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IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security 2014CNS 20142014: Oct 29, 2014 - Oct 31, 2014 in San Francisco, USASubmissions: Mar 14, 2014Notification: Jun 13, 2014Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsIEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS) is a new conference series in IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) core conference portfolio and the only ComSoc conference focusing solely on cyber security. IEEE CNS is a spin-off of IEEE INFOCOM, the premier ComSoc conference on networking. The goal of CNS is to provide an outs ... Read More
International Symposium on Service Systems for Social Innovation 2014SS4SI2014: Sep 7, 2014 - Sep 10, 2014 in Warsaw, PolandSubmissions: Apr 11, 2014Notification: May 19, 2014Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsIn today’s economy, services are no longer considered just as a necessary extension to products. On the contrary, almost every modern product is combined with services, and it is the joint product-service experience that is judged by customers, thus truly generating real value and corporate profit growth. Since services are provided and consume ... Read More
Workshop on Log-based Personalization (WSCD series) 2014WSCD2014: Feb 28, 2014 - Feb 28, 2014 in New York, USSubmissions: Dec 23, 2013Notification: Jan 10, 2013Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThis year's workshop focuses on log-based methods, for application in search systems and recommender systems, that tailor results for the current user. The logs can be used to uncover characteristics, patterns and preferences in users and cohorts of users. Logs can also be used to train the personalized search/recommender system. The goal is to ... Read More
ESSoS Doctoral Symposium 2014ESSoS-PhD2014: Feb 26, 2014 - Feb 26, 2014 in Munich, GermanySubmissions: Jan 13, 2014Notification: Jan 21, 2014Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsFollowing the aim of the past ESSoS-DS edition, the scope of the current event will be focused on providing PhD students an opportunity to discuss their research in Engineering Secure Software and Systems (ESSoS) in an international forum, and with a panel of well-known experts in the field. Read More
8th International Web Rule Symposium 2014RuleML2014: Aug 18, 2014 - Aug 20, 2014 in Prague, Czech RepublicSubmissions: Apr 8, 2014Notification: May 20, 2014Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThe annual International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML) is the leading international event in the field of rules and their applications. RuleML 2014, the eighth event in this series, will be held in conjunction with ECAI 2014, the 21st European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Prague, Czech Republic. RuleML 2014 will host: the 8th Internat ... Read More
40th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications 2014SEAA 20142014: Aug 27, 2014 - Aug 29, 2014 in Verona, ItalySubmissions: Mar 6, 2014Notification: Apr 28, 2014Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThe Euromicro Conference series on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA) is a long-standing international forum for researchers, practitioners from business and industry, and students to present and discuss the latest innovations, trends, experiences, and concerns in the field of Software Engineering and Advanced Application ... Read More
The 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering - FORUM 2014CAISE'2014 FORUM2014: Jun 18, 2014 - Jun 20, 2014 in Thessaloniki, GreeceSubmissions: Mar 17, 2014Notification: Apr 22, 2014Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious Publications CAISE is a well-established highly visible conference series on Information Systems Engineering. This year, the conference extends a special welcome to papers that address Information Systems Engineering in Times of Crisis. The CAiSE’14 Forum is a place within the CAiSE conference for presenting and discussing new ideas and tools related t ... Read More
15th International Conference on Business Process Modeling, Development, and Support 2014BPMDS'20142014: Jun 16, 2014 - Jun 17, 2014 in Thessaloniki, GreeceSubmissions: Feb 26, 2014Notification: Mar 23, 2014Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsBPMDS is a two-day working conference attached to CAiSE (Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering). The topics addressed by the BPMDS series are focused on business processes and their IT support. One of the major aims is to discuss and to learn about concepts and techniques to enhance the ability to engineer software systems c ... Read More
RESEARCH CHALLENGES in INFORMATION SCIENCE Posters & Demos 2014RCIS-PostersDemos2014: May 28, 2014 - May 30, 2014 in Marrakech, MorrocoSubmissions: Feb 15, 2014Notification: Apr 19, 2014Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious Publications RCIS is becoming a recognised conference on research challenges in information sciences. Organised for the eighth time in a row, RCIS 2014 will be held from May 28-30, 2014. RCIS will feature posters in a poster session and offer the opportunity for demonstrations of tools in a demonstration session. Both sessions will provide a forum for ... Read More
RESEARCH CHALLENGES in INFORMATION SCIENCE Tutorials 2014RCIS-Tutorials2014: May 28, 2014 - May 30, 2014 in Marrakech, MorrocoSubmissions: Mar 15, 2014Notification: Apr 19, 2014Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThe IEEE Eighth International Conference on RESEARCH CHALLENGES IN INFORMATION SCIENCE (RCIS 2014) provides an international forum for scientists, researchers, engineers and developers from a wide range of information science areas to exchange ideas and approaches in this evolving field. At RCIS’2014, among other regular topics a special attent ... Read More