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14th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing 2017ICAC2017: Jul 17, 2017 - Jul 21, 2017 in Columbus, OH, USASubmissions: Notification: Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsCALL FOR PARTICIPATION EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE: May 31, 2017 14th IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2017) Columbus, Ohio, USA, July 17-21, 2017 In cooperation with USENIX and SPEC Conference Patrons: NSF, Google, Huawei, Microsoft Read More
Workshop on Modern Language Runtimes, Ecosystems, and VMs 2017MoreVMs2017: Apr 3, 2017 - Apr 3, 2017 in Brussels, BelgiumSubmissions: Feb 15, 2017Notification: Mar 1, 2017Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious Publications
Invited Session on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Business Intelligence Research and Practice, within the framework of the 9th International Conference KES IDT 2017KES-IDT IABIRP2017: Jun 21, 2017 - Jun 23, 2017 in Vilamoura, Algarve, PortugalSubmissions: Jan 16, 2017Notification: Feb 13, 2017Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsInvited Session on IABIRP is organized within the framework of the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies (KES IDT 2017). One of the ever hot issues in many organization systems is how to transform large amounts of daily collected operational data into the useful knowledge from the perspective of declared company ... Read More
EDA 2017 Business Intelligence & Big Data 2017EDA2017: May 3, 2017 - May 5, 2017 in Lyon, FranceSubmissions: Jan 20, 2017Notification: Mar 10, 2017Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsSince 2005, the French-speaking conference on data warehousing and OLAP (EDA) has been offering a regular meeting framework to researchers, industrials and users interested in the latest scientific and technological advances in this domain. We call all researchers and experts in this domain to present their work. We particularly encourage young ... Read More
IEEE 11th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science 2017RCIS2017: May 10, 2017 - May 12, 2017 in Brighton, UKSubmissions: Feb 5, 2017Notification: Mar 15, 2017Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThe goal of RCIS is to bring together scientists, researchers, engineers and practitioners from a wide range of information science fields and provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and dissemination. RCIS has become a recognised conference on research challenges in information sciences. Organised for the 11th time in a row, RCIS 2017 will ... Read More
29th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering 2017CAISE'172017: Jun 12, 2017 - Jun 16, 2017 in Essen, GermanySubmissions: Dec 4, 2016Notification: Feb 23, 2017Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsOrganizations (private or public) are entering in the digital world where real time data is available about their operations, their operating environments, third-party services offered to increase their performance as well as chances in the demands of their customers. This data abundance offers new opportunities but also raises new challenges f ... Read More
ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2017AsiaCCS2017: Apr 2, 2017 - Apr 6, 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAESubmissions: Nov 1, 2016Notification: Jan 10, 2017Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsBuilding on the success of ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), the ACM Special Interest Group on Security, Audit, and Control (SIGSAC) formally established the annual ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS). Read More
Workshop on Meta-Programming Techniques and Reflection 2016META2016: Oct 30, 2016 - Oct 30, 2016 in Amsterdam, NetherlandsSubmissions: Aug 15, 2016Notification: Sep 5, 2016Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThe Meta’16 workshop aims to bring together researchers working on metaprogramming and reflection, as well as users building applications, language extensions such as contracts, or software tools. With the changing hardware and software landscape, and increased heterogeneity of systems, metaprogramming becomes an important research topic to han ... Read More
3rd Virtual Machine Meetup 2016VMM'162016: Sep 1, 2016 - Sep 2, 2016 in Lugano, SwitzerlandSubmissions: Jul 10, 2016Notification: Jul 17, 2016Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious Publications Call for Participation: VMM’16 ============================== 3rd Virtual Machine Meetup Co-located with PPPJ September 1-2, 2016, Lugano, Switzerland The 3rd ... Read More
2nd IEEE Workshop on Security and Privacy in the Cloud 2016SPC2016: Oct 19, 2016 - Oct 19, 2016 in Philadelphia, USASubmissions: Jul 12, 2016Notification: Aug 3, 2016Call for PapersPrevious EditionsPrevious PublicationsThe 2nd IEEE Workshop on Security and Privacy in the Cloud (SPC) focuses on the problems of security, privacy, and data protection in cloud scenarios and possible solutions to them. The 2016 Workshop, held in conjunction with the IEEE CNS conference, is the second edition. The first edition of SPC was held in Florence, Italy (2015). The wor ... Read More