Journal: User Model. User-Adapt. Interact.

Volume 8, Issue 3-4

167 -- 170Susan M. Haller, Susan Weber McRoy. Preface
171 -- 214Robin Cohen, Coralee Allaby, Christian Cumbaa, Mark Fitzgerald, Kinson Ho, Bowen Hui, Celine Latulipe, Fletcher Lu, Nancy Moussa, David Pooley, Alex Qian, Saheem Siddiqi. What is Initiative?
215 -- 254Jennifer Chu-Carroll, Michael K. Brown. An Evidential Model for Tracking Initiative in Collaborative Dialogue Interactions
255 -- 314Curry I. Guinn. An Analysis of Initiative Selection in Collaborative Task-Oriented Discourse
315 -- 350Charles Rich, Candace L. Sidner. COLLAGEN: A Collaboration Manager for Software Interface Agents

Volume 8, Issue 1-2

1 -- 3Geoffrey I. Webb. Preface to UMUAI Special Issue on Machine Learning for User Modeling
5 -- 47David W. Albrecht, Ingrid Zukerman, Ann E. Nicholson. Bayesian Models for Keyhole Plan Recognition in an Adventure Game
49 -- 69Piotr J. Gmytrasiewicz, Sanguk Noh, Tad Kellogg. Bayesian Update of Recursive Agent Models
71 -- 102Marko Balabanovic. Exploring Versus Exploiting when Learning User Models for Text Recommendation
103 -- 129Raymund Sison, Masayuki Numao, Masamichi Shimura. Discovering Error Classes from Discrepancies in Novice Behaviors Via Multistrategy Conceptual Clustering
131 -- 152Bark Cheung Chiu, Geoffrey I. Webb. Using Decision Trees for Agent Modeling: Improving Prediction Performance
153 -- 157Antonio Rizzo, Marco Palmonari. Context and Consciousness: Activity Theory and Human Computer Interaction, Bonnie A. Nardi (ed.)
157 -- 160M. Sasikumar. Case Based Reasoning, by Janet Kolodner and Morgan Kaufmann