an approach to the generation of continuous non-Gaussian processes
2386 -- 2397Petre Stoica, Mats L. Cedervall, Anders Eriksson. Combined instrumental variable and subspace fitting approach to parameter estimation of noisy input-output systems
2398 -- 2401Amin G. Jaffer, William E. Jones. Weighted least-squares design and characterization of complex FIR filters
2401 -- 2405J. M. Nohrden, Truong Q. Nguyen. Constraints on the cutoff frequencies of Mth-band linear-phase FIR filters
2405 -- 2406Y. C. Lim. A new approach for deriving scattered coefficients of pipelined IIR filters
2407 -- 2410Ricardo L. de Queiroz, K. R. Rao. On reconstruction methods for processing finite-length signals with paraunitary filter banks
2410 -- 2413Rong Chen, Ta-Hsin Li. Blind restoration of linearly degraded discrete signals by Gibbs sampling
2414 -- 2417M. Rupp. Bursting in the LMS algorithm
2418 -- 2422Sangsin Na, Tae Young Choi. Second-order statistics of morphological dilation and erosion of a memoryless source
2422 -- 2425Mehmet Karan, Brian D. O. Anderson, Robert C. Williamson. An efficient calculation of the moments of matched and mismatched hidden Markov models
2425 -- 2427Benjamin Belzer, Jean-Marc Lina, John D. Villasenor. Complex, linear-phase filters for efficient image coding
2427 -- 2430Ferruccio Barsi, Maria Cristina Pinotti. Fast base extension and precise scaling in RNS for look-up table implementations
2431 -- 2434Daeyoung Kim 0006, Byeong Gi Lee. Transform domain IIR filtering

Volume 43, Issue 1

1 -- 13Maciej Niedzwiecki, William A. Sethares. Smoothing of discontinuous signals: the competitive approach
14 -- 28Eric Moulines, Omar Ait Amrane, Yves Grenier. The generalized multidelay adaptive filter: structure and convergence analysis
29 -- 42Virginia L. Stonick. Time-varying performance surfaces for adaptive IIR filters: geometric properties and implications for filter stability
43 -- 50Ephraim Feig, Elliot N. Linzer. Scaled DCT's on input sizes that are composite
51 -- 62K. C. Ho, Yiu-Tong Chan. Bias removal in equation-error adaptive IIR filters
63 -- 70Milton José Porsani, Tadeusz J. Ulrych. Levinson-type algorithms for polynomial fitting and for Cholesky and Q factors of Hankel and Vandermonde matrices
71 -- 76Andrew E. Yagle. Fast algorithms for matrix multiplication using pseudo-number-theoretic transforms
77 -- 84Daniel F. Stewart, Lee C. Potter, Stanley C. Ahalt. Computationally attractive real Gabor transforms
85 -- 94George V. Moustakides, Kostas Berberidis. New efficient LS and SVD based techniques for high-resolution frequency estimation
95 -- 107Bin Yang. Projection approximation subspace tracking
108 -- 115Gilbert Strang, Vasily Strela. Short wavelets and matrix dilation equations
116 -- 133See-May Phoong, P. P. Vaidyanathan. One- and two-level filter-bank convolvers
134 -- 149Mehmet Izzet Gürelli, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. EVAM: an eigenvector-based algorithm for multichannel blind deconvolution of input colored signals
150 -- 159James R. Bunch, Richard C. Le Borne. Error accumulation effects for the a posteriori RLSL prediction filter
160 -- 172Shahrokh Valaee, Peter Kabal. Wideband array processing using a two-sided correlation transformation
173 -- 180Stephan V. Schell. Asymptotic moments of estimated cyclic correlation matrices
181 -- 187Andrew T. Walden. Multitaper estimation of the innovation variance of a stationary time series
188 -- 195Kurt S. Riedel, Alexander Sidorenko. Minimum bias multiple taper spectral estimation
196 -- 203Jun Shen, C. L. Nikias. Estimation of multilevel digital signals in the presence of arbitrary impulsive interference
204 -- 213A. Salim Kayhan, Amro El-Jaroudi, Luis F. Chaparro. Data-adaptive evolutionary spectral estimation
214 -- 224Jean-François Cardoso, Eric Moulines. Asymptotic performance analysis of direction-finding algorithms based on fourth-order cumulants
225 -- 232A. P.-C. Ng. Direction-of-arrival estimates in the presence of wavelength, gain, and phase errors
233 -- 242Peter Strobach. Low-rank detection of multichannel Gaussian signals using block matrix approximation
243 -- 253Arye Nehorai, Boaz Porat, Eytan Paldi. Detection and localization of vapor-emitting sources
254 -- 261Yi-Chyun Tseng, Darel A. Linebarger. Linear-quadratic system identification with completed frequency domain region of support
262 -- 271Chang D. Yoo, Matthew M. Bace, Jae S. Lim. An iterative method for designing separable Wiener filters
272 -- 285George Kechriotis, Myoung An, Michail Bletsas, Richard Tolimieri, Elias S. Manolakos. A new approach for computing multidimensional DFT's on parallel machines and its implementation on the iPSC/860 hypercube
286 -- 295David Z. Gevorkian, Karen O. Egiazarian, Sos S. Agaian, Jaakko Astola, Olli Vainio. Parallel algorithms and VLSI architectures for stack filtering using Fibonacci p-codes
296 -- 300Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander, Petre Stoica. Direction-of-arrival estimation using MODE with interpolated arrays
300 -- 303Churng-Jou Tsai, Jar-Ferr Yang, Tsung-Hau Shiu. Performance analyses of beamformers using effective SINR on array parameters
303 -- 308Yongwan Park, Mehrdad Soumekh. Reconstruction from unevenly spaced sampled data using the iterative methods
308 -- 310Mike V. Chan, James A. Heinen, Russel J. Niederjohn. Formulas for the impulse response of a digital filter with an arbitrary piecewise-linear frequency response
310 -- 314Jong-Jy Shyu, Yuan-Chih Lin. A new approach to the design of discrete coefficient FIR digital filters
314 -- 317M. Rudko, Gerald D. Cain, Izzet Kale, Bartlomiej Beliczynski. A note on the "Approximation of FIR by IIR digital filters: an algorithm based on balanced model reduction" [Comment and reply]
318 -- 322George Economou, Spiros Fotopoulos, M. Vemis. A family of nonlinear filters with data dependent coefficients
322 -- 327Jack H. W. Penm, Jammie H. Penm, Richard Deane Terrell. A note on the sequential fitting of multichannel subset autoregressions using the prewindowed case
327 -- 331Sergios Theodoridis, George V. Moustakides, Kostas Berberidis. A fast Newton multichannel algorithm for decision feedback equalization
331 -- 336Yu Hen Hu, Zhenyang Wu. An efficient CORDIC array structure for the implementation of discrete cosine transform
336 -- 341Xiaqi Liu, Hong Fan. b-Levinson and Schur type RLS algorithms
341 -- 344Jechang Jeong, Gregory S. Cunningham, William J. Williams. The discrete-time phase derivative as a definition of discrete instantaneous frequency and its relation to discrete time-frequency distributions
345 -- 349Jin-Jen Hsue, Andrew E. Yagle. Similarities and differences between one-sided and two-sided linear prediction
349 -- 353Xian-Da Zhang, Ying-Chang Liang. Prefiltering-based ESPRIT for estimating sinusoidal parameters in non-Gaussian ARMA noise
353 -- 358Vikram Krishnamurthy, Robert J. Elliott. A filtered EM algorithm for joint hidden Markov model and sinusoidal parameter estimation
358 -- 361Charles W. Therrien, Carlos H. Velasco. An iterative Prony method for ARMA signal modeling
362 -- 365Qiang Wu, Kon Max Wong. Determination of the number of signals in unknown noise environments-PARADE
366 -- 367H. E. Jones. Weighting coefficients for chirp rate estimation
367 -- 369David N. Swingler. Further simple approximations to the Cramer-Rao lower bound on frequency estimates for closely-spaced sinusoids
369 -- 373Daniel J. Rabideau, Allan O. Steinhardt. Cost functions for mapping DSP algorithms onto multiprocessors
373 -- 376E. S. Chng, Sheng Chen 0001, Bernard Mulgrew. Efficient computational schemes for the orthogonal least squares algorithm